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  1. Good evening to everyone not named Sergei Bobrovsky, Matt Duchene or Artemi Panarin. LOL, the Leafs would've been the No. 6 seed and played the Rangers had they not lost to their own Zamboni driver.
  2. Alright, that's more like the playoff Blue Jackets I'm used to.
  3. The Blue Jackets pitch a shutout in a playoff game, what a truly strange world we live in.
  4. (I misread this as being specific to the Marlins when I saw it a couple days ago.)
  5. Am I off-base in feeling… shocked/disappointed that MLB’s protocols were so bad here? When someone mentioned that teams were staying in hotels where there were huge wedding receptions going on, or how the Phillies were providing visiting clubhouse attendants to Miami my reaction was just like… wait, they let either of those things happen in the first place? I guess my assumption was that baseball was creating a series of mini-bubbles on the road — staying in fully rented-out hotels, catering meals, players not supposed to go anywhere other than their homes, their hotels, and the ballparks, etc., and they… apparently didn’t do that from the start? Of course this was never going to work if your strategy was this close to “pretend nothing is wrong”. I really don’t think baseball’s approach is that flawed with good protocols, it just either seems like MLB’s original protocols were really bad or they’ve just been entirely ignored. You shouldn’t have team-wide outbreaks in this sport if you’re being intentional about your approach.
  6. Villa’s home kit is out, and it’s fine? Raglan sleeves aren’t a shock, given Kappa’s template for this year — and it’s been nine seasons since Villa last wore raglan sleeves, so it’s a nice way to mix it up — but I don’t think they mix really well at all with the pinstripes. The saving grace is that the black pinstripes look like tonal ones from any sort of distance, rather than a true design feature.
  7. Meanwhile, in baseball that’s actually being played, uh, Shane Bieber has struck out 27 in two starts against one walk and zero runs.
  8. La Liga's Deportivo Alavés with uh, a massive crest upgrade.
  9. If the season doesn't conclude, every player who's been at the ML level gets a full year of service time, I believe, irrespective of how much service time they actually accrued (so if you don't see your favorite top prospect called up, uh, that's probably why).
  10. From doing some reading, I think San Jose is in yellow shorts because the backdrop they’re projecting ads onto for the broadcasts is a blue screen. Cincinnati hasn’t worn its blue jerseys in the tournament, and this seems to be the speculated reason — that the ads would get projected on the players too. What a beautifully stupid league.
  11. Cleveland is a VIP-type area, has been for as long as I can remember.
  12. It looks so damn good on Chris Paddack with the stirrups, holy :censored:.
  13. Name discussion aside, it was wonderful to see Cleveland in navy at home again; the navy jersey at home in the last set was genuinely one of my favorite jerseys in baseball, and it was the perfect color balance for me. The red jersey grew on me, but I still just love the red-billed hat over navy jersey look. (I’d prefer the old red belts, undershirts and socks, but know they aren’t a part of this current set.)
  14. when the name is the worst, but the visual identity is so :censored:ing good
  15. And even at that, there’s plenty of examples in the world where clubs are named similarly to the “North American” naming convention. One of the two most-supported teams in Scotland shares a name with both an NHL and MLB club. Wolverhampton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers are both good, traditional English names that follow a convention that looks similar to ours. Germany has Stuttgarter Kickers and Würzburger Kickers. The two most-supported clubs in South Africa are Chiefs and Pirates. My broad preference for MLS is that it continues this mix of “traditional” soccer names with “traditional” NA names that it has. It’s a nice balance, IMO, and reflective of the game in our countr(ies).