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  1. sweet design!(: maybe switch the home alt to the home jersey, and make the current home jersey a vest? also the gray jersey should be the away, and navy should be alt. as for the hats, i would like to see one thats red with a blue bill with the "c" logo for bp. nice job. id love to get my hands on that template!
  2. Hello, I dont have much design work, but have a strong interest. Could I still join?
  3. GetCrunk

    KC Royals

    Very good ideas, yet i have some gripes. 1. at home you wear white pants on the road you wear gray. 2. no team has or will ever have two bp tops. 3. no gold bp top. Other than that, great job. Grade- B.
  4. Syphi's Nike Wishbone Basketball Template Does anyone have it enlarged, and cleaned up for easy recoloring in ms paint?
  5. Sorry guys. Been really busy with work, can somone else finish this up. Ill find time to do another team. Sorry.
  6. Maybe put some plaid in the shoulder stripes?
  7. Steelers: Eh. Other than the logo really dig these. Browns: Amazing =] Ravens: The font looks wierd. Bengals: That orange jersey is sick. Can you hook me up with an ms paint verison of that template?
  8. Great job on the Rays concept. I love those colors together, maybe a red alt?