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  1. This whole day had like 4 or 5 snowy games, but the one of the Lions-Eagles was the best:
  2. The Yankees do this, with their BP jerseys, right?
  3. I also thought that, I thought it was actually some kind of reverse griffin.
  4. It'll look awesome if they ever play against Stanford while wearing them. They may not play Stanford anytime soon, but does NC State still have that similar helmet?
  5. The picture on the NBC link posted shows both color facemasks on the gold helmet. Not a fan of the black jersey. Need pictures of the pants.
  6. The school made a joke about how ESPN refers to them as C. Florida while on the scorebug on TV, when I guess UCF is preferred.
  7. I don't see how playing with essentially a mirror on your head can be allowed anywhere that has lights.
  8. FSU with the garnet jersey w/ white pants vs. the Gators with the blue jersey and orange pants has been a pipe dream of mine.
  9. Gotta inflate tOSU's win total somehow
  10. haha yes, it's the one I had chose when I made my account in...
  11. I don't have a picture atm since it's 3am and I really need to go to bed, but I know Tide and Pringles (P&G products) did this about a year ago.
  12. I had to do a double take since you say that, but then the picture that keeps getting quoted almost looks like silver pants right there.
  13. TheoW

    The dead UFL

    Not sure if joke post or not...
  14. How do we know that they don't put up temporary walls for baseball/softball, to make the field more normal?
  15. As you may or many not have heard, the Orlando Citrus Bowl is being renovated for the incoming MLS team (and hopefully to look more presentable at the bowl games). Basically everything minus the upper bowl and it's support are being torn down and rebuilt. Unfortunately rainy days make this video not the best, but it's still worth your 3 minutes.
  16. Hopefully the Seahawks won't be in all white, or else they'll blend in with the snow, am I right
  17. That reminds me of a high school my team had played. I never found out if they were the Nights or Knights, but at the beginning of the game the PA announcer yelled "iiiiiiiit's (k)night timeeeeee!" when the players ran out. Me and my friends just calmly looked at each other, looked up at the moon, and said "yes, yes it is".
  18. By this do you mean changing the shade of the pants? Any possibility of seeing the garnet or white pants in game again, or have those been delegated to the spring game now?
  19. Is Ball St. the original Angry Birds?
  20. I never understood how the chrome helmets are allowed. They essentially look like mirrors - doesn't the sun shine off them?
  21. me too, from the far away shots its hard to tell who is who..cant imagine being in the stands... what happened to those alternate helmets they were supposed to wear or did they scrap them since they have played so well? Rumor is that we'll be in all black for the USF game. But I do miss seeing the black shirts, especially since the last 2 homes games the visitor has been in white/white/white.
  22. I guess FSU has restricted the other pants to the spring game only.
  23. Why can't FSU wear their garnet or white pants. I'm tired of this game looking like a scrimmage every year.
  24. Any chance of FSU wearing either white or garnet pants in game this year? Outside of the srping game, they haven't worn either for at least a year, probably 2.
  25. In that same vein, there's always something to me about these old pictures that the player's look much older than someone in their early 20s do today, facewise.