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  1. Two different monochromes in all shades of brown. I actually like modern and new color schemes, broadly speaking, but this is not how to sell it.
  2. Always going to wonder what happened to these. (from the original unveil in 2017) https://www.sltrib.com/sports/jazz/2017/12/25/in-their-new-redrock-inspired-uniforms-the-utah-jazz-are-aiming-to-be-bold/
  3. I may actually like these better than the old ones; keeps the effect but more subtle, with a fun 70s kitsch vibe.
  4. Also a logical starting point for a literal Red Tails aircraft alternate. Not saying it's a good idea! Just being a realist! Could be worse!
  5. Danny Green as 3x ring winner will be a great trivia question someday. Might be 5x by that point actually.
  6. Washington City Paper was doing this, what, ten years ago? Not to sound all Gen X but the altweeklies losing out to the blogs was such a loss.
  7. Would’ve liked to get Turner out of the deal of Hayward walking. Oh well. Hope for his sake he can get back to all-star form if he’s a 1 or 2 option again. Because that is a ridiculous contract.
  8. Raptors in Tampa but you have to be a sociopath to actually go to a game. Cruel!
  9. Would've guessed Newark, but I guess Tampa is useful-ish for reducing travel, too. Nice of the Raptors to show solidarity with service and medical workers by sending their labor into a worse-off location.
  10. No, but only because that was soccer.
  11. I'm really surprised the NBA is planning on a normal season's worth of travel. Seems like a good idea to go intra-conference only for a year, or even closer by.
  12. The dark, brick red was enough of their scheme in the 90s (and the new brand, I guess) that it does fit as a Nuggets color, for me, and I'm a little surprised they haven't used it as a jersey base color before. But using such a similar look to those recent Utah jerseys, coupled with the lack of something else to make it more Nuggetsy (a dark blue and/or a Tetris rainbow), drags it a bit too far away.
  13. Hayward has opted out, but it does feel like a sign-and-trade for Myles Turner would be a mutually beneficial move for all teams and players involved.
  14. Trying to keep near-future talk apart from playoffs talk. Silly season begins: