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  1. And it's weird, because it's a two-year-old template at that! Southampton getting a UA template a couple of years after it's first rolled out is nothing new, though.
  2. The Warriors freak-out here seems odd. Sure, they're probably going to win it all, but it's far from a foregone conclusion — they'll have to beat two good teams, and they haven't looked that great themselves recently, particularly in these playoffs.
  3. The kerning on the Astros’ home and alt jerseys really big me. I get that it’s tough to truly balance block letters for a short, even-length word, but the home jersey in particular looks really bad and amateur.
  4. It really bugs me that Leicester use athletic gold on their crest and metallic gold on the kits.
  5. Unless City blow it Sunday, the Champions League will either be won by a club that hasn’t been its own league’s champion in 29 years or one that hasn’t done it for 58. That’s wild to think about, really.
  6. The feeling of crippling incompetence, complete irrelevance and a belief that your team will never ever have a chance is a hell of a lot worse than any playoff exit can be, IMO. The last three years have ended in really :censored:ty ways for the Jackets, but I’d gladly take them any day over the first 15 years of this team’s existence. The same is true for the last three Indians teams — blowing a 3-1 lead in the World Series and losing Game 7 in extras in 2016; blowing a 2-0 ALDS lead in 2017; getting embarrassingly swept out in 2018 — and 2012 or 2018 Notre Dame football. All of it, the brutal losses, beat the absolute :censored: out of irrelevant nothingness, which is what the Jackets were for pretty much my entire life.
  7. Liverpool overturning a 3-0 first-leg deficit on the shoulders of Origi, Shaqiri and Wijnaldum is awesome.
  8. Given I’m still not over the Werenski play against Pittsburgh two years ago, I doubt I’ll get over the McAvoy/Anderson hit anytime soon. It’s whatever, but it’s tiring. End of the day, the Blue Jackets aren’t good enough to have been in a spot to steal 1 and 5 on the road and not come through either time. That, paired with the early third-period no-shows in 4 and 5, is what did them in. Better team won the series. CBJ are in this weird spot where most of the core is young and locked up for at least a few more years, but the top three guys on this team are all UFAs, and the two best are definitely leaving. D core is intact for years, which is lovely, and they need a netminder to step up. Retaining Duchene needs to be the top priority. Put yourself in a position to succeed in what may be a weak Metro in coming years. Hope this is more them turning the corner, and not their best chance gone by the wayside.
  9. Jackets have trailed for most of the last two games now, and they’ve generally been outplayed during that time. Two straight third periods where Boston has come out and dominated them, despite the game state favoring Columbus pressure. Not sure what suddenly went on here, but there’s just no sense of urgency here. They’re probably exhausted because this team functionally has three forward lined. Adam Clendening keeps making big mistakes because :censored: Nikita Kucherov.
  10. I’d love to see them do something with a feather and a C, but it may be too late for them to go back to any native imagery at this point. Something like this WIP of mine would be ideal, IMO:
  11. The Indians' identity has been an interesting mis-match for years, really. An arched "Cleveland" text was introduced the road jersey in 1903, and continued through 1957 — but the home jersey never matched it in that span, going from a "C" on the chest through 1945 to script "Indians" starting in 1957. Then from 1958 through 2010, the home and road designs matched, whatever that was. Obviously, the 2011 shift to the block road jerseys was meant to evoke the early Tribe road jerseys — particularly the ones worn in the late '40s and early '50s when the Indians were actually good — but they screwed up with the navy lettering. I wish they'd fix it. Gaudy "patriotism" aside, I thought the Indians' road jerseys looked much better last year for the Stars & Stripes jerseys. Fill those letters/numbers in red and pair it with a navy hat (with red bill, ideally), and that set's a lot better almost instantly.
  12. Blue Jackets have been pretty bad tonight. Rask was great. Bad combination. Also, Nikita Kucherov.