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  1. This is endorsed as a moderator's opinion. If you're developing a full-fledged concept, sure, post it in Concepts (but feel free to tease it here as it's relevant). But it's definitely fine to post a mock-up or something in this thread.
  2. That was neat! FC Cincinnati has looked a lot better than expected the last couple weeks, though the Timbers are admittedly awful right now. Waston’s Homer Simpson celebration was one of the greatest things ever.
  3. The thread has been hidden, yes. To give a quick overview: The member in question violated the Concepts Forum Guidelines, for which he was warned. The most egregious of these violations was taking other users' work, making small alterations, then posting him as his own. When he was confronted about this by other members, he admitted the work wasn't originally his (which doesn't make it OK). When I discovered the violations, I locked the thread and issued the member with a warning. I then received a PM from the member, asking me to re-open the thread. At this point, I asked him to read the Concepts Forum Guidelines (which were linked in his warning) and to circle back if he still had questions. The member continually went back to their admission of stealing logos as making it OK to steal logos. I then wrote a detailed response to the member, indicating why one of their designs (which made small alterations to a logo a user posted on Dribble) was not in line with the Concepts Forum Guidelines. In this response, since the designer had claimed their skills were strong, I also gave advice to stick to jerseys, fields, etc. for already existing teams OR to focus on designing one individual logo and seeking feedback, trying to improve it. I also noted that there are potential legal ramifications to the member's actions. The member continued to dispute, indicating that they did not believe they were guilty because they did not know the rules, though they had previously posted on the forum, "just wanted to make this clear so nobody yells at me "you copied this"or "this logo is already in use" or stuff like that." The member also offered to send the moderating team the files for subsequent teams that were to be featured in the series for their review, indicating that these teams would be in line with the Concepts Forum Guidelines. When the user sent three of those designs to the moderating team, only one was in line with the Concepts Forum Guidelines. Further, the member claimed that the designs, all of which were based off existing logos in one way or another, were "100%" theirs. After further PMs, it became clear that no matter how many times the moderating team reinforced the Concepts Forum Guidelines, the member did not understand them, and more importantly, did not see their logo theft as wrong. I think it's important that the moderating team on this board takes a hard-line stance toward those who steal other peoples' designs. Fundamentally, this is a board of people who enjoy graphic design and its application to sports, and content creators must be protected. On a personal level, it was the inability for this member to see why stealing logos was immoral, and the continued insistence that they should be able to continue to do so, that led to my vote for a permanent ban.
  4. Yeah, as noted, St. Louis has a claim to the best soccer history in the country. I’d like to see them in MLS if for no other reason than that.
  5. I think I can dig this mash-up of a quartered and hooped kit from the Thorns. It’s different, but I appreciate that.
  6. Schalke seem to have generally forgot there was a season, outside of their UCL run up to this point. It’s one of the things I really appreciate in the Bundesliga — every year, one of the big clubs is inexplicably in the relegation scrap.
  7. Browns were already a playoff contender…
  8. I'm quite happy to live outside of the coverage area for this.
  9. That is a really, really nice USWNT kit.
  10. Did your team refuse to trade its pending UFAs who are definitely leaving at the deadline, traded for more UFAs, and will still miss the playoffs? Well, lemme tell ya, it’s great! Jackets went from playing a long game to playing a short one and, well, LOL.
  11. Given the (now not-so) new PSG ownership’s near-complete rebuke of the club’s iconic kit over the years, I think it’s hilarious every time they embarrassingly get dumped out of the Champions League.
  12. All-turf fields are an absolute god-send at the high school level. It’s an absolute god-send for us to have a few around to get games in (and I’d rather have played on one as a player than some of the garbage infields we played on).
  13. This is certainly a way to admit that you broke the forum rules. (it's OK, I did, too)
  14. I really, really like this hat, and I'm glad they didn't outline the "C" (until we get to the road alternate jersey). The Indians' biggest problem is that their best ever cap logo is the wishbone "C", which at this point, they can't go back to because of the Reds. I like the block "C" just fine (though they should probably develop a primary logo), but the best option for something that's actually memorable may be co-opting the Cleveland Buckeyes' hat logo:
  15. In an ideal world, the Jackets are able to find a good deal for Panarin tomorrow, and they come back and re-sign Dzingel (who definitely sounds interested in staying) and Duchene (who I think is likely to at least consider it). If they do that, they’ll remain competitive for the rest of the season, should make the playoffs and give themselves a chance once they get there, and they won’t be any worse off going forward. Going and getting Dzingel made me feel a lot more comfortable with the Duchene deal, though (even if the Jackets didn’t necessarily give up top talent for him).