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  1. What happened last year buddy? 37-0 and 20-17.Talk about pwned
  2. I was wondering that too. And I don't know, I kinda liked the ones with the black. Those look, dare I say it, too plain. Blue Collar mentality,Harbaugh has made it very well known that though Stanford may not be the best team on the field,but there gonna be the most prepared and game ready team out there.
  3. They've got rid of the black,Can't wait to see the front when I'm at the game on thursday. Watch it on Espn.Stanford is back. http://www.stanfordphoto.com/viewphoto.php...=&imagepos=
  4. Anyone have info if Stanford is changing Uniform's as well as shoe color.In a recent practice,Stanford was wearing Full Uniforms with Nike white and Cardinal cleats,switching from the black cleats in the past season's.Any news on this? I know it's not a big deal but I would like to know.
  5. Stanford uses this in every practice.The spring game is tonight, so I will see.
  6. While checking out the Stanford website, I noticed a oddity in today's football world. The Stanford football team was wearing full game jerseys in practice. I find this odd because ussualy teams are issued practice jerseys.Well to get down to the chase, does anyone know if Stanford will be getting new jerseys? Maybe there now using these as practice jerseys,while they will be issued jerseys later. 2007 http://www.stanfordphoto.com/viewphoto.php...=&imagepos= 2008 http://www.stanfordphoto.com/viewphoto.php...=&imagepos= http://www.stanfordphoto.com/viewphoto.php...=&imagepos=
  7. Hungington's jerseys are green and gold,those jerseys,if I'm correct are the jersey's that Usc used in the Mexico tourney.
  8. Yea I messed up on my grammer,I came here to talk sports not grammer.
  9. Yea I understand what you mean,It seems like the team's of the past our being forgotton.
  10. How can you forget a team that has won 5 Super Bowls? How can you forget a team that has been argued as the best team in NFL history? Yes I know im biased,but still.