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  1. Someone had an upside down Mets version, I think it was an NBA player at the post game presser.
  2. The only compliment I have is I do dig the mountain logo in the outfield, but man they threw me off this week.
  3. At least the honoring of Aaron is nice.
  4. I 'm guessing Sixers wear the earned or white jerseys tonight vs the Hawks MLK uniforms.
  5. He was on several teams, but known for the '83 run with Dr.J.
  6. Looking foward to the others. There was a series similar here years ago, if you didn't know, but good to revisit .
  7. Some folks are suggesting Milwaukee.
  8. Maybe the Braves can honor Aaron and Niekro a little better... I guess someone posted that their numbers would be on the back of the caps.
  9. The Boston earned uniforms give me an 80s bucks vibe.
  10. Agreed, switch to red or blue, maybe they can get by...this is no Hoyas from years ago. lol
  11. Major gaffe in Oklahoma city, Thunder in orange vs Atlanta in red..
  12. A nice mockup honoring Aaron I came across. (Disregard the side stripes on Young though).
  13. This Nickelodeon broadcast of the saints and bears is very interesting....lol https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ4YKTlhRD1/?igshid=ddf44bcrtlcx
  14. That'd be nice if they could repeat the combination again Friday.
  15. Yeah that's a shame, especially after finally matching the baseline font with the primary logo .
  16. Watching the regional broadcast of hawks and Grizzlies, first time in the red uniforms for ATL. (Swoon)....
  17. Great idea with the webbed C...
  18. To my knowledge I don't see much of the script Gators used in other sports... A long time ago I thought I would
  19. Georgia southern tonight.. number is on opposite side.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG8OUzeB6JZ/?igshid=cr38l5r90pd8
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