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  1. Ended up twice that. A score line for all time, with the added bizarro context of happening in front of nobody in Lisbon. What a year.
  2. the early reporting on this rest of season plan kinda suggested this would be likely. May as well have the East bubble it up at RBA at this point. I know Newark isn’t exactly Disney World. (But hey, I’d prefer it.)
  3. 8 games in 5 days is farcical for a professional league. I know there are no good options, but come on.
  4. Feel sorry for Jazz/Nuggets fans, who are stuck with early afternoon games during the week for the first 3 games at least. I'm sure this'll happen with other West teams too as the full schedule comes out. Is there a technical reason they can only play one game at a time? Would think that keeping games in local primetime for local fans would be better for viewership than staggering them for diehards marathoning all games, if the latter option means 2:00pm games on a Monday.
  5. The CBS Champions League era is already on my :censored: list. You have to pay $6/month for their dumb streaming service to watch these games live. They could've just put this game on CBS Sports Network on regular cable/satellite services, but apparently Tiki Barber's radio show is more important. Who the hell watches a simulcast of a radio show on TV?
  6. St. Louis was a sort of birthplace city for American soccer in a way. It would be nice if they found a way to pay tribute to that (and I don't mean Soccer Capital, because I'm not a rube), instead of the usual generic Britishisms. I don't think a French name would solve that either, StL is a much more diverse area than just French, and besides, you're just running into the MLS as Soccer Epcot problem yet again.
  7. Caris LeVert is maybe the winningest loser of the bubble on an individual level; should boost his stock for the inevitable trade.
  8. Yeah, I mean, a regular cliche of this board is that new brands take a long time. Seems unlikely that the decisions at the level of colors and fonts were still being picked less than a month ago for a new MLS team. And, again -- neither team is pulling from a well of originality on this one. (incidentally I'm digging into this MPLS City stuff and it's actually cool! 7-a-side youth leagues in a community-run club, different brands for different pieces of the city, it's like a concepts thread come to life.)
  9. @Gothamite, if the backdrops of those squares are based on shirt color, Chicago ought to be changed, yes? (This is a correction that brings me no joy, maybe hold off til next year in the hopes that they sweep that whole thing under the lost-2020 rug.)
  10. That's a much sharper kit than that cut-rate Minnesota United kit I posted earlier. That said, these guys have their regular brand, that fauxback brand (which was nice!), and now this hyper-modern youth team brand. That cheapens the cries of "we're getting ripped off" to me. Still not great on STL's part, you'd think they would have checked on these things, but in fairness they've been telegraphing interest in a pinkish red for quite a while.
  11. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/08/13/mls-announces-schedule-3-canadian-clubs-resume-regular-season-home-markets details are that link, but the schedule is thus. Basically a round robin of two home/one away against one team, vice versa for the other. Tues., Aug. 18: Toronto vs. Vancouver (8 pm ET) Fri., Aug. 21: Toronto vs. Vancouver (8 pm ET) Tues., Aug. 25: Montreal vs. Vancouver (8 pm ET) Fri., Aug. 28: Montreal vs. Toronto (8 pm ET) Tues., Sept. 1: Toronto vs. Montreal (8 pm ET) Sat., Sept. 5: Vancouver vs. Toronto (9:30 pm ET) Wed., Sept. 9: Montreal vs. Toronto (8 pm ET) Sun., Sept. 13: Vancouver vs. Montreal (9:30 pm ET) Wed., Sept. 16: Vancouver vs. Montreal (9:30 pm ET)
  12. I think at this point everyone understands the benefits and drawbacks of bubble play vs. normal-ish play. Posts that have nothing to say beyond “lol IF the season finishes” or similar add nothing to the conversation.
  13. typically the MBA crowd is ruining baseball from the front office, so it’s refreshing to see a late-capitalism apologist take for the players too
  14. I've been seeing that style left and right in social graphics. It's still bad, but we're not exactly pulling from the well of originality here. Also this is their home kit? Seriously?
  15. What is MPLS City Futures? The colors part is pretty bad. But otherwise this is what happens when everyone decides that only three possible soccer team names are acceptable, plus just going for the safe uber-hip type treatment that's everywhere right now.