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  1. I'd love to see the Nats add a cream/off-white home alt that is more blue in base color than red and uses that nice script Nationals that's found its way into every aspect of the identity EXCEPT the uniform:
  2. Mets changes: Pinstripe jersey goes from cream to white, becomes primary home jersey. Pinstripe-less white is no more. Add road alt cap -- blue with grey NY outlined in orange -- to be worn with blue alt road jersey. Regular cap still worn with greys. Here's the link:
  3. Washington's road cap is that way as well: And, of course, the Atlanta Braves.
  4. I like the idea of wearing whites at home for half the season, then switching at, say, the All-Star (or Olympic) break to colors for the rest of the season and playoffs. To my eye, your colors pop more against a white background -- Minnesota, Boston, Buffalo, Rangers are some top examples of that. Here in Washington, they only alt they have is the Winter Classic jersey from 3 years ago. it's white and they've only worn it on the ROAD! Also, what about allowing teams to travel WITHOUT the second set of helmets for a given trip if one home team wants to do something a little different? "Mis-matching" helmets is done all the time in international play. (FYI, when USA wears white helmets with blue jerseys, it looks really dorky)
  5. Jiffy Pop. All I can think about when I see these is Jiffy Pop. Excellent call. The only part of Oregon's look that rubbed me the wrong way was the gray names on the white jersey. That's never good and unreadable even with HDTV unless it's a closeup of the player's back. Why isn't there more consideration to how these letters/numbers read on TV from a camera at least halfway up in the stands?
  6. It took something as horrific as that St. Louis end zone to cause me to get back in here. Who came up with THAT idea?
  7. Just making sure -- the Titans still have not worn the light blue jerseys with the white pants, right? That would be the last combination left to wear/
  8. The Orioles need to make one change in their Friday black-alt 'program' -- they need to use the all-black 'road' batting helmets every time they wear the black alts. The O's alt cap is all black, helmet should be as well. This: is much more uniform (in color) than this:
  9. For me, the orca C needs to forever purged from the team's identity. The design and the logo itself are fine but the reason for its creation in the first place is revolting -- it was born totally of corporate ego and narcissism.
  10. The blue is a carryover from the first set of Nats unis: when there was a clear red theme to the home look and blue to the road. The blue caps started to look out of place when they changed the road uniforms to what they have now, with red lettering everywhere. They tried to keep the blue in-place by wearing blue socks and undershirts in that first year (2009) but they switched those to red after one year. The only set that truly fits with the blue cap is the blue stars/stripes alt jersey. (Don't like how wide they have to make the 'line' in the W to make the stars/stripes visible, but that's a different rant)
  11. There's been a rumor/report that they're looking to install an artificial surface. There could be designers at work as we speak.
  12. I don't mind the white-panel (probably because I'm used to seeing them) but I think the time for multi-colored panels has passed. The all-black looks much better.
  13. I'm probably going to be shown what page this info is ... but was it always part of Tampa Bay's plans to still use the "BOLTS" alt? Because they're being worn -- old logo on the shoulders and all -- tonight vs. Washington.