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  1. im quite aware of this but i used a different marlin to make it flow better and give it a different look.
  2. Hey guys i worked on a similar project last summer and i just read over the old posts and got some good positive feed back on the work. I worked on it again today for a while and changed it up a bit. I took some of the suggestions from the last time and i think i have a fairly successful product. Please tell me what you think of it, any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks guys, Billsballerc Marlin M 1 Marlin M 2 Here is a link to the older post
  3. Any other suggestions? cause i wanna get this as good as i can. Thanks guys.
  4. It seems like the blue on the jersey is too dark. The blue on the jersey should match the blue on the Logo. Other then that it looks alright.
  5. Yeah i know what you mean about the black water. It just kinda fit the rest of the logo so i ran with it. and thank you for the drawing compliment.
  6. so are you saying maybe i should try switching the black with the teal as far as the water goes. cause that could work. I also see what you mean about the fin on the bottom. Thanks for the comments.
  7. Hey guys, I have been working on a somewhat new Marlins logo. I took part of the current logo and made some changes to it. I changed the shape of the teal stripe of the Marlin. I also tried to make the eyes and mouth a little more aggressive looking. Also inside of the Dorsal fin MIAMI is hidden as ridges. I also decided to put the Marlin in some water to give it a fresh look instead of in a circle. I would love some feedback on this and appreciate what suggestions i get. Thanks, Chris GO MARLINS!!! (update) Tell me what you think of the changes i made. Thanks!
  8. wow. these are very impressive. I would love the team to go in a very similar direction. Great job!
  9. Thanks in advance the ones posted look really nice.
  10. Team:Buffalo Bills Logo: Side Logo is On: left COLOURS Background: Red Stripe: blue Stripe Outline: White Any Other Information That Could be Deemed Useful: Team: UCF Knights Logo: Side Logo is On: right COLOURS Background: Black Stripe: Gold Stripe Outline: white Any Other Information That Could be Deemed Useful:
  11. Could i just have A buffalo Bills and a UCF Knights. the regular one. THANKS they look great!
  12. Wow. that looks great! i love the secondary logo. This is a great revision to the face. Good job!
  13. #19 UCF football Home please and #23 Bills. THANKS!
  14. haha! i get it. jim cantore thats pretty clever.
  15. NO HORNS!!!!! The Buffalo STAYS! LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!
  16. im sorry but the buffalo just looks to "messy" it just looks unorganized, i honestly do not think there is anything wrong with the bills current logo. I love the bills logo so much that i almost hate when i see people trying to change it, I applaud your effort but i just don't agree with it.
  17. i actually was thinking about that, thanks for the advice though i will definitely work on that. Thanks
  18. thank you for noticing the "miami" in the ridges, i know it might now fit on a jersey but it thought it was a cool idea so i included it.
  19. Thank you, for the compliments and understanding that the secondary is supposed to be the fin of the marlin and not a "mountain". I agree that it is not a professional logo but it's only in the beggining process and is what it says it is, a "sketch", i appreciate the C&C and would like it to keep coming.
  20. WOW! thanks this is GREAT!
  21. alright, ill take that into consideration, Thanks
  22. except a shark fin does not have ridges on it.