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  1. Texas' throwback for 2019: Road and Pinstriped look:
  2. Nostalgia has an affect. I wore an Oilers t-shirt when the Texans played at Cleveland in 2014 when a couple of friends and I made a roadie and got high fived to death by the Cleveland locals. Several people wanted to talk about Kosar and Moon. Good times, great fans.
  3. The pin stripes are kinda like the Orlando Magic, so there's that.
  4. The Rockets are officially off the board:
  5. Not every day you see a mockup with the Mejia name on it! I'm a fan.
  6. The Astros and Mariners are partying like it’s 1979 tonight.
  7. Has Maine always had an upward pointing arrow next to their helmet bumper? Nice, subtle touch.
  8. I think brown and orange works particularly well for Cleveland in that it evokes feelings of dirt and autumn leaves, which pairs perfectly for a fall sport in that region.
  9. Count me as part of the brown and yellowish gold camp. The brown reflects the imagery of the friar robes and mission history of the region and the gold indicates California sunshine and/or the glow of gas lamps. Brown is also a popular color for non sports apparel and would likely sell well, even to the non sports fans in the area. Given that it also aligns with franchise history and I think it’s almost a no brainer.
  10. Yellow just doesn't work for the Rockets as a dominant color. They've sparsely wore a couple of alts over the years that were red and featured more yellow than normal, but have never really attempted to be a "yellow" team. My guess is any new set is going to have a red jersey, a white jersey and a black jersey. I'd like to see a subtle yellow trim, though. Probably worth noting that new owner Tilman Fertitta loves wearing the color black and attends most games wearing a black shirt with black jacket.
  11. Loved that Sonics logo and uniform and I’m a Rockets fan that was in high school/college while the Rockets and Sonics were in peak rival years. That Sonics wordmark was a thing of beauty.