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  1. I mean, is the style of Rangers and QPR not also more or less the style of Flamengo, Fluminense, Internacional and a bit of Palmeiras? (I like the new mark a lot — there's nothing special about it, I just think it works and looks nice and sometimes that's all that matters.)
  2. Putting "Wrigleyville" on the chest and then doing a whole campaign around the 77 neighborhoods is pretty odd, and I'm not sure this is a great fit for the Cubs, but I actually think the aesthetic of this is really strong in a vacuum. Especially with high socks, there's a good color balance, the navy pants work. TBH, I think this could have been really strong as a bit of a faux-back with the "C-star" logo on the chest.
  3. I bought the shirt they were selling with that Sugar Kings script on it and it's awesome; I'd be all over that hoodie if I was a Marlins fan.
  4. I’ve wanted the Rockies or White Sox to do the Vanderbilt-style pinstripes look for a while here, so I’m cool with this (even if the background pattern is unnecessary). More jersey diversity is good!
  5. This is more or less what the Marlins should look like, right? They're a 90s expansion team playing in Miami — they should take chances with branding, they should wear bright colors, they shouldn't look like every other major league team that has a century's worth of history from before their existence. IMO, MLB's overall aesthetic is enhanced when non-traditional teams embrace non-traditional looks. This is great!
  6. No no no, not the triangle — the negative space in the “C” itself. Why does THAT have to be a trapezoid and not a parallelogram?
  7. For everything about this that's bad, honestly, the worst thing is how they chose to do the "opening" of the "C" in that logo — why are the end lines of the "C" working against each other (for lack of a better term)? Am I off for thinking it would look a million times better if the end lines of the "C" were parallel and both angled toward the upper right? It's like the logo is pinching itself.
  8. They finally fixed what is at least a 14-year-old mistake and maybe a 21-year-old one. Please never wear the reds with the whites again.
  9. Yeah, for my money, the '10-'17 Cavs set would've been excellent with the paneled shorts like in the original jerseys they were modeled after: It's an overused statement sometimes here, but I really do think the Cavs got it right the first time. The feathered script, the color balance, lack of anything but wine and gold on the jerseys themselves. IMO, they've never looked better, and the prior set left out the one thing that made the inspiration work best.
  10. The whole point of the Super League was to prevent this exact thing from ever happening!
  11. From a player’s perspective, the end result of a Super League is almost certainly lower player wages, perhaps drastically so, either through a formal salary cap in the competition, or simply through the impacts of a closed cartel system. The massively-in-debt clubs are already paying players a great deal of money in order to keep up with their gargantuan peers (and would very much like to stop doing that), and if you only have 15 clubs that represent the “highest level” of competition — with potentially slashed revenues for clubs outside that group — it’s pretty damn easy to drive down wages in the long run, particularly in a sport where there is no shortage of elite-level talent.
  12. I think if you want to do the analogy to American sports right, you have to take it 10 years back in time — yeah sure, it's one thing to say "well, Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State and Oklahoma running off to do their own thing sounds a lot like the college football playoff", but 10 years ago, Clemson wouldn't have been in the conversation for such a fate. It's a similar thing with, say, PSG if you would've gone back 10 years in time — they were a perennially underachieving team, not one of the handful of elite clubs in Europe. In truth, I think the analogy to American sports falls somewhere between college football, which is structured to entirely remove parity in a way that even goes beyond what the soccer world can do, and college basketball, which is structured to have an absurd amount of parity, but also better reflects the historic structure of soccer (a handful of top leagues with top programs in those leagues, but also the opportunity for there to be strong teams from weaker leagues). Perhaps college football is the better analogy for soccer in 2021, college basketball for the sport in, say, 1991. --- All of that said, the thing that makes this a largely untenable situation (IMO) isn't necessarily the integrity of a closed-shop competition, it's that the financial and prestige side of it would mean that even the most poorly run Super League club is going to outperform a well-run, non-SL club. At the end of the day, as a Villa supporter, the Champions League is mostly a dream anyway — very little changes immediately for my club if this goes through. But after 20ish years, we finally have a Premier League where the Arsenals, Chelseas, Spurs and Uniteds of the world actually get punished for poor management. Leicester have won a title and are in a Champions League place; West Ham are right in the thick of the UCL race and ahead of four of the six "Super League" clubs. Similar trends have shown throughout Europe, where Atalanta are now one of Italy's best sides; where Lille lead Ligue 1; where Sevilla have more or less been step-by-step with Spain's three "Super League" clubs. In the long run, a closed-shop Super League would necessarily return domestic leagues to the annual contest to be "best in class" that they were a handful of years ago, which would be a massive detriment to the game — at least in the current system, there's a hope and a prayer of being the "next Leicester"; that a Super League takes that away makes kicking the Super League clubs the only tenable option for the rest of the PL, La Liga and Serie A clubs.
  13. I am not the audience for the Stranger Things jersey, but the Fever's set looks a lot better when you can actually see the side panel design than in some of the flat images. (I do wish they'd just use the Fever script on the jerseys, though.)
  14. Why hello, Louisville.
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