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  1. Even without ad patches, the NFL currently looks worse overall than it ever has, IMHO.
  2. This will look terrible. Don’t know why they insist on screwing up a solid set by wearing these solid color socks.
  3. Great looking matchup tonight. Chiefs road set is iconic, and I think this is the Ravens’ best look — black helmets, black jerseys, white pants (with stripes!), black socks (with white on the bottom!). Why, it actually looks like an NFL game...
  4. Can you do one of these for the Texans’ current home and away set, but with red pants for each? I’ve always that would be a great variation on the traditional red, white and blue design... Thanks if you’re able to do this...
  5. Just another supposedly super-duper advanced fabric from Nike that in practice looks like crap...
  6. IMHO, this was the worst Mariners set ever, with a font that looks like bad Clip-art...
  7. BlueSky, you and I talked about this a few years ago, when there were companies like Home Run Derby and Yesteryear Sports doing old-school jerseys. Glad you finally pulled the trigger! Unfortunately, the photo of your jersey is not displaying— can you re-upload/re-post? Thanks!
  8. https://www.goodbullhunting.com/2017/10/11/16457184/rejected-florida-gator-uniform-concepts-gator-skin-texas-am-aggies-fake
  9. I'm not sure that's an unpopular opinion -- I think Washington's uniforms are god-awful.
  10. Thanks for doing this, oldschool -- I really think the purple-gold-purple looks the best... Yeah, when they first brought out this uniform that was my initial thought, too... basically sandwich the gold inside purple on all the uniform elements. Here it is... But now, I think this above look would just a little too... I don't know... slick, maybe? I guess I like a little wonkyness in my uniforms, sometimes.
  11. This looks nice, but I'm wondering: Is there any chance you could do a mock-up with the stripes on the white jersey and socks matching the current white pants pattern, i.e. thick purple/gold/thin purple? Thanks!
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