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  1. i tried to make a marlins head and make it look aggressive. I used some sharp angles and cuts i thought it looked alright but id like to have some input on it. let me know what you like dislike. I also made a possible secondary logo with a "marlin" dorsal phin with miami written it it to almost make it look like acscents on the phin. Let me know what you think thanks. Billsballerc
  2. i might make the dorsel phin a little bigger. But other then that this is phenominal. GREAT WORK!
  3. wow a throw back bills like that would look INSANE!
  4. i really like these, i think i would like to see the black outline white just a suggestion to see what it would look like.
  5. i actually think that the marlins should keep the same script they use now. I personally love it it is one of my favorite in the league. I think they should just change their cap logo to something similar to what i have and then just make a script with the same font they have now that says Miami on the road uni's. I think a logo like this could make a smooth transition for the club instead of having a complete overhaul of their current sets.
  6. hey thanks for the praise and suggestions. I was only going with the Black M with the logo because on the current "F" logo the cap and letter are both black i was trying to keep the same thing going.
  7. i think u have a winner here. the font works very well and the wolf is rendered beautifully. this would be a huge step up from what they have now.
  8. I know that a lot of you have been coming up with some Miami Marlins cap logos to use for when they move. I figured i would share my concept with the rest of you. Tell me what you think. C&C is appreciated. I also want to let you all know that this was made with MS paint. I am open for suggestions. Thanks
  10. i made this on paint. Its a simple design but i thought i would share it with anyone who was interested. This is the draft order for the first round if you didnt already figure it out. ">
  11. thanks the hanley one is awesome!
  12. Hanley Ramirez please!!!
  13. "> i tried to make the marlin with more attitude and aggression then the now dull boring face of the current logo. The top lettering ins missing because i have paint and could now fit "MIAMI" on the top instead of FLORIDA. C&C appreciated.
  14. game: madden 08 game system: ps3 player: marshawn lynch pic link:
  15. WOW!!!!!!!!! These are absolutely amazing, i love everything you have done with the feathers and how you incorporated them into the spear helmet. Also with the feather inside the pant stripe. I am blown away by how good this look. GREAT JOB!!!!
  16. I took another stab at a marlins logo. The marlin is now spearing the ball instead of trying to "eat" it. I also made the marlins look more like it is jumping out of the water. The sun is also the same color orange the team uses. Tell me what you think. C&C
  17. i like the return of the jet on top of the script.
  18. I was trying to incorporate more of a baseball theme to the logo now witch looks like a logo for a fishing competition. LOL
  19. Diving catch. I know this isnt a marlins player but i couldnt find the pic that i saw. I kind of wanted to make it seem like the marlin was diving or jumping to make the catch not to eat the ball. LOL
  20. i dont think it makes the fish look stupid. My goal was not to make it seem like th marlins is trying to "eat" the ball. i kinda had the idea of seeing a picture of a marlins out fielder diving to make a catch. This is a marlin leaping out of the water to catch the ball.
  21. allright i start on that and post it later on. Thanks for the C&C
  22. ok. this is why i needed other people to see it. yeah maybe the rocket is mad at the marlin LOL.. the marlins did beat the yanks in the world series in 03. Would the logo look any better if i put a hook through the ball and put a line on the hook. Make it look like the marlin was jumping for the bait or something.
  23. ok first of all i never said it was the perfect "concept" i said it was a perfect mix and i guess i was wrong but dont put words in my mouth.
  24. "> just thought this one up. anyone got any ideas for it. Did it on paint so might look a little sloppy sorry. I took the regular marlins logo with the circled text around it and took out the circle. Then made it look like the marlins was jumping to catch the ball. C&C highly appreciated!
  25. what would you say to maybe a face and a horn on the primary?