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  1. Minnesota vs. Maryland hands down the worst uniform matchup of the year. Looks horrible both in the sun and the shade.
  2. It's reading too much as JGL. I think your bottom two logos are by far the most effective but the N needs some work.
  3. Someone uploaded a full version of the Mercury Mets game, if anyone is interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SPYhMypwXE&feature=youtu.be
  4. I have to say: the Twins vs Angels matchup is probably the worst MLB uniform matchup in recent memory. This transcends horrid.
  5. I like the Expos logo. It reminds me more of a hockey logo than a baseball logo, something that would look nice blown up big and patched onto the front of a hockey jersey.
  6. The Fighting Sue would be a pretty fitting name after all of this is done.
  7. Nodaks Roughriders ...... ...... ...... ...... Rest of the names
  8. A little off topic but does anyone recall why Hofstra changed from the Dutchmen? Hofstra wanted to establish a more unified identity, so the Pride name came about as a result of a campaign to do just that. They zoned in on the lion as the symbol of the university, which made sense. But Flying Dutchmen was a great name.
  9. Once again, I don't understand this comparison to Hofstra. Pride, although not a great name I will admit, at least has a concrete connection to the university's history. Spirit doesn't. They're really two completely different things you're comparing. How does "Pride" have a concrete connection to North Dakota any more so than it does for Hofstra, Kentucky, USC, or Michigan? I'd argue that UND's recent "Spirit Campaign" gives that more of a connection to the school than "Pride" does. Both are horribly abstract, however, although I guess some folks like that.I actually hope the school goes with "Pride" though. For years we've been told how offensive it is when other fans chant "Sioux suck" and that's part of the reason why the former name needed to go. Then we can sit back and enjoy the popcorn while opponents have fun with the new nickname. I won't hold my breath for people demanding a change though when the first gay slur chant starts rolling thru an opponent's student section during a game... You misunderstood what I was saying. The comparison that had been made was that "Spirit" for UND reminded him of "Pride" for Hofstra. When I said "Pride" has a concrete connection to the university's history, I was referring to Hofstra, not UND. The school's logo has featured lions for a good amount of time now, and when they changed from Flying Dutchmen to Pride, they did not want to completely shed any reference to their tradition/history. You wouldn't have been hard pressed to find lion imagery on the campus prior to the name change. There is not a strong piece of imagery you can point to that makes "Spirit" a sensible name for UND athletics. It's fine if they want to go in another direction and make Spirit a new thing. I just don't want people to think Hofstra's name is as lame as it is. Pride actually made some modicum of sense for Hofstra, not to mention the use of the word in other contexts during the Flying Dutchmen era.
  10. Once again, I don't understand this comparison to Hofstra. Pride, although not a great name I will admit, at least has a concrete connection to the university's history. Spirit doesn't. They're really two completely different things you're comparing.
  11. This makes me think that the people in charge are going to end up choosing Spirit now. I can't see this ending well.
  12. Obligatory: I don't know, IMO Notre Dame and CHC are currently the only two right uniforms for Samardzija.
  13. Spirit is such an incredibly lame name. Every university has "spirit." I can't even think of what the deeper imagery behind it would be. For example, when Hofstra changed from the Flying Dutchmen to the Pride, the new name was a nod to the lions in the school crest. Unless there is some similar connection there with Spirit, I think it's incredibly tacky for a Division 1 school.
  14. I'm not trying to single you out or fault you specifically as there are many who have suggested Badlanders. But, why not North Dakota Superiors (after Lake Superior)? Or UND Yoopers (for UND's proximity to the UP of Michigan)? There are more, but I'll spare ya. Lake Superior is much closer to Grand Forks than the Badlands are, and the UP is about the same distance. Heck, you can fit the entire Hockey East Conference (save for Notre Dame) in the area between Grand Forks and the Badlands. The Badlands have almost zero connection to UND other than a part of the Badlands are in the same state, albeit hundreds of miles away. Flatlanders would be a much better suggestion. They announced that they want to represent the entire state so you might have a point.
  15. http://news.sportslogos.net/2015/05/22/sand-gnats-moving-to-columbia-for-2016/ Sand Gnats moving to Columbia, makes sense. I'm hoping for another insect related name.
  16. At this point I'm just going to root for Arctic Blaze because it's hilarious.
  17. DAE think the Flood Fighters suggestion might actually be pretty decent? "Flood fighting" is a phrase that is used in the state, plus it keeps the "fight" element of the nickname which I think is pretty classy. At the same time, Flood Fighters sounds like the local plumbing company that you hire to fix your sink when it starts to leak. It also looks like "Foo Fighters," and some will argue it sounds like a minor league team. I think it's an interesting name at least.
  18. Argentina is just amazing. The Czech CR logo vaguely reminded me of a Colorado Springs Sky Sox secondary.
  19. Would hating the Orioles new black and white hats be an unpopular opinion?
  20. This. There's so many logos that are outdated or missing, and so many people on here willing to help find them. This is sorely needed. The NCAA section is really lackluster.
  21. With their newest uniform update, did the Mets remove the drop shawdow from the retired numbers on the wall? looks like the shadow is still there for some reason This photo is also from one of the first 3 years at Citi and not 2012, so this would've been before they dropped the black dropshadow. I think he was referring to the other picture I posted, in which there still seems to be a drop shadow even with the new fence.
  22. Yeah, the Mets are very stubborn with retiring numbers, which is a good thing. They probably have the one of the highest standards for retired numbers in MLB.
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