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  1. These games have been exposing the grey areas and blind spots in the ol' rule book. The league is welcome for the plethora of rule and review changes that are coming this offseason. Go Sharks.
  2. Ugh. That one sucked. Sharks outplayed them for 45+ minutes but in that other 14+ they give up 4. Hockey is cruel. Obligatory referee comment: holy soft penalties batman. Luckily one of them led to an instant-karma shortie; the others just showed how ineffective both power plays have been. Gotta get that home ice back. I don't want this team to have to try and recover from another 3-1 deficit.
  3. Green & Something Else. Sea animals. Ferry Horn. The rest were 'all of the above.' Hope I did you proud Seattlites
  4. Rules, man. Damned if you follow them (refs), damned if you don't (Avs). This is a thing? Oh my lanta
  5. Damn that's prophetic. Best part is he didn't believe it himself.
  6. Thank you Cooch for your hat-trick of goals making up for Burns' hat-trick of errors tonight. Burnsie giveth, Burnsie taketh away. Home ice is back boys. Let's take the next one anyway just to spite them. Go Sharks.
  7. Don't. :censored:. This. Up. Columbus. Edit: Thank you.
  8. Odd game; felt like a regular season, not a round 2 game. Colorado made the best of their chances, Sharks missed on theirs until it was too late. They better show up in Denver and get home ice back or they're in trouble.
  9. As much as I want to disagree with this, I can't. They really did nail it. My first impressions were not positive (and can be found on this board somewhere) but old me was so wrong. That being said, gold is tough to pull off in a primary. Look at the brewers attempt: It's not exactly beautiful
  10. Rough start for the Sharks again. Slightly more understandable after a physically and emotionally exhausting game 7 but please please PLEASE don't make that a theme again in this round. Jumbo's line was outta sight tonight. Jones did exactly what he needed. Nathan MacKinnon scares the hell out of me. Hopefully that fear will not amount to anything. Go Sharks.