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  1. Missing on the San Francisco Giants page: New Alt Jersey, New Alt Script, New Alt Patch Logo, 2011 Gold Letter jersey, 1999 TATC uniform, TATC logos, uniforms from 1973-1982, and wordmarks from 1958-1976 Things that need to be tweaked: the Orange Alt uniforms were never worn with the orange billed cap. Since 2010 the orange alts have been worn with the normal game cap. The Orange billed cap has been worn with the home uniform on Sundays at home since 2010. It has also been worn with the road uniforms on Sunday in 2010 and 2011. Since 2012 on the road its only been paired with the road alt uniform. The normal game cap has never been worn with the alt uniform. Plus it would be cool to include this years All-Star hat and uniform to the site since it was a rare one off.
  2. Here is my cap collection. Most of the hats I have are for teams I like. I don't usually buy caps that are not from teams I like. I have one exception in the bunch (Notre Dame) but that is all. All my hats are fitted and sized 7 1/14 unless noted. Top Row: Amp Energy/Form Athletics (Urijah Faber's Old MMA Brand), Tron Legacy, Donald Duck, Oklahoma Sooners, Notre Dame 2nd Row: 2012 Raiders Draft Hat, Raiders Sideline Hat, Raiders Uniform Fashion Hat, 2013 Raiders Thanksgiving Sideline Hat 3rd Row: 1998 Authentic SF Giants Mesh Batting Practice Hat (7 1/18), Replica Wool Batting Practice Fashion Hat, 3930 SF Giants Batting Practice Hat (last model before the new 5950 Mess Batting Practice), Diamond Era SF Giants Batting Practice Hat 4th Row: 2001-2002 SF Giants Alt Hat perfect Replica (no New Era logo on the side), SF Giants Polyester 5950 Authentic Game Hat, SF Giants Polyester 5950 Authentic Alt Game Hat, 2013 Stars and Stripes Diamond Era Game Hat, SF Giants G logo Black and White Fashion Cap Bottom Row: SF Giants 2002 World Series prefect Replica hat (no New Era logo and embroidered World Series Patch), SF Giants 2010 World Series Authentic Hat (felt type iron on patch), SF Giants 2010 World Series Champions Game Hat (worn in 2011), SF Giants 2012 World Series Authentic Hat (plastic iron on Patch), SF Giants 2012 World Series Champions Game Hat (worn in 2013, has 2012 World Series logo plastic iron on patch in black and gold) Here is a close up of the 3 World Series Game hats and the three different styles of patches And here is a comparison of the Original Mesh Batting Practice and the new Diamond Era version
  3. Here is the logo for my old High School Denair High School in Denair CA. We used to use this logo on our helmets. We call it the flying coyote (pronounced Kai-oat)
  4. After getting my last whale, I now have a new one. I want to find a 7 1/4 59Fifty Mesh Batting Practice hat with the S.F. Giants G logo. If anyone has one that is in good condition or spots one somewhere let me know.
  5. I got my whale! Its not an authentic from 2001-02 but its as close as I could find. What is awesome is its made to the same specs as the original with no New Era flag on the side and a flat MLB logo Here is a pic of my Original one for comparison
  6. Looks right to me But we will see if its a good move for my Raiders
  7. Here is my whale: This is an interesting whale because I have 2 of these hats but both are too small. Im trying to find this hat in a 7 1/4 but no luck. The biggest I can find is 7 1/8. If anyone finds this online or in a store please let me know.
  8. idgaf he should have been a Raider til he retired edit: I didnt make this Agreed. He was a nobody till the Raiders drafted him
  9. He won his 300th game as a Giant. For a Giants fan it was weird to see someone that we used to hate seeing on the mound, to rooting for him to get 300 wins
  10. Hello! Could you embroider these two images for me?
  11. I like your avatar! Cassadee Pope rules

  12. is ready for OU and the Oakland Raiders

  13. Never mind I found one.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v728/bigcoyotes/DeionGiants.bmp
  14. The S.F. Giants not the S.F. fortywiners! He play half a year or so with the Giants.
  15. Hey does anyone have a pic of Deon Sanders in a S.F. Giants Jersey?
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