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  1. I like Austria’s black and teal in theory as something that is at least relatively different for the international game. But that shirt does not go with the set at all.
  2. Checking in as someone who actually goes to Revolution games every now and then. As it stands, the Revs draw from Rhode Island and from central Mass more than other Boston teams. Obviously those areas mostly root for Boston teams anyway, but I have absolutely no idea what changing the name to “Boston” would accomplish if it doesn’t come with a T-accessible stadium at the same time.
  3. Feels like every Euro group stage is 3/4 red v white, so it goes.
  4. The Eriksen thing was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen during a sporting event and I couldn’t stop thinking about it watching other games, honestly.
  5. 11 years later and people are still sore about the Decision? Really? Doesn’t even crack the top ten of things I think about when I think LeBron. I’ve said it before, LeBron makes people delusional (his super fans too, but worse his haters).
  6. Also I think pulling a monogram from Revolution instead of New England is bad, especially in a market with iconic B logos, but am wondering if that’s an intentional choice to leave open a hypothetical name change to Boston Revolution if a hypothetical new stadium ever appears.
  7. Turkey is usually a white primary, aren’t they? Interesting. Italy has the sharpest drop off from home kit to away kit this tournament so too bad for us!
  8. I love Montreal’s snowflake logo, but hate the name change and departure from blue. Most mixed of bags for me. (Whereas here I love that the Revs are keeping the name/colors but I’m meh on the brand! But the insignia sans roundel only would make it better, if that’s the shirt logo!)
  9. I am much less worried about the designer themselves and more concerned about the process; a common thread in MLS rebrands is seemingly that the supporters are not considered stakeholders and the results show it. This isn’t a bad-vibes trainwreck like the Fire or Columbus SC or CF Montreal by any means but I’m still feeling that absence. Does “patriotic bunting” represent the 26-year-old soccer team Revolution or does it represent a one-page design brief idea of the Revolution?
  10. Fair point! I guess it’s a matter of context, that scripty font in the Colonial branding makes it look more British. Given they’re keeping the branding, though I’m glad they did that instead of some CF Montreal garbage, I think I’d rather see something like an old-style serif font to tie it together and feel more Colonial. (That font the designer uses in the non-logo materials, which the Revs have been using in their social and marketing graphics this year, is a good example.) My personal left-field Brazil-style choice I’d always hoped for a Corinthians-type mariner branding ... Would’ve been perfect if they built a stadium in the Seaport or Bayside, like they should’ve when they had the chance!
  11. The joke being that the logo looks like a “no R allowed” symbol, and the New England accent drops R’s from the ends of words in a sonically painful fashion.
  12. That’s one misstep, but the only egregious one for a Nike team. (And far from the first time England switch to blue for a cycle, though bad timing for it for a tournament with a match vs Scotland.)
  13. Any brand for the New England Revolution whose most obvious soccer-world influences are Rangers and QPR gets a no from me, for reasons that are hopefully obvious. I was hoping we might see hints of Brazilian and Portuguese influence, but the club has rarely seemed to notice those demographics despite sitting in one of America’s primary locations for both heritages. Have to think it’d be a boon on and off the pitch, especially as long as they’re stuck in the 495 belt and not Boston.
  14. What’s so special to New England about patriotic bunting? There’s bunting everywhere. Probably more down south than here nowadays, honestly.
  15. Ah wow I just realized the New England connection. R
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