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  1. That is really nice, thanks for sharing!
  2. I haven't come across that one in vector, sorry.
  3. Please look in the NCFA thread to cut your rosters.

  4. Weird; doesn't happen for me. I think there is a new version out anyway, do you want that instead? How exactly does it get cut off?
  5. 3 questions: What is the commute like? Is the attendance going to be like "Temple in the Linc?" Is this a temporary move pending massive stadium building or not? Amherst is about 90 miles from Foxborough. Last season, UMass averaged 13,004 on campus (capacity of ~17,000). They did host New Hampshire at Gillette Stadium last season drawing 32,848. The Boston Herald says that the school will expand, but they should play at least one or more games at Gillette in order to keep attendance above the FBS minimum of 15,000. Yeah, no one will be going to Gillette from campus. I missed the UNH game last year but the lack of a student section, although there isn't much of one now, is something to think about. (Not really -- it won't affect anything, but it won't be a great atmosphere obviously.) Re: Temple in the Linc -- essentially. There are over 200,000 alumni who will probably be temporarily excited though, and many of them (who stayed in the NE area) live closer to Gillette than Amherst. The article only says "a majority of home games" will be played at Gillette. And I don't know, expansion won't really help much. McGuirk is a POS. The move will happen regardless, but other than the problem of finding unused unprotected land on campus, this is a perfect opportunity to raise money for a new stadium. I wish UMass somehow found a way to sneak into the Big East (fat chance), but this is a good start. I don't think that goal is completely dashed, either -- they could be a pretty good fit in a few years if they expand the program efficiently. Still, it's good to have more bigtime college football around here.
  6. 1. Yes you can edit them, with Inkscape. 2. SVG files can be opened in browsers (both Chrome and Firefox open Wikipedia SVGs in the browser when you click on them). 3. Under said Wikipedia SVG images on their image pages, there are 4 links to see the SVG rendered as a PNG in 4 different sizes. You can even edit the URL of these rendered image files to get a PNG as big as you want up to 2048 pixels wide, and notice how this infinite, lossless scaling-up is possible with SVG files, while raster images are constrained to the size they are rendered at.
  7. Inkscape is the free vector editor that this thread is made to serve. Although SVG files should theoretically open in Illustrator, we've been having a lot of trouble with these templates opening as text and I haven't quite gotten around to looking into it yet. I apologize. Blase, awesome template! Thanks for sharing!
  8. You're using the fill tool? That's not perfect. The whole jersey should be an object that you can color uniformly (ha!) by just changing its color. See my tutorials if you're confused (the early ones on objects and filling)
  9. DeFrank - SVG is Vector. It stands for "Scalable Vector Graphic." You can use Inkscape to create SVG files. If you want to make an image into a vector file, you will probably have to trace it. What kind of image is it? exaccardi - I wish I had newer templates, but that's the best I have come across. I think chestnutz has some newer templates and he might be willing to convert them, but I have no idea if they are from this year's WC or not. Sorry!
  10. This is like a disaster You can create patterns from shapes you make in Inkscape, IIRC. So the possibilities are basically endless. How so? Shapes? External images? Text? Oh I can run Inkscape, but it won't open to the last document I was on. Instead, it opens my documents section and I have to click on a number of items to get to my Inkscape files. Plus, it won't save any new files I created. It wipes them out. How can I fix it? I can't tell you what happened. It's possible a file was accidentally deleted. I would try re-installing and see if that works.
  11. I am finding that the SVGs downloading as TXT files has been a big problem. Speedy let me know if you figure something out but in general, it's posing a lot of problems with existing templates as well as templates that I am trying to add. As a result, all I have today is a recently revealed Nike Pro Combat jersey template made by mbannon92, who is very eager to help with this project. Thanks! Hopefully I will be able to get everything sorted and updated soon.
  12. If I recall correctly, Gothamite runs http://www.packersuniforms.com/, which as you can see, showcases an old-school uni design. He probably has it in AI, which maybe he could covert and send you if you PMed him. I would also be interested in adding this to the template list if he has it and obliges, so I would love to know how this goes. I might shoot him a PM as well. If he doesn't have it, I will look for another solution.
  13. I'm a little confused -- I was just responding to "Most other conferences do use the divisions though" (since that's not totally true). I think I'm missing your point.
  14. Yeah I get why they're there and they look cool, I just think some hovering text like you suggested would be a great idea.
  15. Well the Big Ten doesn't have to use the division in the other sports. The ACC only uses theirs in football, basketball is just a single table. But you do have a point. I have no idea what the ACC's divisions are for football. That may have something to do though, with the fact that I slowly stopped watching the conference after expansion. Most other conferences do use the divisions though. The fact that the ACC doesn't probably stands as further testament to the patent ridiculousness of their divisional setup. Not really, though. Of all FBS conferences that use divisions, only the SEC and MAC use them for basketball. The ACC, Big XII, and Conference USA lose the divisions for basketball. EDIT: The CAA and SWAC also lose them for basketball, while the Sun Belt, Southern, and Southland only use divisions for basketball.
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