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  1. Though I don't like your rendition of the logo, I LOVE everything else. That is one sharp uniform.
  2. Both pirates looks like Julian from The Trailer Park Boys.
  3. OK, I'll play. Here are my thoughts. Atlanta - A horrific mess riddled with conflicting elements and a wordmark that is too tiny and doesn't stand out. The absolute worst 3rd jersey. Boston - Solid, but without any bottom horizontal striping, the entire uniform ends up being overwhelmingly dark. Yellow socks would help. Buffalo - It would be perfect if it didn't have the unnecessary and worthless white piping. It's there for no reason at all. Carolina - A terrible and lazy attempt to join the black jersey craze. It does get a couple of points for using the secondary logo as the crest. Chicago - This has been done before so the jersey just feels old and tired. Dallas - Thanks to the league-wide RBK Edge templates, which is the worst thing to happen to the NHL in a long time, the Stars had to ditch their distinctive star pattern. Still, there's no excuse for the lazy and uninspired jerseys the Stars currently wear. This is nothing more than an expensive long-sleeve t-shirt and is awful in every possible way. Edmonton - Aside for the ugly collar, this is a real winner that conjures up memories of the Oilers' greatest years. Simple, solid, and beautiful. Los Angeles - This could've been a great sweater, but the Kings bumbled it. It's aching for a horizontal body stripe and the sleeve numbers feel awkwardly-placed above and not in the sleeve stripe. NY Islanders - A solid classic design that works well, though the incomplete striping on the socks brings down the entire uniform. Ottawa - A visual mess with little cohesiveness, this jersey is hurt even more by the silly "Sens" wordmark on the front. Philadelphia - The orange looks great but they're replicating a jersey that was ugly and awkward to begin with. The 1990s road jerseys would've been a better choice. Phoenix - I'm not even sure anyone put any real effort into designing this jersey. They just wanted to make sure it had some black in it. Pittsburgh - The best 3rd jersey in the league. It has beautiful vibrant colors and all the elements of classic hockey jerseys. San Jose - This is nothing more than a glorified practice jersey and nothing more. I give it a few points for using the full Shark logo, though the large "SJ" shoulder logos look tacky. St. Louis - Nice and simple, though the colors are a bit dreary. Tampa - The blue really pops and the bottom hem striping makes the jersey feel more complete than their standard home jersey. Still, having "Bolts" on the front is downright stupid. Toronto - It has a classic feel to it, but it's a white third jersey and that's kind of boring. Try again in blue. Vancouver - I love the colors and enjoy the spacing between each stripe colors. It makes them stand out more.
  4. Regarding the Kings' 3rd jersey, I don't hate the piping but I wish the sleeve numbers were placed in the white area (in black, of course).
  5. Oh my lord, thanks! I spent the better part of an hour today looking for Apple logos because I had a gut feeling I had seen that font on some Apple product.
  6. INFINITE THANKS!!!! Heh, now I can return to being productive at work.
  7. This is going to bug me all day. I know the font in this wordmark is/was used by a major company but I can't remember which: Does anyone have an idea? That "e" looks damn familiar.
  8. + This. Those would be the most disgusting jerseys to ever see an NFL game.
  9. Not bad, but that partial arm stripe needs to go. I cringe every time I watch the Oilers play because of that damn stripe! Still, nice job and thanks for posting!
  10. I'm in 100% agreement. Just like the cluster still worn by the the Pittsburgh Steelers, the vintage Joe Montana-era uniforms of the 49ers are embraced by their fans based solely on the legacy and tradition of them. ++ This I'm a lifelong 49ers fan and, while I love the previous uniform set, I prefer the current set.
  11. I'm an avid hockey fan and a goaltender and have paid attention to goalie mask designs for years. As a whole, I think the current NHL masks are terrible. While most are painted by very talented painters, they're usually filled with too much detail and intricacies that don't show up well from a distance. On the other hand, some look like they were painted by someone who airbrushes white t-shirts at the local flea market.
  12. Well, she has a bow on her head. Beautiful! I love the reference.
  13. That's the exact first thought I had when I saw the logo!
  14. Two modest banners at the Shark Tank: The banner for last season's division win hasn't gone up yet, obviously.
  15. I only wear jerseys if I am going to a game or someplace to watch a game with friends. The only exception is soccer jerseys because those can look pretty stylin'. I'll wear those to just about anywhere.
  16. Stanford, but that's because they're local and I see it much more often than the others.
  17. Yikes! New at Photoshop, eh? That looks like something I did when I first tried my hand at Photoshop. When I first started, my work usually included all of these: beveling, embossing, transparencies, lens flare, and usually a motion blur. Like, El_Duderino said, you have to simplify. Perhaps ditch the other stuff for now and play around with "James Smizek Edits" to create a wordmark..
  18. That's very good! I don't yet have an eye for critically evaluating designs and whatnot, but I think the white and yellow stripes right next to each other may just blend in from afar.
  19. Fellow drummer here! One thing to consider about a design on your bass drum head is whether or not you want to port the head. I port my reso head at 4 or 8 o'clock so this design wouldn't work for me, for example. If you don't port your heads, or place the holes elsewhere, then it'll be no problem.
  20. I used to root heavily for the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars because they were the first new teams after I started following the NFL. Once the Jags began using the all-black unis and solid-black pants, I began to root against them. Yuck.