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  1. I think we take for granted how flawlessly a team worked their stadium into a logo. How many other examples are there of that?
  2. I'll never understand why anyone would want all 30 teams to look the same. The goal should be to have 30 well-designed brands that are unique and timeless. This means some teams wearing "non-traditional" jersey cuts—be that pullovers, vests, etc. The Yankees should never deviate from the classic pinstriped home uniforms. But the Athletics should embrace their unique brand and wear the yellow vests and pants as the road uniform full time. The Cardinals should never ditch the birds-on-bat mark. But the Astros should incorporate the rainbow guts design into their uniforms somehow. Perhaps a team like Toronto should wear pullovers full time. Give me 30 unique visual identities, not 30 sets of white jerseys with the team nickname in script and gray jerseys with the city name in arched block.
  3. One thing I've never really gotten a good sense of - is Oakland even a good MLB market to begin with? I don't doubt that the Bay Area in general is capable of hosting two teams, but I get the vibe that Oakland is kind of just an extension of San Francisco in a way. I didn't pay too much attention when I was there, but going from SF to Oakland seemed like going to a suburb of SF. That's not to say Oakland isn't it's own city, but it felt more like how the Rays play in St Pete as opposed to Tampa proper because that's where the stadium is. There seems to be a good deal of civic pride in Oakland (or at least territorial pride of some sort), but is the city of Oakland itself a worthy MLB market? Is it distinct from the rest of the Bay Area? If the Athletics had been in San Jose all this time would that satisfy the Bay Area market? And if the team leaves the Bay Area completely, will the market feel the need for another team? I don't ask these questions so much out of reality (I know they're not moving to SJ), but more out of curiosity about the market. Like, has it been worth trying to keep the team there this long in the first place?
  4. These are the Field of Dreams game caps:
  5. I used to think this was a silly take but I've come to agree completely. The A by itself is a great mark and looks more balanced without the 's.
  6. The blue Phillies cap has always been the darker shade of blue.
  7. I think the argument against ads on sports uniforms is less of a logical or practical one (though there are valid points to be made) and more about the larger concept of losing an era in which sports were fun and enjoyable instead of all about the money. That era ended years ago, but the sacred space of the sports uniform was sort of the last holdout.
  8. That's disgusting. Worst World Series logo of all time.
  9. I adjusted the brightness of the photo to give us a better look at the colors:
  10. I see it as a section of track, seen from the side view. Kind of an odd way to render it in my opinion.
  11. They desperately need a white outline. If we're following the logo design, the numbers should either be green or blue with a white stroke.
  12. Is it just me or does that red/orange section look like an added material on the helmet? It appears to be raised a bit from the white part.
  13. I've found that when it says a patch isn't intended for use on a jersey (most of the commemorative ones seem to be made as collectibles now, which seems silly), there is a hard backing attached. I've been able to sew through the hard backing, but you'll need to commit to breaking a few needles. I've successfully melted off the backing with an iron, but I wouldn't exactly recommend this tactic unless you're very confident. Patch Collection is a solid source.
  14. Good. Hopefully all other teams across the other leagues follow. Fanatics is garbage.
  15. The Edmonton Oilers identity is bad. It's so painfully stuck in the past. At least the current color combo is sharp and interesting, and the orange jersey is bold and fun. But the rest is garbage. The identity was born out of an era in which hockey uniforms were just random stripes and blocks of color. The trend of colored shoulders was overdone, and the striping patterns were way off when it came to sizing and color balance. Hell, they didn't even leave room for sleeve numbers at first (the Oilers originally used shoulder numbers was a member of the WHA). And don't even get me started on the outdated groovy logo... The Oilers jerseys from the 80's look like they're counterfeit. I know that's more about the production style and quality of hockey uniforms at that time, but that's kind of my point. The whole era looked awful, and the Oilers are the poster child for the awfulness. It's too bad they were so damn successful during that era...
  16. Minnesota is wearing their Reverse Retro uniforms this Sunday.
  17. Strongly agree. I've been thinking about this since the RR jerseys were revealed. Nashville should make this their primary home sweater, with the current guitar pick shoulder patches.
  18. The news of the fourth jersey program broke January 1, 2020. Whether or not the plans were finalized at the point, I'd say things were happening with or without the pandemic.
  19. These images confirm something I've been thinking - that green needs to be a little less lime and a little more neon green. It's a tad too far to the yellow side, bringing it over to the green side a little would better match the skyline color.
  20. Not sure if the is the best place to post this, but I'm out of ideas... What happened to the pinned thread of logo/uniform unveilings throughout the years? Did it get lost when the forum split of the sports logos news section took place? I can't seem to find it anywhere and thought it was of great value. (I tried searching for it, but was unable to locate the thread.)
  21. If we get a four jersey system and the Kings STILL don't have any purple to be found, I'll be very disappointed.
  22. The gold is fantastic. The thick white stripes are not. They totally clash with the gold base. The colors end up competing for attention, rather than letting the gold stand out by itself.
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