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  1. Unlike the past couple years when starting this thread, is it just me or does it seem quiet on the uniform front for next season so far. By now, I've usually been able to see some changes already announced, but I can't seem to recall or find anything for 2017. I am a couple days earlier than usual when starting this but thought why not... Any who, let's get everyone's favorite topic going and see where we stand for next season. Fire away...
  2. The Hilltoppers have a nice uniform set other than the helmet. Make it black with a red and white stripe and I think it's a winner. Memphis is... well... not so good.
  3. I mean I think everyone at this point knows NASCAR isn't in the same state they were 10-15 years ago when tracks had attendances well over 100,000 people. A refresh is a good thing and they did well with the new logo. Feels modern but classic at the same time. The Monster logo is fine too. The logos they usually have basically all have the same shape and I welcome something different from the norm.
  4. I'd love to find an old CBJ jersey somewhere, been trying to find one for a while now.
  5. Where did you find the old CBJ gear?
  6. It never hurts to try, but it's practically impossible for something like that to happen. Hendrick has in house designers of their schemes and it takes them working with their sponsors to work out scheme details. It's hard enough to get them to actually acknowledge you exist, I've tried before. You almost have to start small and work with little teams before you can reach a level that high. But I commend you for trying as it's not a bad scheme.
  7. Please, putting the Blue Jackets ahead of teams like the "Wild" in terms of worst name in the league is beyond reason.
  8. Could this finally be the start to a new ballpark for the rays? They're taking submissions for ideas at this time.
  9. The kid has been a great addition for the Jackets, really solidifying the D. This team has me feeling good right now.
  10. That's gone in favor of the city skyline returning.
  11. Pleased by the Jackets start this season, and it's not very often they're above .500 at this point in the season already. Maybe a team that could sneak in the playoffs if they keep playing the way they are. It' still way early in the season, but I like what I see out of the CBJ so far.
  12. The talk was exactly the same after game 2, when everyone thought the Cubs were back and gonna win in 5. I had a feeling last night would be a loss because Bauer was bad in game 2 and it showed again last night after a bit. I'm more than pleased that the Indians won 2 of 3 in Chi-Town, because idk who would've thought they could actually pull off all 3 games. Glad to be back in Cleveland for game 6, because it just feels better being able to win the series at home.
  13. Get this thing done tomorrow if possible. Winning at the Jake would be amazing, but with this format, you gotta win no matter where you are. Having this team one win away hasn't sunk in yet, but tomorrow I'm gonna be jacked like no f'in other. Knowing how long it's been and what it's been like to be an Ohio sports fan, particularly of the Cleveland teams, I won't be taking this year or era for granted. It just feels so damn good.
  14. Piston's are most likely going to play in the new arena downtown starting next season. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/nba/pistons/2016/10/26/detroit-pistons-move-downtown/92770520/