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  1. I have the same initials, so I understand the difficulty of trying to fit them together cohesively. What you could try is using the negative space of the "P" for the "G" (my avatar has my attempt at it, which I've used as a personal logo). Or. a lower-case "g" can be made symmetrical with the "P" (but does create a large negative space at the bottom in between). Or, since it looks like you're trying to work 13 in there as well, a lower-case, cursive-style "g" could be made to resemble a "3". Just ideas. Keep chipping away, it'll get there.
  2. Here are the jerseys: I tried to keep things straight-forward, classic. But I also have to keep in mind what they will be able to actually create; for the most part, what they'll have access to are existing templates, and re-colours of existing templates. Completely custom designs would blow their budget. These follow the current Bruins' alternate; the numbers are the custom font that I posted above - I'm not sure if they can be used, but I'm hoping. I deliberately omitted nameplates, because they don't currently use them - they use the space for sponsor logos.
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've addressed the perspective issue with the beak. Changing the angle of the lower beak also allowed the text in the roundel to be straightened out. I also tried the suggestion of altering eagle head, to tie it into the roundel better. I had tried it previously, but couldn't get it where I wanted; it seems to have worked this time around. Both versions are below. As for the "SJ" monogram, I had a second version that made the "J" more obvious - I've included it here for comparison. I'm still looking at the wordmarks, to try and strengthen them a bit.
  4. I didn't/don't see the blue running down the arms from the existing jersey. Could just be the result of a crappy Twitter pic, though; if so, my mistake.
  5. Just saw this on Twitter, posted by CCM from the Prospect Combine. Maybe I'm crazy, but that looks like a new Florida Panthers jersey.
  6. Great work. Top right would be my choice. And if it were me, the 3-star/winged circle would go on the helmet, just like the Vikings' horn.
  7. I absolutely love the update to the logo - beautifully done. I'm not a big football guy, but I would buy Saints merchandise with that logo on it - no question. If I had to offer any constructive criticism, it would be the colour of the pant/long sleeve striping. Since the long sleeve striping meets up with the black cuff of the jerseys, I kinda wish that striping was black as well (pants too, in the interest of consistency). That would match with the collar striping, and make them all consistent. But that's just me. Great job, Elliott - as usual.
  8. It's been quite a while since I posted a concept of any kind; I haven't had much time in recent months, and I've got to say, it's been a lot of fun getting back into this. This is my second attempt at rebranding the Nashville Predators. A few of you might remember the previous concept (from about a year ago), in which I tried to update the existing primary logo, and rebrand everything else. The primary logo wasn't up to par, and I never updated it after hitting a dead end trying to tweak what I had. So finally, I've been able to go back to the drawing board, and start from scratch with the logos. Research generated some artists' renderings of what sabretooth tigers/Smilodons (presumably) looked like, which I then used a basis for the primary logo. I tried to eliminate yellow from the colour scheme, as Nashville seems to be doing, but I didn't find another combination that I liked as much, so the blue and yellow stay the same. The other two colours in the palette are logo-only colours ? the dark gray is used on the tongue; the bluish-silver is used in the accents on the fangs. For the secondary logo, I wanted to make reference to music in some way, given its significance in Nashville. What I came up with incorporated an F-hole into the letter N. The F-hole is found on a wide range of instruments (mandolins, instruments from the violin and guitar families), many of which are staples in country music. With all of the uniforms, I tried to find a balance between traditional and busy/modern/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. For the home and road jerseys, the sleeve striping is meant to depict a set of fangs on each arm. Everything else is self-explanatory. For the alternate, I wanted something pretty traditional, to balance the (relatively) busier logo and number set. In order to accommodate the striping pattern on the home/road jerseys, the numbers were moved up onto the shoulders. I kept them on the shoulders of the alternate, despite the different striping, in order to keep things consistent. The name font is the same as the wordmark font, without the italics. The numbers on the alternate are custom (although inspired by the Anaheim Angels and Texas Rangers), and meant to mimic the similar shapes in the logo. Thanks for looking.
  9. Here is my attempt at updating the Nashville Predators logo. I like the general shape/perspective of the existing logo, so I just simplified it a bit. From there, I tried to create a more realistic looking saber-toothed tiger. The logo is based off of the few illustrations I was able to find during my research. The secondary logo is pretty straight forward. The "P" is the same modified font as the wordmark. The fang shape on the end of the P, and the striping within the P are both meant to convey elements of the saber-toothed tiger and/or primary logo. For the jerseys, I wanted to find a way to reflect elements of the primary logo. To that end, the sleeve striping is meant to depict a set of fangs on each arm. For the alternate, the tiger-ish striping (again, to tie into the logos) is sublimated ? inspired by the current Team USA uniforms. There are no shoulder logos; instead, I placed the arm numbers up near the shoulder, like the placement Team Canada has been using for the past couple of years. It was necessary for the home and road jerseys, in order to get the effect I wanted from the arm striping; and was carried over to the alternate for consistency. The name font on each jersey is the same as what I used in the wordmark,without the italics. The number font is a slightly modified version of the Senators number set ? the proportions were changed slightly; the top of the 1 was replaced; and italicized to match the wordmark.
  10. 1) What I like to do with player names, when displaying them as you have here, is use a minimal font in a smaller size for the first name. For example (I don't have Playbill, so I use a basic block; the "Peyton" font is Blue Highway): 2) Also, did you try using blue to outline the last names (also in the above sample) - it will help separate the white text from the gray background. 3) If you're going with the concrete texture in the gray area, you might want to desaturate it, or lower the opacity. There are some browns in the texture that don't blend with the existing colour scheme. Did you try just using the solid gray? Or even solid white? I'm a bit of a minimalist, so I would shy away from using three different patterns/textures within one wallpaper; but that's a matter of personal taste. It's looking good - best of luck with the assignment.
  11. Just sending this back to Page 1
  12. As Chuck said, the fleur-de-lis is incomplete; but there are a couple of ways you might be able to make it fit your concept. You might be able to create a stylized "M" in your fleur-de-lis by adding the missing lower point. In the logo with the wordmark, you may be able to use the "T" from Montreal in place of the lower point of the fleur-de-lis, by re-positioning the fleur-de-lis over the current text, or by re-aligning the text to get the "T" more centered. It will ikely throw off the centering either way though, so that probably isn't an ideal solution.
  13. Here is the list of teams who have already qualified for the 2010 World Cup. As far as determining those teams who are likely to qualify, there are links on that page to the standings for each geographical group.