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  1. oh and also maybe try i different color on the shoulders its hard to see the logo.
  2. thanks. i know what you mean about the jersey. but what do you think of the logo?
  3. Try making a red alternate and on the regular jersey id like to see the dark blue cut out. I dont know maybe try white instead of the dark blue.
  4. so what do you think? ditch the side stripes make the logo on the jersey smaller. any other suggestions?????
  5. LOL... sorry about the HELMAT. HAHAHA guess i didnt catch that. and about the title i said its a "MIX", which it is it just has a little twist with the stripe. Same with the logo i "MIXED" the current and old logo i didnt say this was used before. the concept is new, not a remake of something old. if you do not like it tell me what to change.
  6. <a href="mailto:%3Ca%20href=" http:="""" albums="" k246="" billsballerc="" ?action="view&current=Revamped.jpg"" target="_blank">">Bills jerseys "> This idea is a combination of old and new. The jersey is mostly inspired by the throwback jerseys with the jersey color and sleve stripes. The new in this jersey is a different version of the current stripe. The logo is the current logo minus the red stripe. The logo is the perfect mix of new and old because it is the classic red with the new logo sorta. Tell me what you think. This is my first concept and i did this on paint. C&C appreciated
  7. nice try. but i think the ones they have now are good. these jerseys and helmets scream high school/college. maybe try keeping the same helmat logo.
  8. ehhh. im not really a fan. The red stripe just dosent look right. Im a huge bills fan and have made up a couple of concepts.