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  1. Could I get an LSU one, please? Thanks
  2. deucedwo

    LSU Concept

    Okay, I took out the shading and messed with the top part of it's head. I'm having a hard time deciding on whether or not to keep the white parts under its eyes... Or is this one better???
  3. deucedwo

    LSU Concept

    Made a couple more slight adjustment (removed the white parts under the eyes and moved the eyes farther apart)...
  4. deucedwo

    LSU Concept

    Makes sense, we always knew the football team dressed in drag. Roll Wave. I'll let that one slide! Seriously, thanks for the input though. I took out the black and purple around the eye and it think it makes it look much better already...
  5. deucedwo

    LSU Concept

    Here's what it'd look like on the helmet...
  6. deucedwo

    LSU Concept

    Okay, I fixed the eyes and did a version with more prominent ears and another with some shading. Please let me know which one looks the best. Thanks.
  7. deucedwo

    LSU Concept

    I think one of the reasons the ears point downward on the helmet logo is to keep the rounded space between the tiger head and the "L S U" script over the logo. Once I get some more suggestions, I'll try a few versions.
  8. deucedwo

    LSU Concept

    I got bored at work and decided to play around in paint. I was basically attempting to cross the logo LSU uses on its helmets with the "toonces" logo. I know the eyes probably need to be less slanted, but I'd be open to other criticizm/suggestions.
  9. deucedwo

    I'm back...

    I remember you...I think. You're the one from another country, somewhere in Italy maybe. He did the incredible Cowboys concept that was modern and very unique, but looked great none the less. Welcome back. Can't wait to see your new stuff!
  10. infrared, I've always been curious why it's referred to as "THE" Ohio State University. Would you be kind enough to inform me? It's been bugging be to know the reason.
  11. I understand what Syphi's saying. While a concept "Hall of Fame" would be nice for individual concepts only, not the designer, maybe temporarily changing the title of this thread to "favorite concepts" would work for the mean time and be nearly just as fun.
  12. I like the idea. Something a little different than the march madness bracket. Everyone posting their favorite concepts they've seen on the boards. It would give us all a chance to revisit some of the great work and see what other people's tastes are.
  13. Well, THANKFULLY, they've gotten rid of the Saints away with the black pants. They haven't worn that in years, but it was still on the game. Even in the commercials and promos for this year's game, they were showing the Saints in those uniforms, but someone finally wised up and corrected it before they released the actual game. About time!
  14. deucedwo

    Deep Sixin'

    I always appreciate your unique approach but could never see them realistically used, but this is actually a great idea. It reminds me of the old Golden State unis with the number in the street car, but it doesn't seem like recycled retro. My favorite concept of yours by far!