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  1. I think these are better than the black/blue that is hard to read courts. Although I still miss the use of the regular arena/college floors. It makes the viewing much easier, especially in a bar setting, like I will be in for Thursday afternoon. If the same colors are used, here are my predictions... Thursday: Milwaukee - green (already showing) Buffalo - red Orlando - orange Salt Lake City - purple Friday: Indianapolis - red. (Already showing) Sacramento - purple (already showing) Greenville - green Tulsa - orange
  2. Cubs clinch NL East in 1984. Bulls championships, especially Game 6 in 1997 (night of my college graduation) Bears Super Bowl XX Blackhawks 2010 Game 6 OT goal, 2013 Game 6 "17 seconds" to win the Cup, 2015 Game 5 to finally have the Cup on United Center ice And finally... Game 7 2016 World Series...my life is complete with the Cubs winning the World Series.
  3. My life is now complete...I have now seen all the Chicago teams win the championships (took 41 years for me). However, Cleveland was very tough. It could have been different if the injuries to Brantley, Carrasco, and Salazar (as a starter) did not happen.
  4. Beautiful unis tonight. I would have loved to see the yellow line and the white wording flipped in the end zone to match the uniform number color.
  5. Looking at the distance between cities from distancebetweencities.net, Spokane and Moscow, ID (where the campus is located) is 79 miles and is right near the Washington/Idaho border, and is the closest site with the required seating for them to host.
  6. In game scoreboard from Xavier/Creighton. Possession is listed under the team name next to the time outs.
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