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  1. Wouldn't be suprised if 2 out of the 3 "new" logos will end up being roundels. Maybe the Pistons and Kings?
  2. I don't think he ever wanted to be in Cleveland and don't think the coaches ever wanted him. He will be successful somewhere, because that's what happens.
  3. Browns hired Paul DePodesta away from the Mets. Yes this happened. and now a lawyer and baseball executive are running the team.
  4. Coke has something in the works with Keurig. I saw that earlier this month... I was gifted a Keurig & while convenient & quick hot coffee is nice, I'm not sure I'd need, or want, to replace handy cans of pop from a fridge. Probably this? I agree. I'd still would rather just grab a can from the fridge and save time, money and energy. $350+ for a Keurig KOLD $5 for 4 pods (you can get a 12-pack of cans for $3) Doesn't make much sense.
  5. Trying to set a record for most LED Ribbon Boards in a stadium? Holy crap...that would be distracting.
  6. Browns can beat any team but can also lose to any team. We've been playing to the level of our competition. One game doesn't change that. This is the same team that lost to Jacksonville. I will enjoy our division lead for a few days (Pittsburgh beats NY easily on Sun). But I'm not going to get too ahead of myself. Cleveland teams always find a way to let us down.
  7. Marcus Mariota and Sammie Coates, Welcome to Cleveland.
  8. Love the name. Hate the logos. Minor league baseball has a lot of original and fun nicknames. Just seems like every logo feels the same. - Excessive amount of strokes - Beveled/shadowed fonts - Mascot combined with letter makes alternate logo (usually seems forced) Here's the hats
  9. I really dislike the whole uniform. But most of all I hate when teams have shiny, iron-on looking stripes. Another team I can think of that does this is the Cowboys. Any type of shiny stripes, numbers, or fabric just looks cheap. One of the reasons I wish teams like Green Bay and Philadephia would have switched to the new Nike template.
  10. It's crazy to see how graphics from just a few years ago already look very dated. This is really the only place that futuristic/modern designs work. Anything simple and flat would look really bad.
  11. Exactly. Vikings horn on the helmet and primary logo both use black. Nothing wrong with a black facemask.
  12. Great combination of modern and traditional design. Best redesign this year. Really don't mind the black facemask. While purple would have been best, this is better than using grey, yellow, or white.
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