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  1. Canadians of the board, what is the appeal of Don Cherry?
  2. That was either the least Sharks ending of all time. Or, pending a game 7 blowout loss at home, the most Sharks ending of all time. Jesus. Go Sharks.
  3. Anderson just playing out of his mind right now. This game could easily be a 4 goal lead for the Bs. Edit: Gets pulled and Bs score 6 seconds later. Oh Toronto.
  4. This was intriguing to me. So I put it to the test with this years results: Some very interesting results: Pittsburgh left out all together (head to head tiebreaker goes to Montreal) Colorado makes the playoffs in the west with 71 points, Pittsburgh eliminated in the east with 81 points... Three way tie for second in the Metro (I broke these ties by number of reg wins) Winnipeg wins Central with head to head tiebreaker over Nashville East bracket is completely changed. West bracket swaps Vegas and STL. Really shows how Tampa and Calgary dominated in the regular season making their early exits that much more glaring
  5. It's like constantly peeling the protective plastic layer off a shiny new device but at the last second, it rips. And just when you think you've gotten it again, you scratch whatever it was protecting so it's forever marked. And that one little piece remains. Every couple years you think, "This is it. This is the the year the whole thing will come off in once piece." But it never does. It's like that. Go Sharks.
  6. Schmuck checking in: Go Sharks. You f'ing suck and I hate you but I still love you, you dumbass losers. Go Sharks.
  7. This :censored:ing team. Why do I allow myself to get excited for their games? When will I learn?
  8. Giving up two shorties is not a great strategy to win a playoff game, guys. The "no-goal turned power play goal" without a doubt changed the direction of the game, but it's no excuse for shooting yourself in the foot. 1/8 on the power play is atrocious. Silver lining: Guaranteed third home game. Go Sharks.
  9. Why are human refs still a thing? Every angle is lit up with cameras as it is, take the zebras out of it. Too many times they muck it up royally. See above for evidence. No way in hell that is goalie interference.
  10. How great has the crowd at Nassau been though? A real shame they'll play at that joke of an arena in Brooklyn if they move on to round 2.
  11. And they killed off a 5 on 3 to boot. NY Islanders showing off impressive power play passing forgetting that they probably need to shoot in order to score. What a waste.
  12. Ok, rude. The Sharks may be chokers but they are ELITE chokers. CBJ is not on our level. Go Sharks. :censored: Vegas.
  13. I agree with the above adjustments. The helmet logo really kills it for me. But the jerseys themselves I feel OK about. There is an amateurish feel about them that I mostly attribute it to the helmet logo. Just so boring.
  14. C'mon Jets. Leak something so this board can stop arguing about who does/doesn't notice city and/or state flags and what it may or may not say about them as people. Nevermind, it's already too late: Milwaukee's city flag has the same effect as the blair witch where if you look directly at it, you die. Luckily I've only seen it in reflections of car windows and lake Michigan.
  15. As a brewer fan, can confirm. Also, Cubs and Cards fans are the worst so seeing less of them is a good thing.
  16. I like the 'hero' when it stands alone, but it looks a little odd within the wordmark. The flowing font clashes with the harsh edges of the new hero. Not bad just not as smooth.
  17. Milwaukee cares and that's all that matters to me! Go Brewers!
  18. Ban public funding for privately owned stadia
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