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  1. Damn...that looks good...
  2. Everything look great! I really like it with the T logo. Only 2 things bug me. First is the Maple Leaf. It just looks too distorted. It's not bad, but it stands out. Second is the eye. It looks good, but the red kinda creeps me out. Nice job!
  3. Bmac

    MLB 09 sigs

    I love these! Any chance you would do multiple for a team? With alternate logos or colors?
  4. Bmac

    MLB 2009

    Hope not, I love the green hats. Maybe just a mistake or something. I went to the game tonight and it was the same as last night, home helmets, but with the road caps. You wouldn't happen to have a picture of that would you? I am really interested to see how that would look in action.
  5. Bmac

    Buffalo Bills Concept

    Looks great! I like the stripe idea. I prefer the old throwback stripes, but this looks great. Nice job.
  6. Sorry man, but I like them. My favorite part is the red cap. I would love to see that more often. It was kinda nice to see the Twins at home in white without pinstripes for a change.
  7. Quick update here. I am close to unveiling some new concepts. I have concepts for the Leafs, Sens, Isles, and Panthers on the way. Stay tuned!
  8. Bmac

    Oregon Ducks

    I prefer the current O logo, but this looks very nice. I think the alt could use some more green...I'm not really sure where though. Perhaps change the pants stripe to green instead of yellow? I don't know. It looks good anyway.
  9. Looks good. I love the hockey set. Looks like the Kings, but that is ok. Nice job there. As for the baseball set, it's good, well exicuted, but I don't like the colors. They look too light or something, I can't really put a finger on it. I like the updates though. I really like the the baseball in the updated loog too. Keep at it, its looking great!
  10. Bmac

    Detroit Lions

    Looks great! Really nice clean concept. I would like to see a small bit of white in the home, maybe a thin stripe or something. Maybe a silver stripe on the white jersey. Looks great anyway!
  11. Bmac

    MLB 2009

    The orange is ok. The black looks too much like the Giants or O's. Plus I think they should have a blue alt.
  12. Bmac

    MLB Updates

    Nice updates so far. Haven't noticed any errors or anything yet. Can't wait for the Twins! Love the site by the way. I use it quite often. Nice work!
  13. Once again I am working on some update. I hope to have them posted by tomarrow. Meanwhile, I am taking some time to rethink some concepts I have not yet posted. I want o make sure thet are good enough to be posted. Thanks for the help so far.
  14. I hate April Fool's Day. Is this real or not?
  15. I have a new concept for Nashville. It is a mix of the old third jersey and a classic looking jersey, useing the Sabres 3rd jersey template. Again, it is just a rough draft. If everything looks good for now, I will add names and numbers. One thing I would really like to know is if you think the silver stripes look good as they are, or if they should be white. C+C please! Nashville Predators Version 2 *Rough Draft*
  16. Download Photofilter. It's just like paint, nothing complicated, it's just that when you resize logos, they remain quite clean. Paint makes everything blurry, if you download it, you will be glad you did. It looks familiar. I'm glad to see that one of my own concepts may have been an inspiration to you, if it's not a coincidence. Will look into it. BTW- I had that Ducks idea in the back of my head, probaly because I saw yours a long time ago. I guess I never realized it came from somewhwere else. Anyway, thanks for the help so far. I might have some updates this afternoon.
  17. Here is an Anaheim Ducks concept I put together. It is classic looking, with a new logo I created a while back. Right now it is just a rough draft. I would like to know your thoughts on the basic ideas of the design first before I add more details (names, numbers, etc.). C+C please! Anaheim Ducks *Rough Draft*
  18. Alright, here is a new concept. I took a lot more time on it than the others, so I hope it looks good. It is for the Minnesota Wild. I had/have many different options here. First, I chose green over wheat/tan for color. Then I went with a new design, I think it looks more classic. I have other ideas that I might use instead, but for now here it is. C+C please! Minnesota Wild
  19. I am making some changes to concepts already released. I hope to have them up soon. I may also post some new concepts. Thanks to all for the help so far.
  20. Its just cut and paste, nothing groundbreaking Where do you get your letters from? Usually they come on the same page you got your numbers from. Ya I've been using them from the resources here. But they haven't been turning out so well so I'm not sure what is wrong.
  21. Its just cut and paste, nothing groundbreaking Where do you get your letters from?
  22. Thank you all for the C+C so far. I have already made some of the suggested changes. For now, I am going to post a few more concepts and see how they look. If they look good for starters, I will make any suggested changes. First change, adding names to the jerseys. I started with the Pens. Added the "name", centered the number. Here it is: BTW- Does anybody have a good way to get names on the jerseys?
  23. I love white hats! Too bad they are only used in college. Some teams, like the Reds, would look great in white hats, maybe even gray hats too.
  24. How bout that Vermont ending!?!?!?! 6 minuetes after they score the game winning goal in OT, they win the game! WOW!