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  1. I'm pretty sure it was a Jets game, not sure against who though...
  2. Of course, the best sign in the outfield would have to be the Durham Bulls "Hit Bull, win steak". I forgot about that thing until I watched the movie a few days ago.
  3. I could only imagine...The final sporting event at Yankee Stadium is a hocky game.
  4. It'll probably be closer to 5,000 fans there.
  5. Does the game on the PS3 jump around like the one of the PS2 did? I'm getting a PS3 sometime this year so I wonder if the graphics are as choppy as last years game.
  6. Doubt the league will ever play any games. Why don't they just say "We don't have any money, and we're not going to ever start training camps?"
  7. I'm not surprised the AAFL folded, although it would probably be a week or two into the season. Now I wouldn't be surprised if the UFL moves to spring of '09, now that it's spring competion is over and done with.
  8. Go with Molitor, just for the fact that's people would probably know his name when your wearing it.
  9. I like the 1st one more...looks more like a Nascar logo instead of a checkered...well we went over that already so theres no point for me to repeat it.
  10. Now Wade Boggs was a good pickup for a very, very young Rays team. Canseco on the other hand...well he hit 30 homeruns. Tampa's probably doing this for the sole sake of increasing their attendance, and thats about it.
  11. I love the feel of Minor League Hockey they haveto them. There not supposed to be major league so why should they have NHL type uniforms.
  12. It's offical, UFL's postponed until 2009.
  13. I hope they move back the league's planned start until 2009. Not a single league that I can think of can prepare for an entire season of play in 6 months.
  14. Why would they change their uni's. Zona's old ones were pefect for them. Now this makes 'em look like crap, not a football team.
  15. My ideal NFL would be different than the NFL, although not as extreme as some of the other ideas in here. 1. Get a team in LA. I don't care how it happens, but the largest market should have at least one, if not two teams in LA. Once Al Davis kicks the bucket, I could see the Raiders moving to LA (Either in the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl). 2. Have playoffs like they are in the NHL and NBA. Top eight teams get in, which includes the division winners. 3. Realign the conferences into Eastern and Western. 4. Drop 2 preseason games and add 2 regular season games. 5. Allow the Baltimore Ravens to finally obtain a quarterback who doesn't end up crying like a baby (Elvis Grbac), not be a bust (Kyle Boller), and not turn the ball over (Vinny Testeverde). Thats about it, except put a ton of emphasis on items #5 on that list.