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  1. No. Sincerely, The guy who's baseball team has been murdered. Seriously, people would put up with Yankees or Cubs fans throwing a fit if Loria pulled this kind of crap with those teams. When one of the few sources of joy and pride you have is destroyed, I think one has the right to bitch. I apologize if that bothers anyone here. And if one of you're hometown teams and a piece of your childhood is made a joke of, I won't be telling you to "shut up and get over it". In a few hours baseball dies to me, so you won't have to hear me talk about it here anymore. Cheers.
  2. Totally expected poll results from one of the the local papers. Since it was put up last night it's gotten 1364 votes, 1128 or 83% of which voted "God-awful! This is way over the top!". Sure the new design represents Miami... the tacky, touristy, Crockett and Tubbs Miami. They've already distanced themselves both figuratively and literally from the fans in Broward and Palm Beach Counties(which together have a larger population and historically higher season ticket sales than Miami-Dade), and the new identity will further hurt support in the northern counties. The local reaction to the "leaks" in South Florida has been clear, overwhelmingly negative. We'll never develop the strong fanbase I know we have the potential to become if we keep getting kicked in the stomach every time things seem to be moving in the right direction. As usual, it's one step forward, five steps back for the Fish. Thankfully the ballpark deal came with a 30 year agreement with the Marlins and MLB to keep the team in South Florida, so eventually when Loria sells the team or dies, this crap can go with him. There is already a spot reserved for the Miami Marlins alongside the Gorton's Fisherman and the Buffaslug on the Island of Misfit Mascots.
  3. There's a colored drop shadow on "IAMI", looks to be orange on the jerseys. And it says "Miami" on the friggin' home jersey. We know it's Miami. At least put Marlins on there dammit! They couldn't even get that right. They went from having "Marlins" on the home and road for no reason the last two years to having "Miami" on both now.
  4. Sure the cap collectors out there will buy them, and there are a lot of folks in Miami-Dade County that will buy anything that says "Miami" on it, regardless of how tacky it looks. But for a vast majority of Marlins fans, this is a damn joke and we won't EVER be wearing that crap. On Facebook the team has been making a post each day counting down to Friday, and on each one 90% of the comments are "That leaked logo and/or fruity colors better not be real", "I'm not ever wearing that nonsense", "Why the change?", "I'm stocking up on teal gear", etc. etc. The rest are idiots all about "repping the 305", excited that it might go with the strobe lights at some club in South Beach, not the kind of people who will buy season tickets and tons of merchandise. It's easy to call it "unique looking" or "interesting" when it's not your team. If your team was dropping a look almost universally liked in favor of adopting the worst uniforms and colors in baseball, you'd be pretty pissed off too. And as someone who's recently had the unfortunate privilege of seeing the actual uni set and logos, I can attest to them being the worst in baseball. Easily. And that is why any so-called Marlins "fan" who buys and wears the new garbage has a "total lack of self respect" in my opinion. No sense of pride, history, or tradition. They are either caving in to an owner on an ego trip, or they actually do like the new identity and in that case they should go talk to Loria. I'm sure he has some "art" he could sell them.
  5. The official uniform specs for MLB teams are all presented in a similar graphic format in the style guide. And to Joe Public, if they see anything like that posted with someone claiming it's real, they are likely to believe it. They aren't, the "invitation only" unveiling is at 9:00 AM, the public can then buy the crap at 11:00 AM. That is assuming of course that there is anyone out there with taste as bad as Loria and a total lack of self respect who would want to buy it.
  6. Not that bad. I'm getting a bit of a retro vibe from the unis/colors, which I dig. The helmet should be gold though, and therefore the color of the "storm" should be primarily blue. I'll call it push. Not an upgrade, not really a downgrade either.
  7. That's a really sharp idea. Only thing I would change is lose the notch at the top. Looks great on the jerseys.
  8. Yes... but a concept that was already posted here on the CCSLC and removed shortly thereafter no? I remember several folks in the know commenting on how this concept is very close to the real deal.
  9. SME Branding did the Lightning identity, no surprise here. I believe they also did the new Marlins "logo". Could be a storm of disappointment brewing for AFL fans in TB. Sorry for the lame pun lol.
  10. Brilliant idea. I love where this is going. I think the clouds on the sides look too much like wings right now. It may be the symmetry or it could just be that it's a line sketch. If those were ominous dark cloud colors it might be different. Nice start!
  11. Alright, moving along we have the Dallas Stars. It's always bugged me that they kept basically the same logo the Northstars used their last few seasons. Even though they have the Wild now, it would still irk me if I was a Minnesota fan every time I saw that logo(much like I'm sure there are a lot of Baltimore fans who shudder every time they see the Colts). Anyhow, I do like the simple look of the Stars, so I kept that idea in mind when developing this set. We have a new 2 color scheme, a dark brown and green, keeping a touch of the old Stars while giving it something new. The primary logo keeps the italicized text and star, but bringing everything into a new shape inspired by a cattle brand. The Texas sleeve patch encloses some rugged Texas terrain with two stars in the sky, the larger over Dallas. The stand alone cattle brand logo is used in a unique way for hockey, stamped on the bottom of the numbers, like you frequently see with soccer teams who have league/team logos on the numbers. The jerseys feature angular hem stripes(also on the socks), a subtle nod to the old "star" striping on the 2000 Stars unis. The alternate is a take on the current home jersey, which I think is a neat idea for an alternate. It's different and I think it looks sharp(in small doses). C&C! This concludes my little NHL mini-series. There are no other looks in the NHL I really have large issues with. Some small tweaks here and there but nothing necessitating a full blown concept. Hope you've enjoyed!
  12. ::: UPDATE ::: Okay took a few suggestions and modified the Kings set. First off, I darkened the yellow to a more golden color. I also changed the number font and modified the hem striping on the home/road sweaters. I changed up the template on the Alternate as well. I left the white as the alt because I figure they could just wear that when they play at Nashville(though I'm not fluent in NHL alternate jersey rules... can you wear them on the road? If not that's pretty stupid). I left the logos as-is, I'm pretty happy with the look and I think the detail works on the crown, it is a crown after all(some of the most indulgently extravagant things on Earth), and one of my favorite things about hockey crests is that they allow you to go a little nuts with details sometimes since they are displayed so large. I think that'll do it for the Kings. Stay tuned for another team coming soon.
  13. Next up, the Los Angeles Kings. I'm not really a fan of any of their logos throughout their long existence, but there are elements from different eras that I think work. The purple/gold color scheme for one. When I think of royalty and kings, I think of over the top extravagance, not super dull silver and black. So, I brought the original colors back, and I like how it ties in with the Lakers. The primary crest is based on the various crowns they've had over the years, with elements taken from different eras(early shape, modern sticks at the top, etc.), plus some original details to make it more than just a straight modernization. Included in the crown is a new "LA" sleeve emblem, something simple that would look nice on a cap, and evokes a bit of the motion from the various old Kings wordmarks. The alternate logo/wordmark is a new version of the shield/Chevy logo from the Gretzky era. On the jerseys I went with a classy look, close to the early template they used in the 60s/70s. C&C always appreciated!
  14. Not mine, but saw this Cat-O-Lantern pop up on the official team twitter the other day, not bad: Here's one I did make, in honor of my beloved Fort Lauderdale Strikers playing in the NASL Championship Series Saturday. Gonna bring to the tailgate and probably into the supporter's section lol.
  15. Hey, as a fan since day one, and a kid who saw his first ballgame in 1993 at Joe Robbie Stadium, I'm also damn proud to be a FLORIDA Marlins fan. And as such I have the right to bitch and be pissed off when my team is mangled beyond recognition with a TERRIBLE logo and TERRIBLE color scheme. They might as well have moved to Portland or San Antonio or North Carolina because I don't recognize my beloved team anymore. I would not have continued rooting for them if they moved to another market, and I'm not supporting them now either. It literally made me sick to my stomach to think about the team moving away when team officials were talking with other cities about relocation. Now they've pretty much done a relocation without relocating, so rather than try to forget about how some jackass from NYC came in and ruined my team, I have to see and hear about it every summer. I feel disrespected and betrayed. They may go on to win more championships, they may have great crowds at every game, and may even eventually convince those crowds to wear that stupid logo, but they're gonna do it without me. I have my principles as a fan, consumer, and artist, and I don't care if they sign Pujols, Fielder, Halladay, bring back Babe Ruth from the dead, and win every World Series, they are not getting my support or my money. They are making a mockery of the game and South Florida and don't deserve anyone's support. Before, I was proud to call myself a Marlins fan. I'd have to explain low attendance and live with firesales and all that crap, but I could wear my Marlins cap with pride. Now, there is no dignity at all left in being a Marlins fan. So I'm not. Much in the same way my only joy from the Dolphins comes from seeing undefeated teams lose, relegating me to being a fan of the 1972 Dolphins which I only know from news clippings and NFL Films, I'm forever a FLORIDA Marlins fan. Left with nothing but memories of better times and hoping no expansion team comes in and wins 2 Series in less than 11 years. We waited all those years for a true baseball park and we get stuck with this crap. Sorry, but I'm a strong believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I wrote letters to Samson years ago complaining about all the giveaways at the games being orange, begging them not to add it to the teal/black scheme. I've been up and down the east coast to see this team play, from Tropicana Field to the last game ever played at Shea Stadium. I've come home from the stadium soaking wet at 1:30 AM more nights that I can count, after losing most of the time. I'm done. I'm tired of having my heart ripped out. We win it all in 97. The team is dismantled. Win it again in 2003, dismantled again. And the last straw, we finally get the new ballpark but we get one of the most unnecessary and terrible rebrands of all time. And the horrid new logo and colors are not the whole story, a big part of my anger is that the change was made because of the personal tastes of one man. No market research, no fan surveys, no asking season ticket holders. Nope, one man with no taste whatsoever decides he can do whatever he wants. The team is not a painting(surely an ugly one) hanging in his house. No, it's something everyone in South Florida takes ownership of, it's something we all enjoy. They belong to everyone who's ever put on a Marlins cap and that was not given any thought whatsoever. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should nor does it make it right, no matter if you're pissing off hundreds of thousands of fans or just a handful.