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  1. The rule either got scrapped for this season or AC Milan are ignoring it. They wore the striped red/black without the single-color back panel (as they had in previous seasons). AC Milan v Marseille - UCL Matchday 5 They ignored it. Article 19.01 of the 09/10 Champions League Regulations says that "the UEFA Kit Regulations (2008 ed.) apply to all matches in the competition", and Article 10.03 of the UEFA Kit Regulations says "single-colour background." I think that the rule is pretty obsolete, the pictures of Inter Milan you showed were from two different years. Eto'o only joined the team this year. Cristiano Ronaldo was on Man U last year
  2. Stephen, I created a CCSLC World Cup Bracket Group on ESPN. Just check the previous page for the Group Info. Thank you very much kind sir
  3. so here's the real question, is anyone going to make a fill in yourself bracket for office pools and such?
  4. I vote that this never happens, just because of the video on the website. They had me up until then.
  5. I'm coming out of my year long lurk to say that I this this is going to be really cool. I'm totally in for any focus group you want to do (just pm me) and I am really excited for the custom hats.
  6. I think that the wings almost look a bit too much like ears attached to the hornets back, I would give them just a bit more detail but not enough to look out of place with the cartooniness of the hornet himself.
  7. I'm actually rooting for it to succeed. I mean at least the new logos can't be that much worse, so anything at this point is for the betterment of our logo craving society
  8. Lately Chelsea have been recoloring the entire crest on their non-primary shirts so I'm not positive if this is legitimate or not Although I've been wrong countless times before
  9. Hahah only the villains would be associated with dying children. Extremely poor, poor taste. Typical Brum fan, I presume? Anyway, good for Villa for taking on a noble cause. Better than seeing the latest insurance conglomerate or other faceless megacorporation emblazoned on the front of the kit. Sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone with my joke, I didnt mean to insult Aston Villa either, just make a joke about the nickname of 'the villains'. It was in bad taste. And if you need to know I support Arsenal
  10. Hahah only the villains would be associated with dying children.
  11. Well I'm confused about the Spainish shirt because they came out with the vegas/mustard change not too long ago, so it couldn't be replacing that, and I've yet to see a third jersey in soccer [please correct me if I'm wrong]. So I wouldn't be suprised to find this truely is a fake.
  12. I wouldn't go near a "PS3" version of Madden with a 10 foot pole(although I would highly advise getting a PS3, the exclusive games are great). I won't go into the long, nerdy game console argument, but here's the short version. The PS3 disc they make Madden on, a Blu-Ray, has 50 gigabytes of storage space. Madden only uses about 10-12 because it is made to fit on an Xbox 360 DVD and they put out a "PS3" version as well without adding anything else. Rather then being lazy, I would like to see EA release a PS3 Madden with every classic NFL/AFL uniform, player, stadium, team, mascot and anything else they can get a photo of. There is no reason, technology wise(at least on the PS3), that they can't do it. I'm on a no sports game purchasing strike until EA and everyone else REALLY makes a game for the PS3. They may think what they make now is acceptable, but I expect them to fully use what they have at their disposal. It is nice to see them trying to get the jerseys totally accurate, but the real teams weren't what I noticed last year. My favorite activity(and probably one of the favorites of many of the people here) is creating teams. I have Madden 08 on PS3, and they had only about half the logos the PS2 version of 07 had(lost the letters entirely), and the worst of all was that of the 5 or 6 lame uniform styles, not one had the sleeve numbers where they almost always go, on the shoulders. The Colts are the only team I can think of who has the numbers on the sleeves like that. I'm also patiently waiting for the ability to use my own custom logos/uniform designs on a console game. It should be easy for them to implement, I mean they can take my photo and make a lifelike 3D version of me in Tiger Woods, why can't they wrap a logo around a helmet? My Dolphins are so hopelessly bad that all I would want Madden for is to create my own teams. Rant over lol. The part that makes me the angriest is that you can only keep 10 created teams at a time, because back in the day I could certainly whip up a mean created league. So I'm trying to find out if you can make and save 32 teams before I venture to get the new one. (Although my hopes are high because in 07 you could create 1 team, now in 08 you can create 10, so I'm hoping they just give me the extra 22 I need)
  13. I think that every team should use the 3rd jersey as a chance to reuse a jersey from that teams heyday, and celebrate the teams history.
  14. If I'm not mistaken the first, at least since they've had the FAIreland