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  1. I absolutely love this design. Its simple enough to become iconic in its own right. It keeps the past alive and kicking, retaining the relevance of history by breathing some fresh air into the brand ... exactly what a good update should do. Unfortunately, its too nice, and too sensible to be anything like what we'll end up seeing, for sure. Really nice stuff.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys ... I appreciate the input capn (as well as the kind words) ... but you'll have to excuse me while I take your critique of the blues with a grain of salt. You mentioned that you've ALWAYS hated the blues, so we can assume that any attempt at integrating the core of what made the original blues so nice to alot of fans is going to automatically put a bad taste in your mouth. I completely respect that, but I don't think the bulk of Sabres fans feel the same about the original blues. In fact the much larger percentage have pointed out to me how they loved the reduced colors ... the Sweden look. A couple different fans have referred to it as the purest version of Blue & Gold (only cuz those are the dominating colors). The original Sabres blues had a white outline on the numbers, and gold lettering for the nameplate ... I looked at this and started to question it. I understand the desire to make the numbers more legible ... but I don't think its NEEDED in this case ... gold on blue is plenty of contrast. Also, I was looking at it from a symbolic standpoint, rather than aesthetic ... why make it a point to avoid white striping completely, only to then drop in the color in only the least significant way? So looking at what was white on there .. I decided to play with meaning as well. By eliminating that white outline, the purpose of white now changed. If you've never read the myth of the White Buffalo, please google it, its a very interesting religious tale told by the Native Americans, in which the White Buffalo Spirit's message and purpose has many parallels to other great religious leaders (in fact, converted Lakota Christians have basically merged the stories of the White Buffalo Woman, with those of Jesus and Mary). Also, the super sheened sabres appear white, and they are known as a weapon carried by leaders, and also as swift and strong on offense as well as defense. So, by making the player name white as well ... symbollically, we are pointing out that the white elements are both individually significant, and also an important part of a triad that makes a whole ... Buffalo ... Sabre ... Player. All different, all the same. I know you can easily read that and say, 'yeah, but who the hell is going to pick up on these things" ... and the truth is ... pretty much nobody. But thats not the point. As designers, we have the ability to tell great stories behind our aesthetically pleasing ideas, and those stories should have just as much weight as the beauty of a design. Also, by surrounding yourself with visually strong symbols with positive and victorious meanings, you can affect the overall morale and emotion of both players and fans alike. This is the very basis for why I think alot of us love this particular facet of design more than others (or maybe I'm just speaking for myself).
  3. After I saw the screens from the latest EA player creation screen, I decided to use the model as the base for a new template. And for its first use, I opted throw down a new concept which merges the original Sabres look, with a newer Edged style to it. Love to hear what you guys think of them ...
  4. This just feels like a breath of fresh air: THIS is unforgivable though ... looking like damn ballerinas out there:
  5. I actually posted something about this same subject in a thread about the Chargers jerseys awhile ago. I also think some teams actually look better in practice style, making me wish their full sets looked more simplified. some examples: This makes me really like the idea of the Chiefs with black pants:
  6. This is 3,000 times better. Much cleaner, more iconic, more relevant (sharks are GREY .. thank you). I always think its a bit silly when you feel you have to reference your sport in your logo. Plus the idea of a broken stick never really seemed to take me down a path of thought where it ended being a positive thing in any way. It'd be like showing a flat basketball dangling off the claws of the Toronto Raptors logo. It only makes me think of a scene in any movie where the big guy comes to play and doesn't know his own strength, so he ruins the game for everyone by either breaking the backboard, throwing the ball so far that its gone forever, popping the ball, emptying the pool, etc.
  7. I also wanted to point out that I'm not opposed to keeping the current secondary .. but it needs some cleaning up I think. I'm not a fan of the sword illustration they have always used for the secondary ... it looks a bit like Fisher Price's "My First Sabre", rather than a swift strong blade that is as effective on offense as it is on defense.
  8. Hey guys .. thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate all of it. I thought it'd be interesting to look at these as before / afters too ... please keep in mind that all these photos are the property of Mike Lynaugh, not mine, so please do not spread these around anywhere. -
  9. alright guys ... so I had a few free minutes to put together these concepts by throwing my logos on the current jerseys ... love to hear what you guys think of these ... I also threw them all together in a wallpaper for a more branded presentation ... I made them in 1280 x 1024 and 1024 x 768 Let me know what you guys think of these ... but please don't spread them around (the photos are taken from Mike Lynaugh's site and I haven't gotten his permission ... as these are merely for concepting and nothing else).
  10. wow man .. love the rebrand here. love the kits, iconic and menacing ... excellent work. The mark is a gigantic step in the right direction, but I took a minute to make a few changes for a few reasons (hope you don't mind again man). Before: After: The number 3 is very important to the city of Washington, DC. The 3 branches of government, the 3 regions of the city, 3 waterways, etc. So i took the wings down to 3 feathers on each side (as the original had), and 3 stars as well. Did a few minor aesthetic things as well ... let me know if you see them as improvements or not. Another great rebrand concept GFB.
  11. That was yesterday and yesterday is gone...Look for a nose dive in sales, ESPECIALLY since this year there is no vintage third to pile on the total. That means squat given that this happens to EVERY team that puts out a new jersey because the market is gone. Anyone who wanted a new jersey with the new look has bought one. It's very rare that people are buying jerseys every season for the sake of having the "2007 model." It's just time to let go. You cause was better suited for a year ago. The cause failed then and any attempt to do it now is merely wasting your time. Accept the slug. Move on with life. I'd like to honor you, good sir Puck. If my calculations are correct, this is a monumental moment. You sir, are the ONE HUNDRED THOUSANDTH PERSON to use the SHUTUP AND ACCEPT IT argument in reference to the slug. You're award is that you, and YOU ALONE are for now and ever exempt from being pestered by those requesting some sort of explanation ... using something at least resembling reason or logic (if anyone does ask, just tell them you won a contest, they'll know what you mean). I really don't see one ounce of sense in this argument. Lets next, tell those protesting the war, "HEY, you protested this thing before it started ... well know we're in it, so shut up and accept it. You had your chance." Please explain to us why anyone should sit on their hands when they are simply trying to improve something they are a part of. If you disagree, please tell us why and we can discuss our different views ... If you don't wish to participate in this discussion ... then don't. Its that simple. Don't click on the thread, don't visit the websites, just leave it alone. This is like people who write letters to TV shows to let them know how offensive they are and they want them off the air (as if there is one channel and someone forces you to watch it). Grow up guys ... if you want to debate the points of whats best for the team, the fans, and the city ... lets do that. But don't just poke you're head in to say shut up and walk away ... thats a waste of everyones time. (oh ... and thanks for the kind words on my work STL Fanatic and Coast2Coast ... its always great to hear how well you're work is received ... thanks again)
  12. This definitely improves it ... and does more than take it from 'awful' to 'ok', in my opinion. I wish I had the power to stand in front of all of RBK .. and tell them, repeat after me ... STRIPING NOT PIPING. Its just getting silly, I mean why is every design standard being tossed aside for trendy silliness in professional sports. Some of these new NHL looks are certainly upgrades, others are only sidesteps into a new style, but a few of these I fear will be looked back upon years from now and seen as goofy as much of the late 70s looks (I'm looking at you Vancouver Canucks Flying V, and you LA Kings Yellow Jersey).