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  1. Ron Washington kinda blew that. Tons of fun to watch though.
  2. POTD nomination. Can't stop laughing. ^^^^^^
  3. That is really nice, thanks for sharing!
  4. BC set unveiled fully: W(hy)TF would you mess with the helmet, Under Armour?!?!? When I look just below the neck, it's actually tolerable. And I'm glad there is a white-white combo in there. But that helmet... those stripes... just horrendous.
  5. Whoever is the Devil Rays--are you operating under the idea that modern players are naturally more talented than prior-era players? It raises a good question of whether we are judging these players based on dominance relative to their eras, or natural ability. Because I think if you brought Babe Ruth back from the dead, Pedro would own him (after he pops him in the ass, of course).
  6. That's a pretty fair point actually. I saw it described recently that he was already the best player in baseball for the last half of the nineties, and for the first half of the 2000s, he produced like the best in baseball history. Seriously, disregarding steroids, look at his entire career. HOF-worthy even without 01-04. IMO he is no worse than top 5.
  7. I haven't come across that one in vector, sorry.
  8. First, I'm not sure why people think the Pats will be some off-the field horror circus next year. Of the guys in this mold (not that they are in the same mold, more on that in a sec) that BB has acquired in recent memory, Corey Dillon caused 0 problems and played exceptionally well; Randy Moss was a joy for 3 years and when he started to get off the leash a tiny bit, he was gone; and there was no hesitation to cut Adalius Thomas when he started to run his mouth. Even guys who had been loyal Patriots for a long time (Samuel, Seymour, Branch) were promptly shown the door when they so much as asked for a raise. Point being: This team has a zero-bull -tolerance policy, and with BB's track record in taking in high-risk guys, there is a good chance it won't even come to bull for a long time. The team will simply not allow the locker room to be distracted by a single player, and if either of these acquisitions even begins to spread some sort of negativity, they will be left on the street as if they had never been part of the team in the first place. That's not to say that Albert can't eat or Ocho can't tweet, but I have no concerns about the front office letting attachment to single players get in the way of team chemistry and loyalty. Now for the other aspect: These two guys are hardly alike in any way. By all accounts, Haynesworth is someone who will literally take a little nap during a play; I've heard that he might not even like football. He has a criminal background and has a couple of trials outstanding as well. He won't try when the scheme doesn't align with his wishes, and he is just in it for the money (and the food). If there ever were a "Bad Guy" in the NFL, you would think it would be Haynesworth. Ocho, though, seems to be nothing much more than a diva. You'd be hard-pressed to find people calling him a clubhouse cancer or a distraction to the team. Yes, he is full of himself, but he also seems to be full of dedication for football. He is in top shape, works his but off, talks his mouth off, but is still all about performance. I have never seen him as anything more than very entertaining and I have never seen a problem with how he conducts himself. He is supposedly not a speedster but a spectacular route-runner (sort of the anti-Randy Moss when it comes to diva WRs), but he has held up extremely well, producing a lot in a bad offense last year at 32 years old. Throw in his bromance with Belichick, and I am dancing in circles at the news of this trade. I have little doubt he will both extremely fun to watch and extremely focused on winning. Maybe Haynesworth doesn't pan out, and I'm certainly not banking on it. Maybe Ocho falls off a cliff this year at age 33. That's possible too. But when you look at the Patriots' history with these risk/reward guys and the dirt cheap price they paid, I find it hard to be anything but optimistic. This could have a huge positive impact or it could have zero impact -- either way, it won't be negative, I imagine. No matter what, though, it is always exciting to be a fan of this team; Belichick always seems to have something unbelievable up his sleeve. About Asomugha -- Can Belichick look into this guy too? He hasn't really spent much money yet. If he goes to the Jets, as it seems is inevitable, the AFC East becomes must-see TV (if it isn't already). Revis and Nnamdi, are you kidding? The Jets' D should be historically good, and as much fear as that incites as a Pats fan, it makes the rivalry even more intriguing and high-stakes, which is just fun to see as a football fan. Hell, these last 2 days have brought more fun than some entire offseasons. I'm ready for September.
  9. BC's new look: What the hell? We are not Florida State. I liked the slanted numbers a lot. And judging from Teambuilder, it seems like there will not only be a return of the maroon pants, but a gold alternate. Yeesh. Maybe I'm just not ready to let go of the Matt Ryan era, but this is a highly questionable move IMO. Thoughts?
  10. Boston fans would still be unpleasable pessimists instead of cocky, frontrunning douchebags. So you are a bizarro-world Red Sox fan, I take it?
  11. I figured you just saw this and changed a few words.
  12. As a BC fan, that is the first time I've seen a helmet logo I like. I would trade the logo-less ones for those. Please, please, please get rid of the black number outlines though. I was so happy when they went bye-bye. Overall, though, I love it.
  13. I only made it through two paragraphs of that. Magary isn't FJM, and really needs to stop trying to be. Bleh.
  14. Why couldn't it have been John Lackey? *hides*