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  1. This is the only good thing I've ever read about stunt concessions. Appetizing photo below. https://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaurants/2017/04/12/fenway-park-meatball-cone/
  2. More news on the contract front. Sale's current deal (shockingly low) wasn't up til end of 2019.
  3. There was definitely *some* amount of color vs. color happening in the late Adidas era, too. Nitpicks aside, though, that is in fact a lovely matchup, more of that please!
  4. I think they have a point on this one. It's gross for SI to get in bed with a team like this; at least there's not really a real serious sports conflict or whatever over a dumb hot dog, but it's still so exceptionally stupid as to hold the audience in contempt. And I don't want to make it personal with Charlotte Wilder (she wrote some good things for SB Nation back in the day) but it does feel like SI is just forcing it in an attempt to have their own Katie Nolan.
  5. I'm lucky to live in one of the half-dozen or so places where people still care about baseball. Seems awfully bleak elsewhere.
  6. The point being that Trout is much better than anyone else by any objective measure, and was paid accordingly with that fact and the current market?
  7. Well, let's not forget that the Lakers were the city's team even during the decades when they DID play in Inglewood, and the Clippers played much closer to downtown at the Sports Arena. But DTLA is a much different place now, and no matter how huge and hip the Patriot Place-type development next to the Rams stadium will get, I can't see it eclipsing the current state of downtown. I guess it might make sense for the Clippers to move out there if they can maybe piggyback on the Olympics? But I can just as easily see them moving out of LA entirely.
  8. Nah, just makes Boras glad he doesn’t have an aw-shucks guy like Trout to cut his commission. who’s Mookie’s agent? Mookie will get 35-38 million per year easily, right?
  9. Not to mention it coulda been a throwback to the days of Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth. My formative soccer-watching years!
  10. And here I was told Mike Trout was house-shopping in Philly already. Can't trust anything on the internet these days.
  11. Yeah, you're not wrong on either of those points! Minnesota looks like it's going to leap to the front of the stadium pack (non-Portland division) when their field opens up, too.
  12. And it's been that way for years; even before Fanatics took over everything, a friend of mine tried to order a jersey for his favorite team with his name and birthdate on the back. (Corny decision, yes, but stay with me.) The shop wouldn't let him -- turns out there was a player elsewhere in the majors with his last name AND even used that number.
  13. ^ That reminds me of a thing I generally dislike about MLS stadium aesthetics, is the constant giant-spaceship look (that's really often largely masking cheap erector set construction). One of the reasons Portland has the best stadium in the league is that, for better and worse, it feels a bit like the league's Fenway or Wrigley when you're there, with all that charming ivy and the classic soaring interior concourses. Of course it also has too-small bathrooms and support poles blocking the view. But the charm is there that's missing from everywhere else; hope the expansion doesn't ruin it. (I should also say that some MLS stadiums look distinctive and beautiful, e.g. Houston, and most of the classic European parks were basically charmless metal sheds, so you don't have the jewel box type of retro-romanticism to dig back into.)
  14. Ha, I was going to say I like them less! Something about the way that red looks on gray is offputting to me in game action. Looks like a classic RBNY shirt that’s been left outside all winter.
  15. I’m fine with defaults in this case! They’re simple which makes them fit different kit styles more nicely.