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  1. After the Padres reveal last night, I’m even more and more eager for a Brewers reveal. We know they won’t “Nail” it like the Padres did (we’ve already seen that with the logo), but something’s always exciting about a new look, a refreshed look, or simply a new identity...and can’t wait till speculations and rumors and leaks are over and it’s official!
  2. Maybe it connects so there’s a better chance of it not going through Grisham’s glove...maybe that’s what happened with the previous hole. LOL (too soon?!)
  3. oh god how I wish and hope that those seams on the ball are not red! If you’re gonna tweak and make it “new” least don’t put an attention grabbing eyesore of the red seams sticking out like a sore thumb and smacking you right in the face whenever you look at it reminding you of how different it is. I could grow to like the new logo, and actually am in the minority where it’s not too big of a deal for me and glad to see the glove return (although truly different)...but that red
  4. I’ve gotta say I’ve always wondered that as well. Always wondered how it would be to incorporate the 2 shades of blue together with the yellow. No one ever said teams had to stick to just 2 colors. I believe there are good examples of the 2 blue tones in other sports too, but unfortunately think a lot of the second blues in those are usually real light blue
  5. Oh comes the Roundel topic again!
  6. Anyone remember a few years ago when they had a fan design the uniform..or “you”niform for a spring training game or 2. I wish I could find a pic of that
  7. One minor (or not so minor) thing I definitely want to see with this is a return to having Brewers across the chest on the home uniform, and please please please put Milwaukee across the road! I always hated how the currents had Brewers across both!
  8. I’m not at all going to be surprised that it’ll be navy and yellow. For the last few years everything trending that way and see more and more and more on publications, at the ballpark, television, etc...
  9. Hope “everyday” doesn’t truly mean that and is only referring to the home unis however. Picturing those bad Rockies road grey pinstripe uniforms and getting a lump in my throat
  10. Suppose with the rumored words about a Milwaukee Brewers new uniform and logo for the 2020 season, suppose it’s time to start a thread like we had going for the padres. To both of the identity messes being completely solved. 1 down with SD, lets go MIL!!!!
  11. Just saw that on my FB feed too from the brewers...
  12. Meant in being named after sponsorship, not having a sponsor. That wasn’t a thing in 2001 either.
  13. I think remember when the grizzlies left Vancouver and were moving to Memphis, that they nearly were going to be the Memphis Express (due to FedEx), but the NBA had an issue with the corporate branding at that time (not with sponsorships but having team named after branding)