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  1. I'm absolutely not opposed to more teams in the postseason; I'm opposed to this nonsensical, overly-complicated gimmick of a proposal that will do nothing but confuse fans right out of the sport. We've already got players blasting the idea, with Trevor Bauer straight-up calling Manfred a joke in the process. When it comes to MLB's postseason I'm very much an all-or-nothing guy: Either open it up to a 16-team, 16-win tournament like the NHL & NBA do, or close it off entirely to only each league's top teams; none of this half-and-half garbage.
  2. thanks, great report
  3. Love to name my professional sports team after a meme that came from a 9-year old movie that nobody really remembers anymore.
  4. Had to go look up the date of that trainwreck of an unveiling ceremony they held; it was on November 22, 2016 - almost a full year before their first game.
  5. So, lost in all this "is the ASG even worth doing anymore" talk (my take: it is, because it's for the kids & not us, but the gimmicks they keep introducing do more to kill interest in it than anything else), wasn't Seattle supposed to reveal their name this past weekend?
  6. I wanted to really like this, but there's just something about it that's "off" to me. The navy hat w/light blue brim I don't think looks very good, and I really don't like the matte helmet - in that lighting it just looks black to me. I'd probably ditch the powder blue pants too & just pair it with the regular white or grey. Why're they using navy for this, anyways? Royal blue worked just fine back in the day, and I dare say it would've worked better now. The jersey itself is fine though; there's just a lot of supplemental parts I feel they didn't do a very good job on. Also the teaser that the mothership posted had me terrified that it was gonna be a navy jersey with a monochrome powder-blue logo & lettering, so I'm really glad that's not the case. 6.5/10
  7. Honestly who cares if Dallas rips off the Rangers or not? They look fantastic regardless.
  8. Oh hey, an update already: It's not happening in 2021 either! EDIT: wait a minute, something just occurred to me about this: In February, interrupting the NHL season, aka the other big reason why the NHL pulled out of the Olympics This -ing league, man
  9. I'm revisiting this because I stumbled upon a news story today from January that seems to've passed with nary a mention; but amidst the news today that Russia was given a 4-year ban on all international sporting events, I went to see if they would also be prevented from participating in the upcoming, NHL-run World Cup of Hockey... only to find out that there won't be a 2020 World Cup of Hockey; they cancelled it this past January due to the CBA dispute. (You know, the CBA that was extended 7 months later?) They're apparently going to try for 2021, but we'll see how that holds up. So yes, they pulled out of the Olympics so they could host their own international tournament, which then proceeded to be cancelled due to labour disputes. Good job as usual, NHL.
  10. This mid-season tournament proposal reminds me so much of the gimmicks that NASCAR has introduced in the past decade-and-a-half to drive interest, and I fear that this is gonna go the same way: not will it fail to bring in new fans, it will actually drive away some of their existing fanbase.
  11. The same reason the Flames went from being the best in the West to likewise being shaky and inconsistent: either they overachieved hard last year, got exposed in the playoffs in a big way, or both.
  12. Over in Japan the Orix Buffaloes split their season between the Osaka Dome and the Sports Park in Kobe, with the Hanshin Tigers also occasionally borrowing one of those parks when their regular home of Koshien Stadium is hosting the national high-school baseball tournament every August.
  13. Love to see the Lakers have to face New York in the first round and Miami in the second. (I know, the Knicks making the playoffs at all, that's funny; but those kinds of potential travel issues are why that kind of seeding should never happen.) That aside, these proposals are dumb; change for change's sake that doesn't actually fix any of the league's problems, shorter regular season aside.
  14. Jerseys look good; I think I would've preferred the alternate wordmark on the away instead, but they look fine. The glove logo kinda disappears into those navy caps though. 8/10
  15. So back in NHL '98 EA didn't bother replicating the unique diagonally-bent numbers that the St. Louis Blues wore at the time, and I think they even spaced the hem down a bit to compensate for it. I bring this up now because they added the Blues' 90s retro alternate into NHL 20 this weekend via a patch; with the advancements in technology over the past 22 years, were EA finally able make it so? ...uh, no (not that I'm complaining, they look far better like that lol)
  16. oh yeah, a real bad time in Blues history - 3 winning seasons, 4 playoff berths & 2 series wins in 4 years wearing that set. Dunno how you lived through such terrible hockey! In all seriousness, if this is your definition of a "bad time in the team's history" then the 1998-2007 unis, the ones they're more-or-less still wearing today, should've been burned in the parking lot the day after this happened: Or alternatively, after finishing dead last in 2005-06 and snapping the 25-season playoff streak. (Also I totally disagree about it being a badly designed uniform; the stripes & numbers being diagonal is a bit much I admit, but the musical staff stripes on their own & the trumpet shoulder patch are really nice touches, and I think royal blue/gold/red is just a gorgeous colour scheme that they used excellently.)
  17. re. Flames: Looks fantastic, hopefully it'll be the new away soon. As a minor tangent, EA's NHL games for a literal decade now have had the Flames' 88-89 red jersey in the game, and thanks to the team's continued recycling of the sweater it's now in there thrice, in original, Edge & AdiZero cuts; the white jersey however was never added in. Maybe now that the real team's actually wearing it, they'll get off their butts and add it to NHL 20 soon. re. Jets: Another fantastic sweater; I think the navy may be a bit too dark, but even still I like how the "Jets" wordmark pops on it. Incidentally it uses the exact same stripes as this old Rangers jersey I love so much: ...And since the Rangers evidently have zero interest in ever bringing them back, I'm glad someone's willing to use it. re. Blues: Speaking as probably the only person who legitimately, unironically loves the Blues' "RBY" era uniforms, all I can say is hell yes. A beautiful, underrated colour scheme used almost-perfectly; as much as I'd love to see them return to it full-time I'd still rather they straighten the stripes (and numbers) & move them down a bit first. Ah well, still glad to see it back regardless.
  18. Well, I'm sure this'll get fixed in the day-one patch on Friday, but for now at least the pre-release EA Access version of NHL 20 has the crest on the Canucks' new away jersey in the wrong colour:
  19. If we're all posting our favourite centre ices now, Toronto's classic & Phoenix's original are likewise tops for me, but I also have an odd appreciation for Calgary's old off-centre "C":
  20. Stumbled across something today that I think is interesting: This is Phil Collins, goofing off during a Central Park photoshoot with his band Genesis, in I'm guessing 1976 - the other guy in that pic is ex-Yes drummer Bill Bruford, who was Genesis' touring drummer for just that year - while wearing a pretty-obviously fake New York Rangers jersey; the font's more basic than their traditional lettering, and it lacks the dropshadowing to boot. I think this is the oldest case of a fake jersey I've ever seen, and it's kinda surreal to see one being worn by someone who would go on to be so famous...
  21. 18 penalties, 21 unanswered points allowed in the 4th; same old Browns.
  22. I kinda like the leaping panther, but not that version of it. Conversely I actually like the soccer shield logo too, perhaps even more, just not the army-inspired uniforms they have to go with it.
  23. I mean, , new wave & synthpop music really got the ball rolling in ~1977-78, and grunge & alt-rock likewise flared up in the late-80s. Still doesn't stop us from calling them 80s & 90s music respectively, because they dominated those decades after they hit their stride. Don't forget too, that the North Stars were apparently set to introduce a black away jersey in '81 but shelved it at the last minute, possibly because they went to the Cup Finals (not that it stopped them a decade later) : That was why the home suddenly had a black stripe on it, to better match this jersey that never saw the light of day. (That jersey feels so wrong and I'm glad they shelved it, yet I actually kinda like the striping on it, go figure.)
  24. Hi, nobody else here cares, drop it please
  25. Y'know, I hate everything about the Hurricanes and would rather they exist in a place where people actually care about more than just their celebrations, but having said that this isn't that bad of a jersey. Sure, I'd really prefer a diagonal "HURRICANES" to just "CANES", but that aside I think they did a pretty good job here.