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  1. I was very curious and antsy, but oh well.
  2. and plenty of Peachtree streets, North, Southwest.. lol
  3. Dang, problems head to toe...
  4. I agree not bad, a little tired of the pant stripe point... I give them credit for doing something new, swallow your pride Mr. Blank!!
  5. I wonder why the late 70s braves grey roads left a sleeve feather off from the earlier jerseys.
  6. ^ I've seen teams get another color to the city editions, probably or hopefully they'll return in red or granite,
  7. I saw most of page 1 the other day and slept on the Spurs myself.
  8. Cincinnati in red pants on MLB Network.
  9. It kind of bothers me that coaches have black hats and shirts though, hardly see yellow.
  10. I don't really wear jerseys, but I'd wear the Hawks city or 68 unis, or the falcons 66/90s jersey.
  11. Hammer from the pumps and a bump video..
  12. Agreeing with most here, it's a nice surprise.
  13. Not feeling the FSU look tonight.