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  1. I really don't mind the outerwear too much, I just wish it was consistant across the team. Many times you'll see two to three types of jackets/hoodies/pullovers on a team's bench at the same time. Everyone should be in the same uniform.
  2. Not entirely true. You have CSU-East Bay, Cal State San Marcos, CSU-Monterey Bay. You also have one L.A.-area school that goes by the state name, Long Beach State. Long Beach is just as commonly called Cal State Long Beach, just for the record.
  3. I like the camo uniforms because there's brown in them. Brown + Padres = All is right in the world. Aside from that I can't be bothered.
  4. Only L.A. area campuses call themselves "Cal State (blank)". All other ones are the traditional Fresno State, Chico State, San Diego State, etc.
  5. I love it. The Pads are never afraid to pull out the old mustards. It's time to go to brown full time, boys!
  6. I hate the MLB design. I hate even more that they force all 30 teams to use the same template. Remember when team sites had their own identity. That was cool.
  7. You think the Pads home cap looks like the Dodgers? Clearly you never saw the mid-90s Padre alt which was the same as the current home cap except the blue button was white. Now *that* looked like the Dodgers cap and fan outrage was palpable. A tan hat with blue SD would be kind of sweet. Here's a fashion hat that's sorta similar: But I'd prefer this:
  8. Perhaps Creamer should change his A's page to reflect that the black alt is still legit...since it apparently is.
  9. It sells like hotcakes though. I used to work at a Lids in Sothern Orage County, and of all the Pads gear we had (Which was about a third of the stores merch) hats with the P logo outsold all the other Pads hats by more than double. Its not going anywhere anytime soon. IN FACT, id be willing to put money on it that the new Pads alt hat has the P logo on it. Any speculation on the appeal? It's a really boring design...I can't see why it would double the sales of other Pads gear.
  10. It's a bit disingenuous to list it as an alternate if it hasn't been worn on the field for seven years!
  11. I wish the Padres had taken the opportunity to get rid of their BP "P" logo and switched to an SD or Swinging Friar. I've never liked the stylized P and I don't think it really fits in with the team's branding.
  12. The Store has an A's alternate cap for sale that's black with a green logo: I checked some pics from this past season and I don't see that it was ever used with the green alternate jersey. Creamer's site states that this cap was only used in 2000. What gives? Is the black cap still an official alternate or is the MLB store wrong? Or has this been asked and answered a million times?
  13. The Bears also ripped off the term "Monsters of the Midway" from the U of C.
  14. Fifty years ago the two most popular sports in America were boxing and baseball. Nowadays, baseball has lost its preeminence to football and boxing doesn't even register. Who knows what will be the most popular sports fifty years from now. Soccer, the world's game, has just as much chance to grow into a big sport in the U.S. as anything else.