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  1. Meant in being named after sponsorship, not having a sponsor. That wasn’t a thing in 2001 either.
  2. I think remember when the grizzlies left Vancouver and were moving to Memphis, that they nearly were going to be the Memphis Express (due to FedEx), but the NBA had an issue with the corporate branding at that time (not with sponsorships but having team named after branding)
  3. Can’t forget these “beauties” in the 90’s as well. Not only a 90’s look, but a complete 360 from the classic color scheme.
  4. In a brewers rebrand, would love to see the barrelman logo become a more prominent part of their identity. Feel it's very underused and would work quite well as a sleeve patch, alternate logo, or something. Think it needs to be a part of a future identity!
  5. From the Brewers Facebook page....Oh my God, just make a decision, make a change, or somethung and get an identity already. Padres 2.0!
  6. Has anyone heard, or have there been any rumblings on the bucks unveiling of a third/alternate jersey? I remember adidas uni list had bucks with a alternate, and were rumors of black alternate coming....any words on confirmed or not? unveiling happening sometime?