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  1. Similar to the Astros tequila sunrise jerseys?
  2. Correct. The caps were officially listed as on-field alternates for 2017.
  3. I am in love with this concept. The bold striping is great for both teams, and the collar choice for NY is perfect.
  4. I got the helmet full of cheese curds when I was in Milwaukee. The helmet was an odd size, in between the full size batting helmets and the ice cream sundae size.
  5. I always thought Miroslav Satan played for the Devils, but apparently it was the black and red Sabres. Missed opportunity...
  6. Other than luring the NFL club to the site, what would be the point of building a new stadium?
  7. Cubs use the lighter blue now. They made the switch a few years ago. Phillies alt cap is the darker blue.
  8. Rays are wearing a fauxback uniform this season, though I think it's the "road" version from a few years ago. Mariners caps with the patch are supposedly only being worn for the opening weekend. Patches on the jerseys will be worn all season long. O's cap still exists. Astros are still using the orange cap with the navy bill. Solid orange caps aren't in use.
  9. Bmac

    NHL 2017-18

    This is what the website shows, for anyone who didn't click the link:
  10. My unpopular opinion? I love high top baseball cleats. But, I will only accept the long socks look. I'm in the camp that feels baseball socks should always be visible.
  11. Under Armour was actually contracted* to create the Diamondbacks current uniforms. Majestic simply produces them. *is that a word in the way I'm using it? The work was essentially outsourced to UA.
  12. How likely is it the Orioles become the test child for UA? I mean, I assume they will, but I'm not sure what all UA could even do with their uniforms. Will we see a Maryland flag inspired design element?
  13. Faux flannel NEEDS to happen.
  14. Jesse Alkire. Look him up on Twitter, many of you here will probably recognize most of his work.
  15. Without asking for exact details on anyone's income or anything, I'm just curious about how much a company like this gets paid for a job like this one, especially in relation to a single designer.
  16. I can guarantee there are only two shades of navy caps produced by New Era for Major League Baseball. Individual teams may have different shades of navy in their branding guides but they must chose between the two shades New Era offers. From what I understand, Majestic has basically switched to two shades of navy as well. The batting helmets are always the darker navy I believe.
  17. Nebraska has new pullover jerseys that feature too much black: And of course the heritage uniforms:
  18. Utah broke out cream uniforms today: These are their road grays:
  19. Of course as soon as I said that, the Mavs broke out new Sunday uniforms. Brand new pullover jerseys and some beautiful new socks!