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  1. Hey, these are great. Any chance you can make a UCF Knights background, with the knight's head logo, on a black background? Thanks!
  2. Not a knock on the concept because i think the jerseys are probably an upgrade from what the team uses now but this reminds me of something that Syracuse would wear.
  3. Do you think it would be better if I just had the volleyball as the "0" in 2011 and then just have Oozefest spelled out in the Diagonal script? Would that clear up some of the confusion?
  4. I definitely see what you are saying. I should clarify that it is a T-shirt design. The Oozefest is going upward and diagonal all the way to the shoulder with "ooze" splash around it.I was trying to give the effect that the ball was going over the net. I also think some of the words will be more obvious when color is added. But i would say that 2011 and Oozefest are equally important because they wanted me to incorporate the year and the name of the event.
  5. Billsballerc


    Hello all, I am in the process of designing a logo for a Mud Volley Ball Tournament called Oozefest. This is an annual event at The University of Central Florida and I have been chosen to create the logo this year. In the logo I have the year 2011 with the 11's as a net and the 0 doubling as the 0 in 2011 and first O in Oozefest. I also integrated the name of the organization who is putting on the event in the net. "4EK" 4Ever Knights. This is not the final draft and I realize i have one to many E's in Oozefest in the logo, it will obviously be changed. I am presenting the logo tomorrow to the committe for the event and I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for my design.
  6. These are great, I wish I had the software to make one for myself. Good job though!
  7. horrible...
  8. Billsballerc

    Bowl Sigs

    looks great! Thanks and GO KNIGHTS!
  9. Billsballerc

    Bowl Sigs

    How about a UCF vs. Georgia Liberty Bowl Sig?
  10. I didn't make it someone did a while ago.

  11. i like your marshawn lynch signature...any chance you can make one of Adrian Peterson and/or Percy Harvin and/or Sidney Rice for me?

  12. Thanks looks great! GO KNIGHTS!
  13. How about a nice UCF Knights logo!
  14. Wow these are great! Could i have one for The UCF Knights? With Knightro the mascot as the cover athlete? and Bright house networks stadium in the background? That would be awesome! Thanks! Knightro My link BrighthouseMy link
  15. Billsballerc

    MLB 2035

    Could you maybe share what the color scheme might be? If you can't i understand but it would be cool to have an idea. I've been hearing a lot about a blue or dark blue color taking over the teal any truth to that.