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  1. Probably because they already have a teal alternate and this gives them another color/look to sell for ST.
  2. Not gonna lie - I think powder blue looks good paired with their regular colors.
  3. My only complaint is that the all navy hats are still used with the road grays and the blue piping away pants are still around. Think a blue hat with a red A outlined with white would look really good with the new navy alts.
  4. Jerseys are up at Fanatics. Home and away look the same. Alts are different. https://www.fanatics.com/mlb/atlanta-braves/men/o-2354+t-69337472+ga-56+z-9332-568818294?pageSize=72&sortOption=NewestArrivals
  5. I don't have any first-hand knowledge, but I've always figured they couldn't find a way to trademark or copyright King Cakes as a baseball name, so they went with Baby Cakes instead
  6. I could see either the tomahawk getting dropped from the front and the cross-tomahawk patch added to all jerseys. Hmmm, or what if they went went a Blue Braves wordmark/tomahawk outlined in white on the away jersey? Like what they had on the original red? If they wanted to keep the all-blue hat, that might look snazzy.
  7. They were gone the second another city dangled a brand-new facility at them, no matter what their name is. The former Zephyr Field needs a lot of work to modernize and right-size it. Completely anecdotal, but I saw way more Baby Cakes merch on the streets in New Orleans and other areas than I ever saw with the Zephyrs (and I say that as someone who's had Zephyrs gear ever since they came to town!) Even I own the NO hat with the king cake and one with the baby smiling wearing beads - they are great hats at Carnival time. Never was a fan of the "main" logo though with the angry Tommy Pickles as you put it. I always thought the plan floated around was the current ownership team would buy and relocate a Southern League AA team, which would mean the Baby Cakes moniker would live on at the lower level. I wonder if that's still the case, because I'm not sure which team would be ripe for the picking and I also think that would be dependent on remodeling the stadium - it's too big for AAA baseball now, it's downright cavernous for a AA team. As for whether Benson gets involved, I'm not sure I'd want that. The minor league team would be even more of an afterthought in the facility than the Pelicans are now.
  8. https://www.sierramist.com/ It's back!
  9. Looks like Hardee's might be already be walking back the old logo - back to the star/script logo on their social and the commercials posted on YouTube.
  10. I was surprised to realize we've had the smiley globe look for 10 years! Feels like it just changed. I do think this is leading up to another rebranding.
  11. Just to have a counter-point - I grew up in Metairie, embraced the Zephyrs from the moment they arrived (I was in that number out at UNO before Zephyr Field was built), and wasn't the biggest fan of the Cakes name when it was unveiled (personally, I was pulling for Nite Owls). But since, I've warmed up to it. I'm not the biggest fan of the angry baby primary, but I like other parts of the identity (the N.O. with the King Cake, the "happy" versions of the baby) and understand they probably went Baby Cakes because King Cakes would likely be a trademarking nightmare. And I have seen more Cakes merchandise out and about than I ever did with the Zephyrs - yes, that includes outside the New Orleans area. In the end, the name change brought attention to the team that it needed, and the new owners, whatever you think about their decision on the name, seem far more engaged in the community and interested in making sure the overall product is appealing as well as utilizing the stadium in a year-round fashion, which keeps the team viable. The previous owners were about as absentee as you could get in the end.
  12. That would be great, because then I might be able to get a low-crown version of one of those hats and just pretend it's the New Orleans Zephyrs.
  13. The yellow the Padres had for the All-Star year looked great. They should've kept that.
  14. Looks like good ol' Bank Gothic to me. https://www.lids.com/batting-practice/low-profile-59fifty
  15. FYI: Anyone who tells you to enjoy a filled king cake should be ignored. And now I want some king cake....
  16. Baby Cakes had to have been chosen because they could not likely trademark King Cakes. I like the logo and surrounding marks, though I'm not sure I want a hat...except for the throwback ones, gimme! Of the finalists, I personally was pulling for Night Owls. Honestly, I was pulling for a bait and switch and they were keeping the Zephyrs name. But man, people are PISSED on social media (but then, everyone's miserable online!)
  17. They are supposed to be hats worn in post-game interviews and the like. I don't think I've ever seen a player actually do it, though.
  18. For the Clubhouse 3930s: http://www.fanatics.com/search/MLB%202014%20On-Field%20Clubhouse%2039THIRTY%20Flex%20Hat For the DE 3930s: http://www.fanatics.com/search/Diamond%20Era%20Performance%20Flex%20Hat That appears to be all the ones up at this point, at least on the Fanatics store.
  19. Looks like this year's "clubhouse"/post-game hats are out: http://images.footballfanatics.com/FFImage/thumb.aspx?i=/productimages/_1543000/altimages/FF_1543550ALT1_xl.jpg And there will be Diamond-Era 3930s? http://images.footballfanatics.com/FFImage/thumb.aspx?i=/productimages/_1592000/altimages/FF_1592233ALT2_xl.jpg These are from the Fanatics site, BTW. (I tried to post these as images, but it wouldn't let me. Oh well.)
  20. Whoa whoa whoa, I think we have a new logo! Get that on the football helmet immediately! It's unclear to me. It looks almost like a new logo, but eerily similar to several other variations of the tiger head logo we have used in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I do agree that it would fit well on the helmets with the "Geaux" font. To me it looks like a cleaned up and symmetrical version of the logo currently on the football helmets. Maybe so. But there are a lot of differences. So much so that I would consider it a new logo versus a cleaned up logo. But as I said. This looks as though it was derived more from some of the tiger heads used in the 80s and 90s.Read the linked article, the answer is clear:
  21. Joe, any particular reason UNO dropped red as part of their color scheme?
  22. UNO took down the link to the logo sheet I posted in the other thread, but here's a photo gallery that covers the same ground: http://www.unoprivat...spx?gallery=208 Like I said in the other thread, while I wish not every New Orleans team would go the FDL route, this one is a unique enough take that I'll let it slide. Wordmark is an obvious upgrade over what they had, and the main logo looks good. Wish they would've kept that dash of red the old look had.
  23. Here's UNO's new look: http://www.unoprivateers.com/documents/2013/7/17/UNO_LogoSheet.pdf?id=288 As appears to be the unwritten rule now for New Orleans teams, it's based around the Fleur-De-Lis. I was a little hesitant at first, but I think it's a unique enough take on it to work. I do wish they had kept that dash of red though. Like the wordmark and font. Obvious upgrade from what they had before, in my opinion.