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  1. TCOR32

    NFL Helmet Sigs

    Thanks for both of the Seahawks helmets Sigs. They look great!
  2. Excuse my naive but what exactly is overridden? thanks....
  3. I like everything about the concept. The Ganders logo reminds me of this logo... Since the Gander logo color is similar, I am assuming that's where your son got the color from?
  4. In my opinion, I love everything about the concept drawings. They look much better and more colorful than the current ones. The numbers and fonts might be too close together. I like the numbers because it's different and unique. I am not so sure about the alt hat. It would make a good fashion hat for the female fans but as actual game hat, maybe not. So, great job on drawing up a concept. Again, in my opinion, I would said it's the best Tampa Bay Rays concept I have ever seen on this board.
  5. How about Seattle?! Oh wait, it only won two championships in the history of Seattle's major professional sports. Never mind then! I think the Seattle hockey team won the first-ever Stanley Cup? Not sure... And Seattle SuperSonics in 1979. Seahawks should have won Super Bowl XL but stupid referees on Steelers' payroll screwed them. I saw somebody requested a Pittsburgh City of Championships sure to put an asterisk next to Steelers' XL victory. Just kidding.... Anyway, great job on those city of championships designs you did. I really like all of it.
  6. Beautiful work! I love the logos and this is coming from Yankees-hater.
  7. I did managed to find two good templates by using your search suggestions. I found a good template for NCAA baseball 2007 PS2 cover. A blank GameCube template as well. Your suggestions works well but still hard to find the ones I want. Thanks for the suggestions. Keep up with the good work.
  8. Hello Gingerbreadmann, I am very impressed with all of your works and because of that, it make me want to give it a try. However, I couldn't find any good video game cover templates. I have surfed and surfed and surfed for the templates and couldn't find any good ones. I am particually looking for GameCube MVP Baseball 2004 but any sports, any years, any consoles would do. Do you know any good websites that have downloadable templates, "photoshop-ready" files or something like that? Again, very impressive works and thank you. TCOR32
  9. Those look awesome! I like the throwback uniform the best. I'll use both for my signature. Thank you very much erlovepuck.
  10. Can you do Frank Thomas, please? Thanks.
  11. I like the away jersey the best. Good work!
  12. Nice! I like the sock logo and road jersey the best. Good Work! I kinda of want to participate but do not know how to upload the pictures to the forum. How do you do it? Thanks...
  13. TCOR32


    Hmm, it is not that bad. I like it. And yes, I'm a NASCAR fan.