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  1. Is it just me, or do others see the NCAA Basketball Logo when looking at this "BL"under Logo.
  2. If that's the real deal, then it is FAIL. Even a generic lightning bolt logo would be better than that. Then that would make it an EPIC FAILURE since they are the THUNDER. If you're going with a generic logo, you'd go with a HAMMER or THORR
  3. It looks to me like the court when the Hornets played there. Ford Center probably changed their generic court to one based off the one the Hornets used. Also, corporate logos can't be on NBA courts, so there ya go. I have no idea why STAPLES Center has the STAPLES logo though. Says who?
  4. Wasn't the first choice though, Mounties was. But they couldn't get a copy right on it, as I guess it would be like calling your team the New York Police. Actually, it was Vancouver, not Toronto, that wanted the "Mounties" There are no Mounties in Toronto or in the East. Mounties are more of a Western Canada thing
  5. I'll give Amigo Energy the benefit of the doubt because they're a local corporation and went to the Dynamo unsolicited about sponsoring their kits. Xango is a Utah local corporation as well.
  6. I turned it too ESPN to see who was winning, and I saw these good awful jerseys, and I almost puked, I changed the channel just in time, or I would have puked.
  7. So we all are in agreement that the f'n maple leaf/mountains are SWEET!
  8. And I think the more predominent color is the Blue. And for baseball and football, it's a light blue not a dark blue. Almost like a baby blue type color.
  9. And the bastardization began when? With Jimmy Johnson or Michael Irvin? And you know what, they could even make it FUGLIER. with having the outline of the numbers go from Orange on the left and Green on the Right. Like the logo. *pukes*
  10. And maybe they should, then we wouldn't nave a stupid failed system in crowning a football champion.
  11. That's what we have College Football for and all the Corporate Sponsored Bowl Games for.
  12. This will become a OLD LOGO come July 1, 2008. When it's officially announced that Utah Valley State becomes. UVU (Utah Valley University).