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  1. I really like that San Jose. I’m so glad SOMEONE in this league still wants to do a middle, and beautiful, shade of blue. (Side panel is fine, nice tribute I guess and endearingly retro these days.)
  2. Honestly I hope they just re-use last year's, that's fine with me. With the exception of the famed cactus jerseys, I've never really liked all-star unis based off the host team. "What if Kevin Durant looked vaguely like he played on the 1988 Pacers" is not interesting to me.
  3. Before I had a staff job and I was buying healthcare on the state exchange, I could buy a Revs jersey with a UHC logo on it but I couldn't buy a UHC plan as a fellow resident of the state. I think they've joined since, but for most of their sponsorship they were advertising a product that most of the fans weren't allowed to buy!
  4. White numbers would work with an outlined typeface — I know Daddy City has done it a few times through the years and it’s fine — but the current MLS printing with the slashes and such really needs to max out the contrast meter.
  5. I'm at a real loss for this Revolution kit. For all their branding woes through the years, they've had a pretty nice streak of good-to-great kits both home and away since 2014 or so. But this year, I'd take a boring color swap over whatever this thing is. If anything they look more like a tribute to ostensible rivals NYCFC. If you really want to pay tribute to your loyal supporters section, what does any of this have to do with it, beyond placing "FORT" on the socks? Why not go red-heavy again, since the red New England colonial flag as a team symbol totally grew out of the supporters' section? Really indicative of how this club has failed to build any sort of club culture in 26 years.
  6. I like that FCD secondary a lot! Even if it’s just trying to rip Rangers nostalgia (lots of Texas teams borrowing vintage light blue from crosstown, different sport teams lately huh?). Light blue may be overused in MLS now but this is one of the more attractive and sensible uses of it. The Crew... no idea. Looks like they recycled old yellow shorts and socks just to stave off criticism from the banana-kit fans. If this is anything but setup for a bumblebee kit in 2022 it’s a total miss for me, just due to the team context.
  7. I’ve seen a lot of Celtics green vs Sixers royal blue these last few years, and those are pretty bad too. I’m a huge fan of color matchups but it’s not like every possible combination works.
  8. There have been plenty of trainwreck matchups. Even before the Nike era. 70 percent of the games I watch are the Celtics and even with that I can confirm white/grey, white/powder blue, green/teal matchups that were awful to watch. Actually based on all that, I’m pretty surprised that this matchup resulted in a halftime uni change and subsequent negative press, given that so many others we just dealt with.
  9. Welp, that's the flipside of pushing for non-team-color away kits, I guess. Yikes.
  10. I’ll never understand why they spent the 25th season with vanishingly few teams actually digging into their own archives, but instead paying tribute to Liverpool’s kit from two years before MLS.
  11. how do you miss this when you make a public-facing website for this exact reason???
  12. Took five years but Minnesota's finally looking correct again. (Well, home still needs a darker gray, but close!)
  13. I will say the Nashville color scheme looks much nicer when the navy-indigo is the base and the sickly neon yellow is the trim.
  14. Even moreso than usual, feels like the regular season won't mean much and just making the playoffs will be the goal. Seeding might not be irrelevant the way it was in the neutral-site bubble, but probably close to it.
  15. Yeah well, in this year of limited capacity, only the Revs are gonna hit their usual attendance anyway, so.