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    D'Backs unis

    Maybe you could put the A logo on the jersey or something. Just so it isn't simply a re-colored home jersey. Maybe you could even put together an entire set with a home, road, alt, and bp. Anyway, it looks ok.
  2. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    Cab 22, brandon 11, and chuckdownfield, you are welcome for the sig. I hope you like them. If anyone has more requests, I will gladly fill them. Otherwise, enjoy your sigs!
  3. This is an awesome concept. Everything looks great. The sleeveless jerseys look really nice. On the home jersey, everything looks perfect. I wouldn't change anything. I like the hats you used with it. The road jersey looks great too. I love the gray hat. I remember seeing those a few years back and I thought they were really cool. I'm glad to see that you incorperated it into this set. Nice job. The black alternate jersey looks great as well. At first, I thought the script should be orange rather than white. But the white looks really good. It really stands out. The retro hat looks really good with the black jersey. The BP jersey looks good, well executed. But my only complaint is that I wouldn't use a black BP jersey if you already have a black alternate jersey. That's ok. It looks good anyway. This is an excelent concept! One of the best I have ever seen. Great job!
  4. Very nice. One of the better Marlins concepts I have seen. I really like the Miami script you made. It looks great. The home uniform looks surprisingly good without pinstripes. At first when I read about this concept, I wasnt' sure about removing pinstripes from a team that has always had them. But then I took a look at the concept, and it looks pretty darn good. On the black jersey, I would change something to white or teal or something other than black. The script is ok as black on black, but I wouldn't have the script, the names, and the number be black on black. It's a little hard to read. Nice use of the M/Marlin logo BTW. Very nice concept. Probaly one of your best in this series.
  5. Bmac

    D'Backs unis

    IMO, the matching pants look better. But it kinda depends on how this uniform is used. If it is just used as an alternate at home, then the white pants are ok. If it used as a regular home or road, I would use the matching sand color pants. Nice job of using the Diamondbacks alternate color. BTW, what kind of file is this saved as? The hats look kinda blurry. You should save it as PNG. Anyway, good job.
  6. The more I see that gray facemask, the more I like it.
  7. Same as bigmike here. I'm not liking the white lettering on the road uni. Not really sure about the slight modification to the tomohawk logo. As for that alternate logo, it looks pretty good. It might look better with an outline around Georgia, Anyway, great job!
  8. Bmac

    MLB Logo Concepts

    Well, I guess I never really considered that. I might try that out and see how it looks. If it turns out ok, I might post it. Nice idea. Still looking for some C+C on the update.
  9. I would go with D. Then A. Maybe you could combine aspects of A and D. The blue word and the powder blue Jay head might look good. Anyway, these are looking better. Nice job.
  10. Same mask. Half Hershey, half Caps I belive.
  11. 2 players on the cover?! Interesting. I think they should have put Madden himself on the cover in honor of his retirement...
  12. Nice job on South Alabama. The only thing I would have done differently would be to make South on the red jersey white so that it is easier to read. Nice job! Wright St. and Alabama St. look perfect, BTW.
  13. I am really liking the update. In the first one, it was kinda hard to see the leaf because of the two reds. But you did a good job here on the update. The leaf stands out better. I would suggest changing the TR to white and put an outline around it, but it looks pretty good as it is. Nice job.
  14. Not too bad cab. But there is some room for impovement. On the logos, I agree with what everyone else said. They need more definition. Possibly another color. I think if you do that, then apply those changes to the unis, they will look great. I would also like to see a powder blue jersey at some point. Maybe if/when you do alts and/or bp's. Nice work so far. Keep at it!
  15. Bmac

    MLB Hockey

    Man, I love this entire series. But this Mets one just isn't doing it for me. Like joshhockey said, that dash pattern isn't working. It doesn't bother me too much, but I think it could be better. BTW- any chance you have a Twins concept on the way?
  16. 1) Lions- Unis look great. Helmets look good. Nice update to Bubbles, but I'm still not sure about those swooshes 2) 49ers- Nice job on going back to the classic look. Except for those stripes. Why must they be slanted like that? Otherwise, nice job. 3) Jags- Disappointing. IMO, downgrade from what they had before. Helmets are kinda cool I guess. Unis are gool, but lacking. No shoulder logo or stripes. Not terrible, but not great.
  17. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    Yes you can! I will have them up tomarrow. Here is what I have for the Pirates. If I am missing anything or you want something else or something changed, just let me know.
  18. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    Yeah man, thanks. But, instead of that one could I get a box with this wordmark in it? Great job so far, these look fantastic. No problem. I will put that together for you. Here is your new Red Sox sig. I hope it is what you are looking for. I can change anything if you want me to.
  19. They look nice...but I am still uncomfortable with brown and yellow together for a baseball team. At least they did a good job with these.
  20. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    Yes you can! I will have them up tomarrow.
  21. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    Yeah man, thanks. But, instead of that one could I get a box with this wordmark in it? Great job so far, these look fantastic. No problem. I will put that together for you.
  22. I'm glad the Vikes addressed the OL situation. Nice pick with Loadholt. I'm still not sure about Harvin though. Great reciever, nice weapon, but he might get into some trouble.