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  1. People always fall over themselves for Pittsburgh's cross-sport synergy, but for my money it's hard to beat the TB tradition of sucking for a decade or two while looking like the cheapest cliche of your time.
  2. That's basically how I feel about it -- the design in question is too mid-aughts for me to stick with indefinitely, but I don't have a problem with most teams making time-period appropriate tweaks around a core design (as opposed to the pre-LBJ Cavs, whose philosophy was more "nuke everything and start over" every couple years).
  3. Wow, weird, nostalgia for a garish look for a historically awful Tampa Bay team rooted in ironic novelty and not because it was any good, why does that sound familiar
  4. The chafing those players must have dealt with after the final whistle...
  5. "The gradient calls back to the view of the sky when Sherman burned the city to the ground" would have made more sense.
  6. If Nike's textiles aren't shiny enough for it, so be it, I can buy that I suppose. Wouldn't expect a shiny oxford shirt, either. But it does seem to me that it should've been a touch lighter and maybe browner (though it's still not anthracite!).
  7. Tom Brady: 30 playoff wins. every creamsicle jersey combined: 1 playoff win.
  8. Okay, but again, Nike uses a color they call "anthracite" on a lot of gear and the Bucs' brown-gray definitely isn't it.
  9. Why do people keep calling the new alternate set "anthracite"? Even if it looks noticeably different than the shiny pewter, it's also a much more warm shade of gray than Nike anthracite is.
  10. It works because pewter is an unusual that this team owns. It's also not painful on the eyes nor associated with historical awfulness, the way the other unusual color associated with the Bucs is.
  11. Unpopular opinion, with apologies to the Warrick Dunn jersey I owned as a kid: the pewter alt is my favorite, something about the red/white trim on a grayish base just works really well (see also: the 00s Nets jerseys that people love). Makes me wish they didn't bring back the orange elsewhere, frankly, because I'd like to see that simpler color scheme across the board. Maybe it would be too boring on the red and the white bases. But I don't think black trim on those is interesting, either, and too many outlines makes it fussy.
  12. And it's a garbage theory in both directions; see UMass playing horrific football in front of sub-MLS crowds in Foxborough.
  13. It's weirdly huge in terms of how much space is Jacksonville city limits, compared with most American cities. Jax has twice the population of Miami, but also like 300 times the land area; that stat "feels" wrong if you've been to either/both because Miami feels so much more built up, but the density of what you think of as "Miami" is technically spread across Miami and Miami Beach and Hialeah as independent political entities.
  14. Maybe with Brady out of the picture, the Patriots' slice of the local market will revert to northern rednecks like the olden days. I can see a lot of people wearing that jersey and driving a contractor pickup truck with New Hampshire plates.