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  1. My Raiders authentic is #40 Jon Ritchie, because (at the time) everyone had Gannon, Brown, Rice or Woodson. Plus, the FB needs some love; especially when he bleeds every game. I have a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey with #94, Sergei Berezin. I thought he was on the upswing. Not so much. Still, I was amused by the fact that once he got the puck, you knew he'd shoot every time.
  2. First of all, I'd hit Bonds in that stupid chunk of armor he wears instead of intentionally walking him. Why? Pitch counts; I'd save 3. Second, we don't care about other drugs because they don't help you play better; a guy smoking weed or snorting coke isn't going to be better because of it Third, when Bonds got hit in the head during BP, my only thought was how does that not happen three or four times a week with the size of that melon? Did you see the two trainers on either side of him? they needed Nextels to talk to each other across his dome.
  3. oh, yeah, Jerome Bettis wore 6 at ND.
  4. Wade Boggs wore 26 in Boston. As for 6, it doesn't have a great NFL history; I can think of Marc Wilson and Joe Nedney off the top of my head.
  5. I have to agree with previous posts concerning the Redskins, it seems to fall on the wrong side of good taste. I always thought the Chicago Fire was in poor taste; they named a team after a huge disaster that destroyed the city and killed a couple hundred people and left something like 90000 homeless. I know it's far in the past, but still. the New Orleans Katrinas or the New York 9/11s would not be welcomed, I'm sure.
  6. what I don't like about the Diamondbacks home jerseys is the 2 different colors on the back. It just seems like a bit much to me.
  7. As an Oriole fan, the Maier call is definitely up there. I vaguely remember the 85 series, and replays show it wasn't even close, but the worst call I remember is pretty obscure for a world series. In 98, Tino Martinez took strike 3 right down the middle from Mark Langston and somehow it was called a ball. The next pitch was a grand slam. Man, I hate the Yankees.
  8. I really hate to say it, but Jagr will and should win the Hart. the Rangers have been absolutely terrible for 8 years, and they weren't expected to be much better this year. Jagr is the symbol for the turnaround. Couple that with the fact that he's been, for much of his career, one of the 2 or 3 best players in the world, he'll get the votes. A lot of writers are thinking that it's about time Thornton had the breakout year, and if he repeats it next year, he'll have a much better shot at the trophy. Meanwhile, there's still writers out there who have no idea who Cheechoo is. Plus, East Coast bias is for real, especially when talking about New York.
  9. he seems like a nice enough guy and all, and having to give the ex 75% seems unfair, but when I see numbers like that compared to the money I make and have to struggle with, my sympathy dries up pretty quickly.
  10. "You know, it should really be called the run and hit, not the hit and run, since the runner takes off before the batter swings." Or something like that 800 times a year. Even my mom hates Tim McCarver.
  11. I think Ichiro has made an impact beyond the numbers as the first Japanese position player, and I am, of course, assuming five more years at or near his current level of production. If you want to throw in "could have" stats, then Ichiro could have had 3000 hits if he came to the US earlier. I think his Japanese stats should get some consideration as well.
  12. A lot of people are talking about whether or not Puckett should be in the Hall, so I'm posing the question as to whether Ichiro can get in with a similarly short career. In my opinion, if he has 5 more years close to his last 5, he should get in. He already has 1130 hits and a .332 average. Even with some decline, he could hit .315-.320 for a ten year period with over 2000 hits. Add to that his gold glove caliber defense and his pioneering status as one of the first Japanese position players in MLB, and I think he should get in.
  13. I think what really got Puckett in were the 2 championships coupled with the fact that he had no real period of decline. He played 12 seasons, all of them at a very high level. He had a lifetime .318 average, which is excellent, and over 2000 hits, averaging 192 hits per season. He ended his career with a .314 season and 99 RBI, pretty much on top of his game. That's what separates him from a guy like Mattingly who had a clear decline. It may not be fair but that's probably the reason.
  14. I don't think it's completely crazy to think that maybe a 5'9 210 lb. guy took steroids when he played. His first full season he hit only 4 HRs then came back with 31 the next year. His power stats weren't monumental but they could have been augmented. Steroid abuse could contribute to a stroke, as well. On the other hand, he was overweight and did have a family history of early deaths. I think the speculation about 'roids is just a reflection on the state of the game over the last decade and change, and any time something like this happens to a player of this era it will come up.
  15. I don't really follow college baseball, but I like the jerseys Rice wore; the purple with the Old English script and the shoulder stripes. Not a big purple fan, but it was good usage.