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    MLB Logo Concepts

    I finished my Yankees logo(s). It is a circle logo with the NY logo in it. I can't decide which logo works better, so I made 2 versions. Please tell me which one looks better. C+C as always! Version 1: Jersey logo on pinstripes Version 2: Hat logo on white background C+C Please!
  2. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    Here is the Reds. I can change the border color if you want me to. I can also join them together on top of each other or next to each other. If you want them joined, please let me know.
  3. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    I have on for the Red Sox, if you want it cab. I can change anything about it if you want me to. I can't post it at the moment, but will will have it up this afternoon. Don- what color border (or does it matter), and to you want just the Washington script or also the Nationals script? bigcoyotes- I will get the Giants up. I will work on the Tigers as well.
  4. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    Alright, I will work on the new version, seperate images, tonight and tommarrrow. I can have any requests ready by tommarrow evening I hope. If you would like to make a request, please include the following info: Which script you would like (Link would be appreciated, otherwise I will use whatever has) Border color
  5. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    So two seperate images, but a border around each individually?
  6. Bmac

    MLB Jersey Script Sigs

    Without the border? I'm not sure I follow what you are going for here.
  7. I made this new sig. It is the jersey script with an outline around it. I can combine them to spell out the team name if you want me to. Here are a few examples: Here is the original version: I suppose I could take requests if anyone wants one, but for now C+C please. Now taking requests! If you would like to make a request, please include the following info: -Which script (home, road, alt) links appreciated, otherwise I will use -Border color -If you want them joined, please say so. Also say if you want them on top of each other or next to each other.
  8. Bmac

    MLB Logo Concepts

    Thanks to all for the C+C so far. I am working on some new logos and I hope to post them soon. Stay tuned!
  9. Bmac


    Twins please?
  10. Hopefully most of them. I hoping for the Oilers, Flames, Sabres (possibly confirmed), Blues, possibly a few others.
  11. Bmac

    MLB 2009

    The Astros are wearing green hats, too. Against the Dodgers. It doesn't look very good, but I guess it is for a good cause.
  12. Bmac

    fnz's NBA Redesign

    I like those. I'm not into the NBA as much as I used to be, so I don't have any great C+C. Everything looks great. Nice job!
  13. I'm not really liking these...pretty much for the same reasons everyone else already said. I'm interested to see these helmets, though...
  14. Needs more gold...probaly in the striping. I can't decide between red or gray facemasks, but I'm thinking gray. And if the numbers and names shown are what is really going to be used (probaly not because of as Gothamite said) they don't look that greaat. Otherwise, not bad.
  15. Bmac

    MLB Logo Concepts

    Quick bump here. Trying to keep this on the first page. Still looking for some C+C before I move on.
  16. I don't like either jersey. If I had to pick one, I would go with navy, but the striping is bad. I wish they would go back to the old 3rd jersey with the oil drop logo. I miss that...
  17. Bmac

    Jaguars concept

    I like yours better. I really don't like the new ones. But I like these. I like the striping you used. And the numbers really stand out. Nice job there. As for the facemask, I prefer black, but what you did looks surprisingly good. Nice concept!
  18. Bmac

    Chicago Cubs Logos

    Welcome back I agree with what you said about the paw print logo. It is good, but doesn't look that great for the Cubs I guess. Not bad. Good job!
  19. Bmac

    MLB Logo Concepts

    Here is a logo I made for the Detroit Tigers. I took the original script and added the Tiger. Fairly simple, yet it took a lot of work. C+C please.
  20. On the primary logo, it is hard to read ROYALS. Maybe you could change the inside to light blue instead of white and maybe outline it in a darker blue? I like the sleeve patch. ON the home uni, I think there is too much light blue, especially compared to the road uni. Nice concept though. Keep up the good work!
  21. Love the Mets concept. I really like both BP hats and the NY logo on the BP jersey. Nice job!
  22. Red Sox looks good. I would keep it as is. Any chance you have a Twins concept coming up? I would love to see what you would do with them.
  23. Bmac

    MLB Logo Concepts

    Quich update-I am working on a Detroit Tigers logo and so far it looks good. I will post it when it is finished. Hopefully tomarrow it will be finished. Stick around! EDIT: Finished product posted below.
  24. Omaha has...umm...the railroad...the biggest world series...not much And that is why my city is the bestest!!!