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  1. Looks like one of those rings you buy off EBay that come from Hong Kong.
  2. Probably depends on the size of the helmet.
  3. How about maybe just an all gray helmet?
  4. I liked the red Arizona helmets paired with the red face masks. Not sure why, I just do.
  5. I agree with you. The more "innovative" they try to get, the worse they look. Being in Iowa, these colors make me think of John Deere. Never liked these two particular colors together. The kid's got a nice farmer's tan, though...
  6. Which team is in black here? The useless blue side stripe mis-matches right into the pant stripe. Take that side stripe out and it'll improve it. That would be Georgia. I believe that the VooDoo are one of the few teams with a single helmet. Too bad the unis suck. My brother-in-law works as an athletic trainer for VooDoo games (his employer in contracted), and he brought me a set of authentic helmet decals this past weekend. I'm pretty pumped. I believe the current Storm lids are the only ones they have, unless they shock the world later in the season. Barnstormers too?
  7. I still can't believe someone painted a halo over his head in that painting.....
  8. After reading the forums for some time, I realized that I have quite an unpopular opinion. I love the look of the New Orleans Saints when they wear the black pants with the black jerseys.
  9. Pretty sure that's Braden's favo(u)rite logo.
  10. They even put his nameplate on the wrong side of the jersey.
  11. While looking for a shot of Archie in a Vikes uni, I ran across this video of Archie with Minnesota in 1984. It's priceless x 2: - the hilarious Vikes helmet rendition on the network starting lineup graphic (helmet horn is all the way forward like the Eagles' helmet wings), and - the Vikings with awful white facemasks. I didn't know they ever wore white masks. Hmmm, I kinda liked the white masks.
  12. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but since I knew from early on that Favre started off with the Falcons, I don't find that pic strange. What I find strange in that picture is a quarterback wearing that style of facemask.
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