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  1. Gopher cap is adjustable - velcro on back
  2. Thrift stores finally opened to limited numbers this month here in Ontario, Canada. Couple of Penguins jerseys for $9 each and this Minnesota Gophers hat for $3
  3. I don't know if you could work it into a name but I ran across a bit of Duluth history a few years ago, if you want to go more olde school - the incline railway aka skyride. https://forgottenminnesota.com/forgotten-minnesota/2016/05/duluths-incline-railway
  4. Speaking of roller hockey, the San Jose Rhinos did a much better job on a rhino logo with both the primary and shoulder patch:
  5. Did you try something with the following years WHA Roadrunners style with the character inside the Arizona state outline? or would that look too cluttered?
  6. If wanting to go further back for a retro for the Sharks how about this shark or something like it? https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/112077-uni-watch-fauxback-contest-san-jose-entry/?tab=comments#comment-2768219
  7. On Facebook Marketplace got a pair of jerseys for $60. The defunct team Thunder Bay Bulldogs of the Junior 'A' league SIJHL. #17 - both jerseys, base of jerseys are San Jose Sharks style from 1998-2007 with black and white BULLDOGS diagonally ala Rangers. One jersey has league and sponsor patches on front and below number on back. Saw them play a game or two when our beer league got tickets as a bonus when we purchased league insurance. Remember them getting shellacked by the Fort William North Stars, who likely had more coaches/training staff on the bench then the Bulldogs had players (I exaggerate only slightly).
  8. I can see making a case for the logo not being the best one or even the jersey, but that whole uniform (from head to toe) I like a lot.
  9. Likely the Los Angeles Monarchs of the PCHL. Don't have time right now to dig much but here's one photo online https://tessa.lapl.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/photos/id/18268/rec/1
  10. The original WHA uniform tops the look for the Nordiques in my book.
  11. Been on the lookout for this Roger Edwards hockey sweater for quite a while. Recently acquired one off Ebay. RCAF Flyers Sweater (replica of the one they wore when they won gold in hockey for Canada in the 1948 Olympics) Fits in nicely as the center piece of my little related collection
  12. Also, if the leaf extended higher up there would be less of it covered by hockey gloves. Must be the retail 'tail' wagging the on ice 'dog' for that design decision. I'll give them a "they could have done worse" as my rating of them - overall it is nothing special.
  13. Why? Usually because I like the look of the jersey or logo. Also because my passion for my favourite teams isn't what it was. Wear a fair bit of defunct teams and secondary liking teams. There are a handful or so of teams I won't wear with the Yankees taking the top spot. Will buy Leafs and Canadiens stuff for other people but don't wear them either. Also, living in a smaller city in the middle of butt:censored: nowhere there really isn't anything close to 'hometown' major league team.
  14. Hit a few thrift shops one day last week. For about $20 picked up a couple of hockey books and jerseys. One jersey is a Spokane Chiefs like one but with orange, white and black; other was a bit of a surprising find - a Quad City Mallards (UHL) replica.
  15. The Thunder Bay team 'loaned team' will be the Bismark Flickertails. Here's the logos and schedule for the 3 Bismark teams. https://northwoodsleague.com/bismarck-larks/2020-schedule/
  16. ending to the: 1999 Stanley Cup Finals (skate in the crease, enough said) 1994 Stanley Cup Finals (A Cinderella story with a pumpkin ending) 1985 American League Championship (Me yelling walk Brett already at the t.v.!!!) 2009 Grey Cup (too many men)
  17. For $10 found this framed poster at a thrift store and this puck for a couple (or few?) dollars:
  18. IIHF has jersey images in a newsletter of the jerseys for their 100th anniversary in 2008. Soviet one was based on their 1956 jerseys. Looks like Latvia has a simpler version that predates the Soviet one; Latvia's was from 1934. (images on page 4 of this pdf) https://www.iihf.com/IIHFMvc/media/Downloads/Ice Times/Archive/IceTimes_12_1.pdf
  19. If you want to go back much further here's the seal and coat of arms for The Bank of Nova Scotia "Colour reproduction of The Bank of Nova Scotia coat of arms. The Coat of Arms was designed by A. Scott Carter in 1921 and approved by the College of Heralds in 1951." https://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/0,,476,00.html
  20. Felt similarly when I found a Parramanta Eels shirt/jersey in a Thunder Bay 2nd hand shop. (similar to this but with 3/4 sleeves) and a pair of Rio Grande Killer Bees blankets in a local thrift store.
  21. Believe me I don't, and I don't for any sport. For my first sport hockey - I don't watch that many NHL games on television, but still believe the NHL season lasts to long. Stanley cup should be wrapped up by May long weekend. To quote Ron MacLean's sarcastic comment at the NHL Awards ceremony on June 25, 1998: "It's hard to believe the season's already over"
  22. Haven't watched cricket but have no idea how it works. For me: Basketball is just an orgy of points - needs more defence. Don't mind watching some baseball games in person but most of the time it is a chore to watch a whole MLB game on t.v. Also, WAY too many MLB games in a season. Golf and Racing are of less interest to me than watching paint dry. Oddly enough, though I've never curled I do like to watch curling (which my wife refers to as "nap t.v.")
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