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  1. What is the motivation is to lie about this kind of stuff? To feel like a big shot? To pretend you're in the know? I just don't get it.
  2. I want to "like" this for its truth but it makes me sad so I can't do it. Odd man rushes have absolutely killed the Ducks in this series. There seems to be one that breaks the Ducks' back each game. Several periods they have been at least evenly matched with the Sharks (second half of the first period in game 3 they were the superior team) but they give up an odd man rush goal and the floodgates open.
  3. Since I was housebound all day (thank you blizzard featuring 17" of snow in mid-April; god damnit Wisconsin), I took @McCarthy's beautiful bracket, made it busier and unnecessarily complicated:
  4. Outside of the Bruin loving bubble... Minnesota/Winnipeg pick up right where they left off; heavy hits and glove drops. This has been a fun series to watch.
  5. Anaheim easily has the worst goal horn in the league. Such a low frequency that you can barely hear it
  6. One nice thing about watching Penguins home games is that when the crowd boos, you know the other team made a standard hockey play.
  7. Exactly - the left side of the taco should taper down to get the angled perspective right and the new font is pretty boring in comparison, but whatever. I like it. And now I have a hankerin' for some salt discs aka potato oles.
  8. No. As a Wisconsinite, a people who are virtually identical to the Minnesotan save for the pronunciation of the letters "a" and "o", do not be fooled by their supposed "Minnesota Nice" smoke screen. They are not what they seem. Mud ducks. Eight game win streak followed by losing 5 out of 6 to end the year. Classic Sharks. Prediction: Will win game one in OT giving false hope, lose games 2-4. Win game 5 by a lot; more false hope. Thumped in game 6; back to back round 1 exits. SIGH.
  9. Never heard of Checker's or Rally's but had the sign not said burgers • fries • colas i would have put money down that they specialized in auto parts.
  10. A lot of these are downgrades but biggest in history? C'mon now.
  11. I know this news is at minimum 7 months old but since I don't watch Sens games it's new to me. Having seen this while swapping through broadcasts today: I have zero doubt that =O= is primary next year. Now to hold out hope that updated 2D Senturion is shoulder patch.
  12. Love the new striping pattern on the yoke! Not a fan of introducing the silver/grey though. Using their current subliminal flag pattern would balance this out really nicely. Vancouver - Mashing up Era's that have no business being mashed up but it still kinda works - nicely done. Personally don't like the brick red addition but it's definitely unique, and works with the V striping pattern. Vegas - I actually like the sash. Keep it on the front but remove it from the back. Zeus is right that it's probably a bit out there for reality but not unreasonable.
  13. Mockup isn't terrible just gonna be Navy-heavy. Navy - Navy - White (maybe silver?) - Navy/White/Red/Columbia Blue socks. How the hell can they balance this out
  14. It still surprises me how common this viewpoint is on these boards. I didn't really start watching NHL games until after that logo was gone so maybe it's lack of exposure to it outside of the CCSLC, but it just doesn't seem close when you compare the 2D original to updated side by side. It's like an amateur vs professional comparison. I just don't see it. Anyway, I guess it's nice that the Sens org is reaching out to it's holders to get feedback - whether or not they use it is a different story. The way the images are positioned seems to direct you to the Heritage options. The =O= logo looks bigger and bolder, catches your eye right away. Then they lead off with the heritage jersey design and only give the current home/away without the option to choose past looks (not that there's much to choose from). Could be some crazy, conspiracy thinking but maybe they're trying to force the heritage look to be popular because they've already made that decision...
  15. Detroit: The striping kinda/sorta reminds me of old tire tread marks which fits nicely! San Jose: Very different and I like the symbolism for the depths of the ocean. I'm wondering if it would look better if the full sleeve had the faux-gradient, especially on the white jersey. New York I: The curved striping really does fit well to match the logo's curvature. The only thing I can see that would be an issue is the nameplate crossing over the striping on the back. Philadelphia: I like it! Different for them but still seems to fit well. The numbers on white: the orange and black seem to meld together, maybe adding a white space between the orange outline and black number would look better? Carolina: Definitely looks better with the flag pattern - hard to exclude something that is so unique to the team. Still your idea for the Islanders has me wondering if there's a way to incorporate some of the logo pattern into the striping for the hurricanes. The team name is a natural disaster after all, regular striping patterns for them don't seem to do it justice. Dallas: This one seems a little flat to me. Is it bad? No, but it is exciting? No. What's unique to the Stars in that design? Keep it up!
  16. The reception he deserved and the one for which I hoped he'd get.
  17. I was there too! Sec 129, Row 38, Seat 14 - My sister's and brother's-in-law seats. Note: I was not attempting to take a picture of the nice couple in the blue ponchos.
  18. I dunno, most of the time I wish I could mute the announcers and just hear the field.
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