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  1. A couple looks from Rockets media day.
  2. I can see how a non Rockets fan can view this as some sort of gaudy, nostalgic gem, but I can't imagine many Rockets fans feel the same. The one year of this court and the 6-7 years of the toned down version represent arguably the darkest, most forgettable period in Rockets history. It was the era sandwiched between the Hakeem years and the Toyota Center years. Most Rockets fans associate this court and the pajama uniforms with a dark, drab, half-empty Summit with a team bad enough to consistently pick in the top 5 in the draft. If any era needs to be "thrown back to", its the Clutch City era court and logo.
  3. The Astros are wearing their set worn from 1988-93 tonight. It's a cream colored jersey worn both at home and on the road during that period.
  4. New Orleans Saints sounds just fine.
  5. Texas' throwback for 2019: Road and Pinstriped look:
  6. Nostalgia has an affect. I wore an Oilers t-shirt when the Texans played at Cleveland in 2014 when a couple of friends and I made a roadie and got high fived to death by the Cleveland locals. Several people wanted to talk about Kosar and Moon. Good times, great fans.
  7. The pin stripes are kinda like the Orlando Magic, so there's that.
  8. The Rockets are officially off the board:
  9. Not every day you see a mockup with the Mejia name on it! I'm a fan.
  10. The Astros and Mariners are partying like it’s 1979 tonight.