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  1. 42 minutes ago, AFirestormToPurify said:

    Subtle, but that does look a lot better. Step in the right direction for sure, but I don't even think the text is needed. Or maybe just much smaller and without the drop on the lettersspacer.png

    Something like that maybe, just with the oil drop taking more space in the circle. They have a logo I've never seen before on the tarp in the stands over their bench. Wish I could find a picture of it, I thought it looked pretty good



  2. 14 hours ago, Morgan33 said:

    Am I the only person who thinks this is the best uniform in the Predators short history?  Deciding to be the de-facto 'gold' team in 2012 was the right move, but both subsequent uniforms have left much to be desired.  The first design was sunk by the unnecessary piping that inexplicably intersected with the hem stripes and the second was sunk by the sheer blandness of its striping.



    This design marries the gold base to a bold striping configuration that's eye catching and wholly unique to the league.  Maybe we could do without the chrome highlights on the logo but I'm really liking the reintroduction of silver to their colour palette as it further differentiates them from the other blue and gold teams.  This design with the current logo and the guitar pick on both shoulders would be perfect IMHO.


    Strongly agree. I've been thinking about this since the RR jerseys were revealed. Nashville should make this their primary home sweater, with the current guitar pick shoulder patches.

  3. 9 hours ago, 29texan said:

    The reaction from what I've seen down here is mostly positive... I'd say 60-40 positive, at least. 



    I'm not as big on them, but I still like them for what they're referencing (BoA Plaza, downtown Dallas)



    These images confirm something I've been thinking - that green needs to be a little less lime and a little more neon green. It's a tad too far to the yellow side, bringing it over to the green side a little would better match the skyline color.

  4. Not sure if the is the best place to post this, but I'm out of ideas...


    What happened to the pinned thread of logo/uniform unveilings throughout the years? Did it get lost when the forum split of the sports logos news section took place? I can't seem to find it anywhere and thought it was of great value.


    (I tried searching for it, but was unable to locate the thread.)

  5. The Twins are actually no longer using the mark created by SFGiants58 and are in fact using a new script altogether. There are, of course, some striking similarities.






    I traced the image above from a few promo images, so it's not perfect, but I have to imagine we'll see it on the front of Twins jerseys next season. The team president has hinted that pinstripes are returning. The awkward thing is that the brand new powder blue uniforms and the newer navy jerseys both utilize the retro script. Would they just swap out the scripts?

  6. When I was young I collected the gumball size MLB helmets. A local arcade I frequented had them available as prizes, and I'd usually trade in my tickets for a few of them each time. The final helmet I needed for my collection was that of the Florida Marlins. I asked the "cashier" for the Marlins helmet, and he put it in the bag. When I took it out later, I didn't find a bright, teal Marlins helmet, but a dark, navy Mariners helmet. The guy mixed up his teams and I was too shy to go back and correct him.

  7. 5 hours ago, Bmac said:


    I've always wondered what the deal is with this 1996 card:




    I did some deep digging and found an image from September 4th and one from September 6th, 1995 against the Colorado Rockies:





    I realize those only show the helmet, but based on these three photos, it seems the Cubs may have worn the red-billed caps during a regular season series in 1995!

  8. On 9/9/2020 at 5:53 PM, BBTV said:

    Why on earth would you use placket piping on a pinstriped jersey?  


    OK so maybe the "rule" is that the brim has to match the pinstripes, regardless of crown color.  The Cubs knew this, hence never wearing the red-brimmed cap with their home pinstripes.


    I've always wondered what the deal is with this 1996 card:



  9. 16 hours ago, Silent Wind of Doom said:

    Aound the league, Tampa Bay wore the Ray caps with their Columbia blues today.   They doing that this year, or just a weird one-off/pitcher's choice? 



    They started doing that for Sunday home games since the beginning of last season.

  10. 17 hours ago, _RH_ said:

    Out of curiosity, is it unpopular to really dislike the current Penguins unis?  


    The striping patterns are just so disjointed every game I end up thinking this is probably one of my least favorite sets in the league.  The colors and logo are great (even though I personally loved the gold), but the other templates they have used would be vastly superior:





    I completely agree with you. I was disappointed when the throwback jersey was being elevated to full time because it meant they'd never fix the random striping design. I'm glad they ditched the Vegas gold that ended up becoming beige, but the actual design of the jerseys is bad. It's always struck me as a holdover from the era when hockey teams seemed to have just randomly picked a bunch of stripes without rhyme or reason. They had a perfect opportunity to update the design. Start with the yellow sleeve caps and then come up with a consistent striping pattern. 

  11. 6 hours ago, Ridleylash said:

    From everything we've seen of the actual logo's development, it doesn't seem like they actively considered the "90's wild animal" route for the primary at any point once they had a design team in place;



    It seems the logo was always basically the same concept as the final product.


    One little-known fact:

    The 'bear" logo that serves as the primary logo was not technically the original primary logo. When the team was first introduced in 1998, they used the roundel logo, which eventually became the secondary logo.





    Edit: now that I think about it, the original logo is actually different than the secondary logo that adorned the original jerseys. That logo (posted a few pages back) has a totally different color layout.

  12. 1 hour ago, _DietDrPepper_ said:

    They chose the wrong identity unfortunately. Outside of throwbacks it didn't seem like the meandering went on long though, I only remember it happening for like 3 seasons maybe 4, correct me if I'm wrong of course. 

    The BiG throwbacks were part of the uniform rotation since 2006. While the navy BiG caps didn't come along until 2016, BiG merchandise was around for quite some time competing with the barley M identity. So maybe the team wasn't exploring the switch for that entire time, but fans certainly had the opportunity to take sides.

  13. The Lightning are in the perfect position to go all in on electric blue. It's a shame they've opted for a boring royal blue.


    I'd also be down for navy or black + electric yellow. They have the opportunity to do something unique and instead look exactly like one of the sports' most classic teams.

  14. 59 minutes ago, benpc21 said:

    I know this isn't a 2020 related uniform question, but didn't want to start a new thread. Does anyone know what site these style images come from? It kept track of all the throwbacks worn each season. I can't remember what it was called and can't seem to find anything online. Much appreciated.





    Uniform Lineup