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  1. Not unless there was more than one
  2. Not the best picture, but Dominik Hasek also wore #9 for Pardubice of the Czech League, both prior to his NHL career and when he returned there in 2009-10.
  3. Speaking of Shanny, how about the one preseason game he played as the captain of the Devils prior to retiring a few months later.
  4. And this space reserved for Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla in anything but a Flames uni. This really is Iginla in the wrong uniform...
  5. As a big Chiefs fan, I'm kind of torn about this concept. I can live with the removal of yellow from the uniforms, and I think that you executed it really well. I just don't think that the "smooth aesthetic" is something that fits the Chiefs. As a few others have said, the logo no longer looks like an arrowhead, but more like a spear, especially with the addition of grey/silver. The italicized KC in the logo also looks off, but I can't quite figure out what it is that bugs me (maybe it's just that I'm so used to a straight font in our current logo). I also have to disagree with The Impaler, as I would like to see a white facemask back on the helmets, since the team has used them since the early 70's. I love the presentation of the concept, though, and with a few small changes I could really get behind it.
  6. Perhaps you're right, but I would still like to see it on the ice before I passed too much judgement, it's only one player. I know it's not the same jersey, but they did try this for a year, and from what I remember it wasn't well received in Calgary. I do like the Flames jerseys you made though, and this would be a major step in the right direction compared to their current set.
  7. Ahh, the glory days ... right, Puckguy? What about this version of Eddie the Eagle? Keeping with Eddie Belfour, what about when he played for Leksands of the Swedish second division?
  8. The last decade? LOL... You're the one who should check your facts. The Stampeders have used black since at least the early 80's and possibly before that. Here's a 1985 pic; That's the look I remember from the 80's. You can't see it here, but the roads had solid black lettering on the NOBs as well... As for the black helmet, it kind of fits with the uniforms given how ugly those things are (Heh). Some red on the helmet would help, either as a stripe or an outline on the logo. I actually have a game worn jersey from 1983 that shows the black NOB: Funny story about the jersey: my grandfather actually worked as a referee in the CFL, and the Stamps were about to throw out their old jerseys at the end of the season. He asked to take a few home, and gave one to my dad. Turns out this one was Richie Hall's, the former coach of the Edmonton Eskimos (and current DC of the Roughriders). As for the black helmets though, I really don't see why they wanted them (their red helmets are much better). I don't think anyone would complain if they went back to these uniforms, or even simplified versions of what they're currently wearing.
  9. Alright, here's my crack at the Lightning
  10. Board Name: TheMasterBrendino1 City: Florence Team Name: AC Comune di Firenze Colour ideas: Purple, Black, White Sponsor: Air Italy
  11. TheMasterBrendino1 Duisburg SV Duisburg Zebras Blue, White, Grey
  12. I like the "hi/14" inversion that they've done, but would it have killed them to switch around the Olympics logo and the ".ru"? At least you'll know that your going to the right website...
  13. Wow, I just saw your video that you posted on youtube and it looked really good. But then I turned on my TV, and not even 2 or 3 minutes later the commercial showed up there. Freaky!
  14. I like the idea of a "watermarked" image, and I think it works very well here. I also wanted to point out that you have LECAVILIER on the back of the last two jerseys instead of LECAVALIER
  15. TMB1

    MLS Redesign

    This project looks pretty interesting, so I figured that I should give it a shot. Team Name: Stampede A.F.C. (Stampede Association Football Club) Location: Calgary, Alberta Stadium: McMahon Stadium (35,650 Seating Capacity) Sponsor: Petro-Canada