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  1. Looks to be a modified William Page 500 Bold
  2. Looks like a modified "Flowy Script Freehand"
  3. I really should change it. I notice you didn't deny that they are cheaters, but now that the Rams are gone, I should probably let it go. Forgot about it really. EDIT: Is that better? Oh wait, does that hurt also?
  4. The "Blues" is definitely custom. It is designed to be reflective of the Blue Note logo.
  5. Why Gold instead of the yellow of the flag? Currently you are using 2 of the 3 flag colors?
  6. Their old lion was ripped off by so many teams.
  7. Why do some of the letters appear smaller? ex: the "PA" look small in DEPARTMENT
  8. That's no longer used. Two years ago, they changed the name and rebranded. They wanted "St. Louis" to be first.
  9. I understand what you're saying, but can you express that your food taste good without trying to say it taste like a burger when despite being good, taste nothing like a burger?
  10. This isn't design related, but it has always puzzled me. I'm not a vegetarian by any means, but there are some very good non-meat dishes out there. I've always been bothered by Boca's (and others) marketing approach. If you told me this was a vegetable patty, I might eat and enjoy one of these. Why not market as vegetables? Why must they always call these things "burgers" when they're so not a burger? Why do they so often market vegetarian dishes as a non-meat version of a meat dish - "burger" "steak" etc? Why not just market vegetarian dishes as vegetables and highlight the benefits instead of trying to deceive me into thinking this is some meat replacement and I'm not going to tell the difference when I most certainly am?
  11. I imagine the team is going to sue them. If they do, you might want to contact that attorney and see if you can ride along on a contingency fee.
  12. Old Dominion has great information regarding their logos, but not the jersey font per se. But this is on the website:
  13. "Budweiser" = Century Schoolbook FS Bold "This is" = Cheltenham Bold "King of Beers" = Columbia Tilting Bold
  14. That's what I thought. How about the Holy Spirit?
  15. Big Noodle Tilting Sorry, didn't see the response above mine for some reason.
  16. Font for the "HS" and the "Holy Spirit" please
  17. Exactly. Tough getting anything from a public school district as they have governmental immunity.
  18. wow. I can at least mentally grasp some schmuck stealing designs to make money on the internet. But a public high school? Crap, this one is easy. Send the C&D immediately.
  19. They should combine the top of design 1 with the bottom of design 2
  20. Define "in time" This is the crap killing this forum.