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  1. Were you lucky enough to snag the "controversial" Little Mermaid VHS? It still makes me laugh. To this day I can't see how Disney can claim the artwork was an accident.
  2. This has to be a joke right? Posted by @accwbb
  3. Can I hate my favorite team? Because for the past 20 years I don't think I've hated a team more than the Browns. After that: 2. Steelers 3. Pirates 4. Golden State Warriors 5. Los Angeles Clippers 6. Buffalo Bills 7. Ohio State 7. Detroit Tigers 8. Boston Red Sox 9. Duke Blue Devils 10. Miami Heat
  4. Wouldn't be suprised if 2 out of the 3 "new" logos will end up being roundels. Maybe the Pistons and Kings?
  5. I don't think he ever wanted to be in Cleveland and don't think the coaches ever wanted him. He will be successful somewhere, because that's what happens.
  6. Browns hired Paul DePodesta away from the Mets. Yes this happened. and now a lawyer and baseball executive are running the team.
  7. Highway Gothic? I'm pretty sure it's the same font used for the US, Canada and other countries' highway and road signs.
  8. They aren't UA's best work, but I'll take those anyday over the cheap iron-on junk Adidas is producing.
  9. Maybe they'll pull a Browns and switch to a bluer blue?
  10. The sad part is the NFL/Browns probably don't care enough to make the switch. The coaching staff complained, but they will be gone next season. Another reason would be the Browns, NFL and Nike don't want to admit they made a poor design decision.
  11. Considering everything, I hope they do. Does the five year rule stop them from doing this, or just from having any new jerseys released? I have no idea what the rule is but I feel like there can be exceptions. Even switching from drop shadows to normal outlines would help considerably.
  12. Actually excited to see this on the field sunday: If they aren't going to fix the numbers on the brown jerseys, the orange jersey should become the primary in 2016.
  13. Can't even compare the Browns and Lions. While I feel bad for Detroit fans, at least they have an organization that is trying to win.
  14. The Browns are an embarrassment to the NFL. I'm glad they are going to get blown out on Monday Night in front of an empty stadium. The league and fans in Cleveland deserve better. I really wish there was a way for the NFL or NFLPA to punish the Browns front office for this move.