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  1. The Flyers darkened the orange in 1999. This doesn't necessarily represent the fabric colors used by Reebok/Adidas, however, which certainly appear to be lighter than the fabric colors used by Nike in the 90's and early 2000's.

  2. I will defend the use of italic numbers and names on the Chargers uniforms until the day I die! 😎


    It's a simple design element that goes such a long way and perfects the uniform. They portray motion in an identity that is built around the concept. They're perhaps one of the only teams in all of sports who should have italic numbers. I can't believe they didn't have them before.

  3. Other than unnecessary alternates, this set is perfect and I'm surprised to see anyone dislike it. I realize everyone has their own opinion, but I'm genuinely surprised to see any pushback.


    The italic numbers are great. The entire identity is and should be built around the concept of motion. The numbers help establish that in an effective way.


    The simplicity of the bolts across the uniform is a huge improvement from the previous set.


    The colors are great. Bright and bold, befitting of Southern California.


    Top 5 uniforms in the NFL.

  4. On 4/19/2020 at 9:50 PM, SFGiants58 said:

    Honestly, the move to matte fabrics really improved the Midnight Green. It looks much clearer now! 



    It's amazing how different the green looks now compared to when it was first introduced. I realize the lighting in these photos is obviously very different, but the green has no doubt evolved to a shade slightly closer to blue than originally.



  5. 22 minutes ago, Sport said:

    Each piece of the uniform looks like it was designed by a different person who had no contact with the other designers. I hate this.


    This. These uniforms are bad because there's no visual theme connecting everything.


    Plus the color balance is terrible. Heavy on the silver up top, but it isn't seen anywhere else (I know there's a thin silver outline on the numbers, it doesn't do anything to help). Heavy on the red on the stripes, they should have been inverted on both jerseys.


    There's just no balance here at all. They're visually unsettling.

  6. With so many baseball teams wearing a letter on their cap, it's a nice to change of pace for the Orioles to wear a bird logo. I'm surprised people are against the concept. Disagreement on cartoon vs realistic, I understand. But not wanting a bird on the cap at all? Nonsense!

  7. 4 hours ago, Gothamite said:


    I don’t think we know that.  It was somebody’s speculation.


    It’s not a bad rule, if it is a rule.  Very few companies allow standalone partial logos in their brand guidelines.  But we don’t know for sure.


    I can confirm that it is part of merchandising guidelines.


    While I'm not certain about other apparel producers, I can confirm it's a rule to be followed by New Era and Nike. This has been the case since at least 2012, during which time I was working in sports retail management. I first encountered the rule while working with a company to acquire Nike's line of Cooperstown Collection shirts. Not the exact style shown below, but the same idea.



  8. On 4/5/2020 at 5:13 PM, Carolingian Steamroller said:

    Anyone else feel that if the Browns are going to use an out of date facemask style they should with the one that's actually connected to the Browns?




    They should absolutely use a retro style. I propose something simple like this:



  9. 39 minutes ago, IceCap said:

    I've never seen a powder blue helmet I've liked. It's a great jersey colour, but it's awful as a helmet shell colour. Gimmicky finishes don't change that. 


    It's a tough color to get right across mediums. I thought the 2009 Oilers throwbacks were great, but even here you can tell the shades of blue aren't exactly the same.



    That being said, the Chargers should NEVER wear a powder blue helmet. Stick to white. Powder blue requires extra attention to color balance, due to how light it can be in contrast to dark colors, but how heavy it can be on its own or paired with a color like yellow. That's why the Royals' and Rangers' powder blue caps don't look great. The color balance is thrown off. In those cases, solid blue caps work better. Likewise, the Chargers need a white helmet to balance the colors properly.

  10. 9 hours ago, Kevin W. said:

    He’s the guy who writes Uni Watch and he’s famous for disliking the use of purple in sports.


    Winnipeg’s shade is darker than what St. Louis uses in their alt. 


    Is it?




  11. 6 hours ago, Kevin W. said:

    Nobody uses powder blue. The only team that uses a color that comes close is St. Louis in their third, so even if Quebec does do blue and red, it would be somewhat unique. In any case, there are only six teams that currently use some form of blue and red and of those six, one uses a pair of shades that is unique (Colorado) and one has a minimal amount of red trim with the exception of their pants (Columbus) so Quebec doing blue and red wouldn't be "[just] another blue & red team."

    Winnipeg does. But I don't think that should prevent the future Nordiques from using powder blue.

  12. 1 hour ago, Htown1141 said:


    They are powder, that pic you posted is from before their rebrand (note the font differences)


    Definitely dark gray.


    A simple saturation adjustment on the photo usually helps reduce the effect of indoor lighting:


  13. 4 hours ago, Brian E said:


    i know the yankees had/have a tradition of wearing their pinstripes for their home opener, then going to the navy. maybe other teams have a similar policy?

    The Twins wear their white uniforms for every home ST game.

  14. 23 minutes ago, BigEd76 said:

    Not sure if it belongs here or the general MLB topic, but the Phillie Phanatic will be altered a little this year to satisfy an ongoing copyright/ownership lawsuit before the Phils lose the rights to their mascot on June 15. The updates will apparently be seen on Sunday during the first locally televised spring training game


    I guess they'll have to use Philly Frenetic instead.