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  1. Pittsburgh Penguins Gold version of winter classic jersey with primary logo
  2. I just noticed the reds. Nice catch. I will fix that. As for patches or names, I have not perfected putting them on. Finally, why would Gimp help? What does it provide? I will look into it, but I would like to know what it is for. Anyway, if things go well, I will post some more concepts. C+C please!
  3. Nashville Predators A gold version of the navy jersey UPDATED VERSION ON PAGE 2
  4. This is my first major concept here, so it is not all that great. It is a NHL 3rd jersey project. I started by giving teams without a 3rd jersey a concept. Then I moved on to 3rd jerseys that I thought should be replaced. Everything is done in MS Paint. Again, this is my first major concept, so it will probaly need a lot of work C+C please. Note: At this point, I do not use shoulder patches or player names. First up: New York Rangers I used the Lady Liberty logo on a navy version of the home jersey
  5. Has anything official been released?
  6. The i's look like e's. Not a huge fan of the new color...
  7. Yes, Vancouver Grizzlies. And, what's a ute? EDIT: BgMack27 already covered the utes
  8. That sounds great. Take your time, no need to hurry. Thanks in advance! Once again, these look great!
  9. Ah my bad, yeah Im using the same background template and forgot to change it, I will fix that, just try and focus on the concept right now K, I was just making sure you were aware . Great job though. My favorite is the home alt. I made something similar to this once, but yours looks much better. The BP looks great too. I have always liked that D with the tiger logo, and you did a great job with it here. Nice job!!!!!
  10. I was thinking of some Twins-Morneau and Mauer, Alex Gordon, Joba Chamberlain, and Doug Mientkiewicz if you were willing to make multiple.
  11. It still says "Atlanta Braves Concept" on some of them...
  12. Looks great. Are you taking requests?
  13. I wish Minnesota or UNO was in it. I guess I don't really care, though North Dakota sounds good. My pick is probaly Notre Dame. They might face Boston U. in the championship.
  14. These look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you taking requests?
  15. Husker fan from Australia? That mis AWESOME!! I live in Omaha. NE. It's nice to see Husker Nation goes to other countries. GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!

  16. WTF??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? All because of an effin stripe on a uniform?!?!?!?!? Thats BS.
  17. Holy **** that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. My biggest problem with the site is that the images are just way to small. I would really like to see some of the finer details in the uniforms. Agreed. Can't wait to see what happens.
  19. Yeah, I saw it at Oak View when I was in Omaha on Saturday. Ya, that has been there forever. I remember seeing it in first grade, like 10 or more years ago. The one at Westroads is updated, though.
  20. We have had that logo at stores here in Omaha for many years now. For at least 7 years. Maybe more.
  21. I am reminded of Bowling Green...
  22. Holy **** you are amazing! Nice job!
  23. That new Johnny Canuck logo...