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  1. You ok buddy? I instinctively wanted to give a contrarian response to this, but it's too accurate. Go Brewers, Go Pack Go.
  2. I redact my previous statements - this actually looks pretty sharp. It does look like its the same red-orange color rather than pink which is a shame. Only going by the first leak and its terrible quality, it's almost as if this logo works better in real life execution than it does as a graphic. Hard to think of any other examples of this happening.
  3. Seconded. I'm in the camp that prefers the Teal/Black or Teal/Orange. Light Blue & Black isn't awful but like you said, when the Rays are light blue - WHY would you pick that option? Colors aside: love the first and third options. The 'second' one is the weakest. It's like the had the M on the page, the Marlin in their hand, shrugged, and just laid it right on top. All of these are superior to the first leaked design.
  4. When you say WISCONSIN, you've said it all! Looking forward to a better year than last, no doubt that Granato has this team on the right path. Absolutely loved seeing the Badgers sweep BC out of town last weekend; remembering watching that 2010 final in person at Ford Field still stings.
  5. Brewers bullpen has been their strength the second half - keep it goin boys! Go Brew Crew!
  6. This is one of the best edits I've seen - can't get through it without laughing. I promise it's worth the watch. Go Brewers!
  7. I experienced every single human emotion possible during that game. Amazing! GO PACK GO
  8. Pretty anti-climatic game outside of the last 5 minutes of the first half. Commentators were giving Muslero a break because the ball was moving - I'm less forgiving. He was out of position for a pretty direct shot and makes a blunder that took the life out of that game for Uruguay. Either way, pleased to see les Bleus moving on - regardless of who the meet in the Semi-final between Belgium and Brazil, that game should be a spectacle, as should today's second match between those two!
  9. France should never wear anything but Blue/White/Red. Beautiful.
  10. Continuation: which puts England on top of the group at this point. Unrelated: I see Colombia has their National Diving team pulling double duty as usual.....
  11. Spain drew but they still played well. Cristiano Ronaldo happened to them.
  12. If only Nigeria had worn their light kit! They still looked good though.
  13. Welp, it was a better start for Saudi Arabia than their last world cup appearance..... but yeah, no way in hell the field should be expanded but the powers that be will ruin anything to make a quick buck.
  14. Definitely excited to attend hopefully several world cup matches but I'm disappointed that the closest potential games to Wisconsin are Cincy or Kansas City. No Chicago or Minneapolis? Even Detroit?
  15. This. Definitely am used to being more amped further in advance but now that it's tomorrow: I'm psyched!
  16. Is it in bad taste to refer to the opening match of Russia v Saudi Arabia as the "Oppression Bowl"? - cause I'm gonna do it anyway. With no Holland and no USA in this tournament (these are dark times; dark times indeed) the rooting order is as follows: 1. Iceland 2. Underdogs 3. The rest; except the "nevers": Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and Portugal. May they never lift a trophy again.
  17. Watching the Caps celebrate their Cup win is so much more fun to watch than any of the last, say, 11 winners?
  18. It's so weird not having a team I absolutely despise being the Stanley Cup Champions. It's been so long. It's almost like we all one won the cup tonight. Congrats Caps!
  19. At this point I'm not sure who I'm rooting for more: the Caps or @Crabcake47
  20. "Cinderella story" implies that the franchise experienced some sort of hardship in its past. Considering I have a jar of pickles in my refrigerator older than this franchise, the Knights cannot qualify as a "cinderella story." Now if you'll excuse me, I have a refrigerator to clean out after which I will resume the Sharks' Fan's greatest past-time:
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