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  1. Funny, speaking as one of the "overzealous social justice wokescolds" some of y'all are talking about, I really like it. Sure I would have preferred Spiders, and sure the winged-G logo is a little bit goofy, but I really like the pinched-in block C cap logo, and I have a friend of mine who pitched me this name for a video game hockey team years ago, so I already know about its pretty-cool backstory. Besides, pro sports could use a little bit of goofiness, in my humble opinion. As one buddy of mine on Discord put it: out with the "IN", in with the "GUAR". 8/10
  2. Reviving this thread because last week I watched... Damn Yankees! (1958) - A disgruntled, middle-aged Washington Senators fan sells his soul to the devil so he can become their star slugger. (Incidentally I really liked this sweater design before I knew it was also what they wore in this film.)
  3. Bergevin's basically hoping that Price's $10M contract is too steep for Seattle to take on. He's had years of bad personnel decisions he's made somehow working out for him, but I think he's really pushing his luck this time.
  4. If it was for the Home Run Derby I wouldn't even give these terrible jerseys a second thought, but they want them worn during the game for the first time ever... Woof. I know it's a small problem in the grand scheme of things, but it really is emblematic at how utterly out-of-touch MLB is with its own fanbase, and how bad their people's decision-making skills are in general. EDIT: but on the flipside I guess it makes MLB The Show more realistic; matter of fact the only baseball video games I've ever seen get the "ASG players wear their own jerseys" thing right was MLB Power Pros.
  5. If you actually believed the "helmet ads are only for one year" stuff, you're now officially a sucker.
  6. Which is how many teams, out of curiosity? (Also to be clear, it reminded me of the Dodgers because it was specifically a dark-coloured cursive script (that I actually did briefly mistake for navy blue in at least one shot due to the lighting) with red numbers.)
  7. The last expansion team to pick 1st overall in their first draft was Atlanta in 1999, and that was only because Vancouver traded them Tampa Bay's 1st-overall pick for Atlanta's 2nd. The last expansion team to be given the 1st pick without needing to trade for it is, AFAIK, Tampa Bay in 1992. (Though the Panthers & Ducks were given the 1st & 2nd picks in 1994, their 2nd draft, even though they finished 6th & 11th-worst in the previous season, and the draft lottery wasn't implemented until the next year.)
  8. According to the mothership, the New York Yankees wore multicoloured pinstripes of blue, red and green for one season in 1915: (Y'all don't know how badly I want this silly old jersey in MLB The Show.)
  9. The new rules don't really bother me, but then again I'm Canadian - we already have wide receivers in single-digit numbers and other such madness, lol Also just from a practical standpoint I think it's a good move; with the restrictions they had the NFL seemed to be the first sport in line to run into the problem of "if you retire too many numbers you will eventually run out of numbers", hence why teams like the Bears had to announce they'd no longer retire numbers at all. This'll probably kick that can down the road a bit, at least.
  10. So if I have this whole mess right, it's a bunch of spoiled rich teams wanting to make their own league so they don't ever have to worry about potential relgation, and to make even more obscene amounts of money, vs. two of the most corrupt institutions in all of sports? ...Is there any way we can have both sides lose?
  11. The fact that said economic systems aren't presently in widespread use is irrelevant to the point that, yes, professional sports can indeed exist outside of capitalism.
  12. I know we've passed this argument already and I don't intend to drag us back to it, I've already made my thoughts clear on it the first time we went through it; but I just wanted to comment on one reply before moving on: Yeah, professional sports never existed in other economic systems, right? oh wait, right, oops
  13. Yes, this is the appeal of them, at least for me - they look stupid and I love them for it
  14. IMO all of you are wrong, none of the jerseys any of you have posted are the worst ever, for the simple reason that all of them at least have something happening in them, be they odd colour choices, weird striping patterns, or what have you. Even ironically, they can be enjoyed or appreciated for the attempt that was made at something different or unique, even if most of them failed miserably. It's why my pick for the worst NHL jersey of all time is the Tampa Bay Lightning's current alternate: No colour. No striping. Numbers that are hard to read. Shoulder patches you can barely even make out. Just black from head-to-toe, with a tiny, barely-visible grey gradient accenting the limbs; a barren, empty, boring void. Say what you will about the old barberpoles or the Fisherman jersey, but those at least were loud and obnoxious; they demand your attention. Even the Isles' old black alternate has splashes of blue and orange to keep things interesting; the wordmark is bad and it doesn't fit the Islanders, but the rest of it is serviceable in a vacuum. At least the Avs' Stadium Series sweater from last year is at least trying something different, even if it fails at it. At least the Oilers' Edge jerseys featured some kind of colour, and half-an-arm stripe; it's very little but it's something. The Bolts' alternates do none of that, for they feature, and represent, nothing. Minimalism at its very worst, taken to its natural conclusion: dull, lifeless nihilism.
  15. Just pull a 1983 Blues - fold the team outright and reestablish it under a new owner, giving them all of the old team's players and IP in the process
  16. Ok, former Flyers goalie's now running things across the state, that's kinda funny and ironic; plus he's pretty decent at drafting so maybe this'll go pretty good in a few years- ...oh; welp, so much for that lol
  17. Speak for yourself, I actually liked the Rangers' dark jersey more back when its stripes matched those on the light
  18. oh hey, look, at least one team's doing this the right way
  19. They're the Foot Club and one of their colours is "sacre bleu". I love this, it's so stupid and it's the right kind of stupid too; like an April Fools' joke that accidentally got made 2 1/2 months early. I think I have a new favourite MLS team...
  20. A couple of things: -As has been noted already, of course they're small and minor now, starting small is how they - or anything else "weird" or "unusual" for that matter - gets normalised; -I've heard a couple of times elsewhere that this program was not a way for the league to get extra revenue but instead was a free make-good for the sponsors themselves. Maybe that's not accurate, but if it is then no, in fact, helmet ads weren't "what it took to even have this season", they're just the league apologising to their corporate partners for lost exposure - something the league didn't necessarily have to do to survive, but did anyways to keep them happy. (I think that would actually explain why the vast majority of them have just been each team's arena's sponsor - that company isn't actually paying extra for the privilege!) I guess the latter point would also answer the question I was gonna ask to those still Devil's Advocating for uniform ads: if they're really that necessary for the season to even operate, then why are teams like the Ducks, Kings & Islanders (at time of writing) still holding out? And furthermore why's it those teams in particular holding out, and not teams like the Habs, Leafs & Rangers; those most capable of weathering the storm? (Yeah, the Islanders' president is a staunch traditionalist, but if the extra revenue from helmet ads was the difference between the team/league playing the year and folding, you think ownership wouldn't overrule him?)
  21. Don't get my hopes up please, that pic's from a 3 1/2 year old tweet.
  22. The bubbleless 2020-21 NHL season didn't even make it to the starting line.
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