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  1. Toronto Lakers St Louis archers Jacksonville ? Nashville vipers New Jersey aces Charlotte hot rods Houston challengers Denver dragons Los Angeles legends Seattle sea monsters Oh and Cincinnati blues.
  2. Pittsburgh 57s (heinz headquarters) Minnesota maulers (mall of America) Boston militia
  3. the pirates were indeed named that after a rival baseball league that signed a bunch of NL players folded and the players were to go back to their original national league teams but the pirates signed a player name Lou Bierbauer from philadelphia and philly said pittsburgh pirated him and theyve been the pirates ever since also even though the hockey team came first flames sort of fits calgary now since they did host the winter olympics in 88 so there is a far-reaching connection even if it happened backwards
  4. didnt read the whole thread so sorry if these are dupes being from pittsburgh the ones that stand out for me but i couldnt find pics franco harris seattle seahawks kent tekulve phillies dave parker reds or even worse brewers and the coup de grace willie stargell as a braves coach
  5. i always thought that the denver/colorado teams show no creativity as far as their nicknames go Colorado Rockies used to be a hockey team now its a baseball team Denver Avalanche used to be a soccer team now its a hockey team but with colorado instead of denver i think they could have shown some creativity
  6. i dont post much not sure how to put the picture on here but on the washington nationals the white circle in the middle which i assume is a baseball dosent match the stitching of the baseball the stitches are off of the white part
  7. from western pa and heres some from around here sorry if any are repeated western beaver golden beavers hampton talbots (some kind of dog) mapletown maples quaker valley quakers ambridge bridgers north east grapepickers and my alma mater 12 time district 7 (WPIAL) champions (a record) and 2 time state champ the Aliquippa Quips home of Ty Law of the new york jets and mike ditka
  8. anybody know any cool FREE clipart sites that i can get pictures for possible logos trying to find one is driving me nuts i run a fantasy football league and i want to try to make some logos
  9. i play APBA Baseball and have a league of 88 teams and i am always trying to improve on some of the team names right now its the Milwaukee Warlords i have basically ran out of original ideas and was hoping somebody elses input would maybe help thats all
  10. Okay lets say you were awarded a baseball team for milwaukee what would you name it?
  11. ogres1


    thank you that seemed to work
  12. how come when i use the templates in paint the colors are skewed i was trying to make uniforms and blue was coming out gray and a few other colors were wrong whats up