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  1. That Timbers kit is two tweaks from being fantastic, but instead just looks … tacky and bad. The back being a solid shade of the lighter green would be fine; the darker green either needs to be a shade or two lighter or a shade or two darker — it neither looks like a tonal design to me, nor does it have enough contrast to read as a true halved kit, IMO. It’s an awkward shade.
  2. I’m fine with the sponsors staying as long as we keep this divisional alignment.
  3. The worst public relations franchise in baseball is back at it!
  4. I'm happy this is going to be over at some point soon. They probably could've kept the nickname if they would've dropped Wahoo when they moved into the Jake in '94, but it's really hard to make the case the name is honorific in any way if you spent a significant amount of time insisting you were right and refusing to reach out and work with actual Native Americans. I strongly, strongly prefer Spiders as the name for the team and think the argument that they shouldn't use the name because of its connection with futility to be particularly dumb. This is a franchise that went 41 years between postseason appearances! They had a 34 straight years where they never won more than 86 games! I get that the Red Sox and White Sox became particularly known for their futility, but Jesus, if bad baseball was a reason to adopt a name or not, they should've dropped Indians on that merit alone in '94. The biggest branding mistake the franchise ever made was dropping the wishbone C back in the '70s, which was by far and away the best hat they've ever worn. It ceded that logo entirely to the Reds, and now they're stuck in no-man's land with the block C. My primary request, though, is that the club's colors remain navy and red. I've had this discussion enough times on this board, but Cleveland's baseball club has worn navy since its founding, and has consistently worn red alongside it for as long as any other major league club. I'd really, really like that to continue, and think a charter member changing something that's been constant would be silly.
  5. Northwestern also has the benefit of being in a division where nobody recruits particularly well; the talent gap they have to make up against Nebraska and Wisconsin (the best recruiters in the B1G West) is so, so, so much smaller than the talent gap Vandy has to make up with Florida and Georgia in the SEC East (not to mention Tennessee or even South Carolina). Northwestern has had its share of success because they have a corny coach who’s an alum that fits them perfectly and who nobody else really wants to hire anyway, and also because you can do things like be an awful offensive football team and win games 17-13 regularly in the B1G West. Vanderbilt doesn’t really have … any of that, especially not when Florida and Georgia both seem to have a (big picture) pulse.
  6. Green and black stripes have always looked good on Preußen Münster when they wear them, so I’m very cool with that. Just wish Adidas would learn you can put stripes on the back of an MLS jersey too.
  7. The prototype you linked was rough, but this white one below... might've actually had legs? I kinda love it for some reason??
  8. This looks so much better than I anticipated it would from the teaser, but I mostly want to riot because they replaced Stinger with that damn cannon logo that looks extremely out of place. IMO, the original Blue Jackets white jerseys are kind of underrated and I prefer this striping template to what they're in now; it's nice to see real color blocks back on a Jackets jersey — and at least they kept the neon green in the original logo and the only use of Copperplate font I've ever liked.
  9. Apparently all Notre Dame road games this year will be against teams wearing bad, unnecessary alternate jerseys.
  10. The Blue Jackets are shedding salary left and right, which is exciting to me, Ohio sports teams aren’t supposed to be big players in free agency.
  11. It does genuinely surprise me that more matches don’t end up like the ones we got today, when there’s such a correlation in this sport between score and tactics (e.g., that more trailing teams don’t go for it and get repeatedly burned like I do when I get behind in FIFA). This Villa team has absolutely zero depth and will cave in like a house of cards when that becomes an actual problem, but I’m going to enjoy them being plausibly good in the meantime.
  12. Huh? They’re in with two of last season’s final four (including the runners-up).
  13. No NFL team has ever looked better than the Browns did tonight. (Please don’t @ me.)
  14. I’m sure they went black shorts and socks since they played at Villa, wearing white shorts and light blue socks.
  15. The polo collars with the lightning bolt side stripes look awful — I hate that template in general, but when you fuse something so traditional with something modern… I just can’t get behind those kits.